Featuring: "Black Out" Pat Cassidy
Date: September 25, 2021
Location: FOX 8 News Studios

The graphics and fanfare accompany the “FOX 8 - New Orleans” logo that flashes across the screen. We’re joining NOLA’s favorite newscaster, Sara LaChance, as she stands in front of a monitor in a light green newscaster blazer.

Sara LaChance:
Welcome back to Fox 8. Before we get to the weather, we want to update you on a story that has been the talk of the town in the Big Easy lately. Namely, how two local DEFIANCE professional wrestlers are spending their free time. 

The shot shifts from Sara in the news station to some stock video of outside the Wrestle-Plex.

Sara LaChance (voice over):
DEFIANCE wrestling is our one-stop shot for all of New Orleans’ professional wrestling needs. The local promotion has become an institution in The Big Easy, known for its rabid fan base and hard-hitting nonstop action. 

We see some generic DEFIANCE footage: Oscar Burns wrestling Mikey Unlikely. In the corner it reads: “footage is property of Favored Saints Financial, LLC.” 

The shot then changes to a shot of The Saturday Night Specials, holding all five tag belts high.

Sara LaChance (voice over):
But recently, two particular members of the DEFIANCE roster have been spotted out on the town, prompting questions to be raised as to what exactly is going on behind the scenes between these two.

The shot changes to what appears to be a crudely taken cell-phone photo: it shows Pat Cassidy and Ophelia Sykes dressed up and entering what appears to be a nice restaurant. Cassidy is holding the door open (with his one good, non-slinged arm) for her as she holds her hands over her head to stay dry from the rain.

Another photo: this time it appears to be the dark of night and Cassidy is handing Ophelia an ice cream cone.

Sara LaChance (voice over):
These photos sent in from FOX-8 viewers reveal there may be more going on between these two than has been acknowledged on-air.

Another cell-phone photo: this time, it’s early morning, and Cassidy is wearing sunglasses and waiting in line at an outdoor coffee vendor. Next to him, also wearing sunglasses and with a hoodie drawn over her head, appears to be Ophelia although it’s harder to tell. She’s wearing a Boston Red Sox hoodie.

Sara LaChance (voice over):
Neither Cassidy nor Sykes could be reached for comment.

The shot shifts back to the studio. Sara smiles wide.

Sara LaChance:
FOX-8 will continue to update you on this steamy story as it develops. Now, the weather!

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