Title: I Remember Halloween
Featuring: The Dangerous Mix
Date: 10/31/2021
Location: New Orleans, LA

“Tell me, Deh-feed, ist mein accent gettink better?”

He stared in confusion at his wife as she put her white lab coat on and winked at him. He hadn’t finished his morning coffee yet, and here he was, trying to put her fake German accent into words he could understand.

David Fox:
Uhhh, yeah?

Saori Kazama chuckled before switching to her normal voice.

Saori Kazama:
You don’t remember when I used this gimmick with Vic at that place in Portland? Same costume too!

By now she’d snapped a pair of deep purple gloves on, and was adjusting the band to her comically oversized goggles.

David Fox:
And I’m guessing you want me to be your monster?

She coyly smiled while she placed the goggles on her face and completed her “femme mad scientist” ensemble.

Saori Kazama:
Well, you’re always my monster, aren’t you?

A wink. David rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. He and Saori had a longish All Hallows’ Eve ahead of them; they promised to show up for a trunk or treat for the school where David had helped out in the phys-ed department as a martial arts instructor, and he and some musician friends were going to do a gig at the Ballyhoo Brew playing some Halloween tunes, punk rock style.

It took a lot of hard work, but David had finally gotten the DEFIANCE community to trust him after years of fighting his own demons, and all the hard work to show that he was a man you could count on. It was a lot of responsibility, but he was all too glad to take it on. As his forty-first birthday passed a week ago, he spent much of the night on the porch, contemplating the path that led him here. And now that he rebuilt his love life, his professional life, and his relationships with his friends and community, the time had come to give what he could to the places that helped along the way.

But first, coffee.


“Sheesh, why isn’t DAVE doing the obvious Jersey homage?” Eddie Dante muttered to himself as he fit the wig cap snugly on his head, before adding a mop of hair that almost fell to his chest. He reminded himself to make a call to his brother Mark, and say hi to the kids. He knew they missed their uncle Ryan, but he had some heavy-duty responsibilities here in New Orleans, including helping around the DEFplex and with training new BRAZEN stars. He moved on to a beanie, and took a moment to look at his reflection and admiring the screen accuracy.

Eddie Dante:
Snootch to the nootch, right, Silent Mushi?

A bearded, somewhat heavyset man popped his head in, candy cigarette dangling from his lips, while adjusting the baseball cap on his head to sit backwards.

The big man simply shrugged.

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"You’ve cheered me on, you’ve cried for me, you’ve sung along with me and you’ve laughed at my stupid jokes. Nobody had ANY idea who “Black Out” Pat Cassidy was when I walked into this place, and nobody thought I’d make it far enough to be up here accepting this award. In seven months time, YOU ALL have taken me from a nobody to a household name… and together, we’ve taken this whole scene by storm. Stick with me on this ride, my faithful drinking buddies… and just imagine where we’ll be at this time next year."

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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