Title: Save Him/Save The World
Featuring: Jessica Guardian Fear
Date: 09/30/2021
Location: Unknown

DEFtv 160 Exclusive - One Hour After The Show

Rocko Daymon:
What happens next? 

Jessica Reeves is still in her Codename: Guardian outfit, the white hood covering her red hair completely, her face is solid as stone. Jessica huddles over Crimson Stalker; she doesn’t respond immediately as she examines the condition her father was in. The three of them are situated in a damp looking warehouse, hanging over them is a dimly lit bulb dangling from what looks to be a loose chain. 

Jessica Reeves:
I have help coming. I didn’t come into this without a plan, I learned better from you, Sensei.

Rocko Daymon:
What you learned from me was meant for the between. This is something else. You used my son as bait, and left his partner in the dark until the last minute. 

Jessica Reeves:
It would not have worked any other way. If I asked Leo for help earlier he would have told Zack and well.... You know how he would have reacted.

The elder Daymon grumbles like a mountain.

Rocko Daymon:
...Zack has a fiery passion for this sport that sometimes burns out of control. But he must fight his own battles, and learn from his failures. That is the only way he can grow as a competitor and athlete. This is why I agreed to his joining the Guardians. But I see now that you are merely using that passion and potential to pursue your own interests. 

He slowly shakes his head with dismay.

Rocko Daymon:
You are abusing his trust by having him follow you into this war you have wrought with your own hands. He has nothing to gain from this strife, and you know this. And yet, you show no remorse or reproach. It makes me wonder if you are failing in another war, with your personal demons.

The question rattles Jessica’s spine as she stands up, spinning around to face the man that trains her to this very day. 

Jessica Reeves:
Why would you ask me that? Because… I want to do anything to save the man that you hate?

It’s obvious that this was not the first time Jessica and Rocko have had this conversation. Rocko grumbles with disappointment again, turning away and avoiding Jessica’s glare as the blood boils within her.

Jessica Reeves:
Rocko he’s my FATHER! As much as I hate what he’s done to me… as much as I hate what he’s done to you…. To DEFIANCE itself… I couldn’t just let Teresa Ames walk into our Street Fight with him on a leash! I wanted to make sure The Kabal lost his control! At any COST! Even if that means sacrificing a pawn.

Rocko knows the “pawn” being referred to is son, Zack. Knowing this conversation is a lost cause, he looks over his longtime rival Stalker one last time before drifting away into the shadows, the cold tap of his cane on the floor slowly diminishing as he leaves Jessica with her father. A door swinging open illuminates the area in more light. Jessica’s eyes light up in a change of mood.

Jessica Reeves:
Did you get it?! Were… you able to use the codes I told you about?

Shadows loom as the approaching footsteps get closer and closer. The unmoving Crimson Stalker appears to be still out cold from the tranquilizer dart shot into him barely an hour ago. 

Courtney Paz:
I couldn’t believe that my keys still worked to get me inside. And yeah your codes you gave me worked for Scrow’s lab containers. I don’t know how you knew them but… they worked.

Jessica’s reaction changes the mood of the scene entirely, a smile on her face that matches what we saw right before the lights went out at Wrestleplex and she disappeared with her father. Opening the duffle bag that Courtney relinquishes from her shoulder, Jessica sifts through the contents of the bag pulling over what looks to be an assortment of vials, bandages, med packs and other medical necessities.

Courtney Paz:
I grabbed everything I could think of that they either injected him with, monitored him with. It… it wasn’t an easy time to remember all of the different things they used to keep his heart going during the treatments. I would be very careful with some of that stuff, it can cause some serious damage to your body if you inject yourself with it. Side effects are even more unpredictable.

Courtney looks at her former boss and mentor, Stalker,  the realization settles in that now he’s simply a monster created by dark means. Crimson Stalker is a beast created by the very vial in Jessica’s hands now or at least from Courtney’s description that appears to be the case of what Jessica is looking at.

Jessica Reeves:
What about notes or instructions? Like anything about how to specifically cure him of Teresa’s control?

A frown appears on Courtney’s face as she crosses her arms against her chest, looking down at Jessica and then towards Stalker. The memories flood back to Courtney of the last time her and Jason Reeves were in the same room together.

Courtney Paz:
It wasn’t like I could hang out there, Jessica. You are lucky I even answered your call… you realize everything that The Kabal put me through? Or how about what your FATHER did to me? After my loyalty to him AND Mr. Fear? 

Jessica launches herself to her feet.

Jessica Reeves:
Loyalty to my Father? WHAT about loyalty to me, Courtney? Or do you not remember rolling down the window of Mr. Fear’s limo to recruit a scared girl into that FUCKING SHIT SHOW of a cult!?

Jessica’s eyes flush over with anger as she pushes Courtney back. She stops herself, but she does not stop chiding Courtney.

Jessica Reeves:
If you are to be loyal to anyone or anything it should be ME! Not my father, not Mr. Fear, no one but FUCKING ME! You recruited me into this fucking mess after the Hero I wanted to be like shut me OUT! So if ANYONE is to blame for this mess… IF ANYONE is to blame for the four of us being in this goddamn room…. IT’S YOU!

Courtney’s toughness is shattered as tears fill her eyes. The weight of being the target of Jessica’s frustrations melts her down and she reacts bitterly.

Courtney Paz:
Fuck you. After.. Everything… you treat me… just like him.

Courtney’s finger points down to the comatose Jason ‘Stalker’ Reeves.

Courtney Paz:
You’re abusive, manipulative and self centered. You don’t want to save Jason. You want control of him. You… you are worse than your own father. So… Fuck you. Jessica Reeves. Don’t ever call me for help again. Blame me all you want, the end is coming for all of this.. You are just too blind to see it. 

Turning to leave Courtney Paz wipes her face away of dried tears, Jessica relents as she turns her attention back to her father, the selfish daughter of Jason Reeves no sells Courtney’s description of her, opting to look over her father in more detail as Courtney pauses before disappearing.

Courtney Paz:
Jessica… I am sorry for recruiting you into The Kabal. 

Jessica doesn’t react and turns her attention to the duffle bag of supplies dropped off to monitor the Red Mute Monster. Courtney’s loyalty twists her stomach in knots as she reveals one final detail to Jessica.

Courtney Paz:
The Cerberus are going to reveal themselves, Jessica. They like what they see from the ‘new’ Stalker and they are going to make sure that Teresa, The Kabal and him are all focused on their chaos. And if you think that you are going to have a chance to pull Stalker away from them at all.. If you think you can ‘Save Him’ to Save the World. Then you need to do it now… otherwise it’s going to be too late.

Looking up to Courtney the daughter of Jason Reeves nods her head in understanding, picking up her father’s hand in hers, she looks down at Crimson Stalker and contemplates what exactly she is going to do to free him from their grip once and for all. Fade to black.


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