BRAZEN Presents: 1/21 and 1/22 Double Shot!

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Jan 2022

While people are still talking about DEFIANCE's most momentous and much talked-about show, DEFIANCE Road, BRAZEN snuck in the back door this weekend and put out their final Double Shot before the CLASH on February 20th! The Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana got to see the last of the action! Titles were on the line! See the last shows before CLASH of the BRAZEN comes at you live from the DEFIANCE WrestlePlex on February 20th!

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DEFIANCE Road Night Two!

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Jan 2022

Tag Titles, SOHER and more on the line TONIGHT!

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DEFIANCE Road Night 1!

Posted by Lance Warner on 19 Jan 2022

NIGHT ONE is HERE! FAVORED SAINTS, FIST titles on the line in night one. Deacon's career on the line. A Flex in a Box, Lucky Sevens, David Noble, so much more!

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FlashWire HOTLINE: Eve of DEF Road

Posted by Scotty Flash on 14 Jan 2022

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UNCUT 109!

Posted by Lance Warner on 12 Jan 2022

UNCUT 109 is HERE. The show before the PPV!

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BRAZEN Presents: Road To BRAZEN's Premium Live Event (Just Kidding, We Mean The CLASH)

Posted by Lance Warner on 10 Jan 2022

A major show worth major implications occurred on Sunday Night's Road To BRAZEN's Premium Live CLASH (Just Kidding)! The winners of the first ever New Year, Who Dis? Tournament have title shots at the three major singles titles of BRAZEN! Would any cash in their prizes tonight's? And find out who will challenge NEW Rain City Ronin at the CLASH on February 13th! All this and more on a special BRAZEN... INCLUDING SURPRISE APPEARANCES FROM DEFIANCE ROSTER MEMBERS... on a special BRAZEN show! (Still workshopping some live event names)

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DEF Radio: SCOTTY AWARDS | LIVE 01/08/22

Posted by Scotty Flash on 9 Jan 2022

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"If you believe I’m annoying now, B, just wait until Maximum DEFIANCE. I warned you all at Aftershock to be careful what you wished for. You don’t want me to get on a roll. You don’t want me to run the damn table. Not when I’ve got one big tourney win under my belt this year and I’m just *dying* to go two-for-two. My momentum isn’t easily stopped. And if I ever have to play from behind? *Even better.*"

- Lindsay Troy




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