UNCUT 155 is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Feb 2024

Featuring The French Connection in tag team action! Cult favorites Sgt. Safety and The Gulf Coast Connection! Plus... where has a certain injured superstar been? Find out this and more right now on UNCUT!

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BRAZEN Presents: 2/16 and 2/17 Double Shot

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 18 Feb 2024

Hello, once again! I am SuperDEFFan64 here to bring to you the recap of the latest BRAZEN Double Shot! BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest showed out once again over a big two-night event! All titles are defended INCLUDING the BRAZEN Women’s Championship! The Golden Opportunity Battle Royale makes its return once again! Which BRAZEN star is going to make the most of the Golden Opportunity?! Catch the recap of when over 700 rabid fans filled the BRAZEN Studios (EDITOR'S NOTE: Paid for by NONE OTHER than "The Socialite" Edward White) to peep all the action! It was SIIIIIICK!

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DEFtv 198 Night 2!

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Feb 2024

Forgot to post this news a couple days ago. Maybe I should be fired. Anyway, HERE'S NIGHT TWO!

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DEFtv 198 Night 1!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Feb 2024

Last night aired the start to DEFCON. The FIST of DEFIANCE and ACE of DEFIANCE matches for DEFCON are announced here. Plus returning heroes and so much more. CHECK IT OUT!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 13 Feb 2024

Hi Faithful and DEFIANTS alike,

Lance Warner here with the most dubious honor to share the latest breaking news with all of you. Today, we “celebrate” Malak Garland and his prestigious Paper Title reign crossing the one thousand day threshold. When approached for comment, Malak said he wanted everyone to know just how meaningless they are to him and that he couldn’t have made it as far as he has without believing in himself and himself only. He went on to say that the entire roster of entitled egomaniacs are overrated sour nimmies that couldn’t lace his boots, let alone hold the Paper Championship for a single day. He informed me that he has great plans moving forward and that he will do everything in his power to shape and mold DEFIANCE in his vision. He has no plans of dropping his belt anytime soon, either. I asked about the brief interactions between him and Dex Joy at the last pay-per-view and Malak suggested we keep the conversation to the relevance of his title reign for now. He hinted at conducting a huge celebration at DEFtv, the likes we’ve never seen before, so tune in for that! It sounds like it’s going to be a blast for sure. For now, Malak is parading through the streets of Vancouver, being showered with compliments and cheers from his Comments Section cohorts.

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BRAZEN Presents: 1/27 and 1/28 Double (Jeopardy) Shot)

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 28 Jan 2024

Hello, everybody! SuperDEFFan64 here with your recap from the BIG Double Jeopardy Shot from this past weekend! The rules are that ALL champions will defend their titles over the course of two nights -- all except this time around for BRAZEN Women’s Champion Ophelia Sykes! After the two-on-one attack by Vae Victis at DEFIANCE Road, she will be out with an injury, but the rumors are that she will be cleared by the Double Shot in February where she will have to defend the title against top contender and Comments Sections’ own Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe! 

As usual, your teasers… ALL champions defended the titles over the course of two nights! Did any titles change hands? Who made it out with their titles intact? Check out the recap from the BRAND NEW BRAZEN Studios in NOLA… now!

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DEFIANCE Road 2024 Night Two!

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Jan 2024

Night Two is RIGHT HERE with the FIST of DEFIANCE on the line and much more!

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