EXCLUSIVE: Mil Vueltas Interview

Posted by Christie Zane on 15 Jul 2024

Yesterday at the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex, Christie Zane had the chance to sit down with Mil Vueltas and speak at length to the luchador about his recent history within DEFIANCE, the whereabouts of his manager Thomas Keeling, among other subjects... plus, a shocking appearance by someone from Mil's past? 

Check out the interview HERE!

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BRAZEN Star Announces Relinquishing of Championship

Posted by Jamie Sawyers on 14 Jul 2024

In an unexpected announcement, Ophelia Sykes took to social media today to inform the public of what she’d already told BRAZEN officials in private: she is relinquishing the BRAZEN Women’s Championship.

Not a cause for regret, however: she is giving up the title because she is pregnant! 

Sykes, age twenty-six, told her social media following that she and her long-time partner and fellow Defiant Pat Cassidy, age twenty-nine, discovered this week that they are expecting their first child. Baby Cassidy is currently due to arrive sometime this Spring.

The news comes during a turbulent time for the Cassidy family: at last week’s Maximum DEFIANCE, Brock Newbludd came up short in his bid to win the FIST of DEFIANCE, and as a result Cassidy must serve as best man when his long time rival Malak Garland marries Pat's sister Sibohan. While Cassidy is apparently overjoyed at the prospect of newfound fatherhood, he’s likely less excited that Malak will be his child’s uncle. 

Still, DEFIANCE and the Favored Saints congratulate both Ophelia and Pat on their emerging family. Obviously, Sykes will miss in-ring action for the rest of 2024 and the majority of 2025, while Pat’s bicep injury still has him on the inactive list. Current word is that doctor’s are telling Cassidy that he is on track for an early 2025 recovery and return to the ring - just in time, one would assume, for DEFCON 2025.

Despite still being injured, one can also expect to Pat to be a part, in one form or another, of DEFtv 206 when Malak marries Siobhan.

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Posted by Darren Keebler on 11 Jul 2024

Night 1  |  Night 2

Live from Puerto Rico, MAXDEF 2024 sees the SoHer championship defended by Corvo Alpha against Ned Reform in the main event of night one! Brock Newbludd challenges Malak Garland for the FIST of DEFIANCE in the main event of night two! Join us for this and so much more!

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DEFIANCE Tag Team Title Stipulation Is Announced!

Posted by Elise Ares on 30 Jun 2024

From the desk of Sir Reginald Klein Boxman III, Esq:

Due to the stipulation of DEFtv 205, Elise Ares of the Pop Culture Phenoms has hence forth been given the right to determine the stipulation of the triple threat tag team match for the DEFIANCE Unified Tag Team Championships at Maximum DEFIANCE in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As a fellow Caribbean native, Ms Ares is uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of the Puerto Ricans and knows what they would desire for a once-in-a-lifetime event such as a top DEFIANCE PPV visiting Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

So, on behalf of the peoples of Puerto Rico, Elise Ares has declared that the triple threat for the DEFIANCE Unified Tag Team Championships will be a Ladder Match. However, this will not just be any ladder match. In order to curb both of the contender’s unrelenting pursuit to have outside third parties involved in all of their affairs, Elise Ares has declared that this match will be a Triple Threat Trios Ladder Match of her DEFIANCE Unified Tag Team Championships. In San Juan, Puerto Rico we will see The Pop Culture Phenoms consisting of Elise Ares, The D, & Klein vs. The Lucks Sevens consisting of Max Luck, Mason Luck, & Lonnie Luck vs. M4NTRA consisting of Nathaniel Eye, Declan Alexander, & Makayla Namaste.

This announcement was delayed due to a legal dispute made by the lawyers of Makayla Namaste in regards to her contract being that of a “non-performer.” However, after a rather lengthy presentation given to Tom Morrow’s legal team and also to a judge of Makayla’s insistence to involve herself in “performer activities” it was decided by that judge that Makayla Namaste will in-fact be legally obligated to participate in the Trios Ladder Match at Maximum DEFIANCE.

Sir Reginald Klein Boxman III, Esq.

PS - Sucks to suck, losers.

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UNCUT 162! Last Stop Before MAXDEF!

Posted by Lance Warner on 26 Jun 2024


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DEFtv 205 Night One and Night Two! Watch The Replays NOW!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jun 2024


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Three-way Tag Team Match for the Unified Tag Team championships announced for Maximum DEFIANCE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Jun 2024

Unified Tag Team champions, The Pop Culture Phenoms, have been attacked from all sides! After several DEFtvs have gone by with inconclusive results between the rising star tag team of M4NTRA and two-time Unified Tag Team champions and DEFIANTS of the Year the Lucky Sevens including no DQ brawls and even Wrestler's Court, management for DEFIANCE Wrestling have finally stepped in and have announced all three teams will compete three-way tag team match for the Unified Tag Team championships at Maximum DEFIANCE! 

On DEFtv, a special three-way match between Elise Ares, DEC4L and Max Luck will take place with the winner getting to choose the stipulation for this match? Which team is going to thrive among the chaos and walk out with the gold?! Can PCP continue their reign to show why they are the top team in DEFIANCE history? Will the Lucky Sevens score a threepeat with the titles?  Will M4NTRA do the impossible and overcome two of the best tag teams to ever do it? 

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