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Scrow Biography

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Fed Titles
DEFIANCE: Southern Heritage Champion {Current}  


  • Dex Joy
  • Loathes everything Dex represents.


  • The Kabal
  • Currently a member of

  • Hive
  • Trained Scrow for an undisclosed amount of years. Some rumors have circulated that she may be related to Scrow

Wrestling Info

Entrance Music
♫ Diabolical - Nyxx ♫  
Physical Description
His left eye is white mostly the color of the iris is gone and all that remains is the pupil from the accident. He has a black feather makeup design, over the white eye. His right eye is brown

His bown hair is much like you would see an emo style (think Pete from South Park the goth kid), its shaved on the right side of his head but has a left side hanging over his left side of his face. Down to the jawline

The left side of his face is disfigured, with chemical burns it covers from just above his eyebrows down to the jawline. I guess a good reference would be Deadpool..Granted his emo style hair covers the majority of the side of the face (Pete the goth kid from South Park) only Scrow’s is longer and goes down to jawline

He wears a glowing golden heart necklace long enough to reach the center of his chest.

He has black face paint, The right side of his face from the corner of his lips is a staple design smile going past his cheekbone (for a reference look at a scarecrow mouth makeup u see in Halloween costumes) He also has the same makeup design coming from his right nostril to the top of his right ear. He also has black makeup around his right eye smudged downward and upward above the eye, also on the right and left its smudge as well. He also has a burlap/linen style makeup design going around the face down to the front of his neck

He wears a light brown burlap coat The coat is button down to the last two buttons enough to see his golden heart necklace. He has yellow tassels off of the wrists of the coat

He wears brown harem pants. With yellow tassels going around the waist of the pants

He has black Toe Tipped boots
Ring Attire
The only thing he wears to the ring different from his physical description is a burlap scare crow mask, which he takes off at the start of the match 
Wrestling Style
Scrow tends to have more of a MMA style (Aleister Black style offense), but at the same time can slow it down if need be with a more methodical technical style  
Finisher Move
FearFall - or - Raven's Call  
Finisher Description
Grabs back of opponents head and slams it into a knee lift, as they stand up ready to fall on their back he hits a vicious lariat - Raven's Call: A devasting roundhouse kick to the side of the skull  
MDK Finisher
MDK Description
Modified Sleeper Camal Clutch  
3-5 Signature Moves
Vertical suplex on the apron
Slingshot under bottom turnbuckle
Pendulum backbreaker
Middle Rope Diving DDT
Argentine Blue Thunder Bomb 
10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
Kitchen Sink (knee to the gut of oncoming opponent)
Falling DDT
Falling Leg Sweep from the front into and leg drop across the back of the head
Yellow Mist - (In powder form) - on occassions he will pair this with FearFall
Chest kick
Diving Meteor
Scrow pose ( Modified Octopus lock on standing opponent)
Roundhouse kick into a German Suplex pin
Bicycle Knee Strike
Assorted Pressure Points strikes (Some combos)
Torture Rack into a fall backward (usually done on the apron)
Ring Entrances
♫ Diabolical - Nyxx♫

The lights turn off. A huge pop from The Faithful who have been waiting for this match all night!

A raven appears on the Defiatron first with a close up of its eye. It blinks a few times and quickly is followed by a collage of moments Scrow has been in the ring. The Faithful get louder as Scrow walks from the westside of the stage, with Hive walking from the eastside. Scrow has orange trunks, with black birds flying across the front of the trunks. Orange and black shin pads, knee pads, and boots. With a black leather coat, with a venom style design wrapping around birds. His collar is flared up and on the back of the lapel is the name KABAL.

Darren Quimbey:
Making his way to the ring from the Fields of Torment …“The Raven’s Eye” SCROW!

Scrow’s logo is on the front of the jacket. Hive is wearing dark orange leather pants with black shoes. A Scrow shirt, and a black jacket of her own. With the collar up and KABAL on the back of it. She has her black hair pulled behind her head, with the out part of her hairstyle braided down. Scrow heads to the ring, this time no burlap mask, just a pair of black and orange sunglasses. He enters the ring and his name is on the back of his trunks in a jagged lettering.



"She seems swell."

- "Bantam" Ryan Batts




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