Title: Los Special Attraction Attractions
Featuring: Madame Melton
Date: 10/18/2022
Location: BRAZEN Training Facility

The room is black. Then, after a dramatic beat, the spotlight comes on. In the background is the empty wrestling ring at the BRAZEN venue. Standing in front of it are The Uncut Gems. In the front, as always, is Teri Melton. Her hair is in 1920s flapper curls, hair netting over it with violet and yellow daisies throughout, silver earrings with a canary yellow gemstone, and a sparking bright violet shawl over her dazzling silver dress. She blows a big cloud of smoke from her cigarette holder high in the air. To the right is JJ Dixon, wearing his elaborate floor-length robe in a matching violet, and JJ in cursive in silver jewels. And to the left is Zoltan, in his dark suit, snarling with his arms folded.

JJ Dixon:
There were so many times where I was just waiting for my name to get picked, for some big star on the DEFIANCE roster to decide they saw something with me and wanted me as their partner for Tag Party I, Tag Party II and Tag Party III. Waiting for my chance to finally break out, to show the world that I belong. Well, that time never came. But now TIMES have changed. I got sick of waiting - so sick of waiting that I’ve decided to crash through a window. Now I’m the one drawing critical acclaim. I’m the one they’re buzzing about. I’m the band still playing at the club about to sell out an arena. I’m the author working as a barista finishing up his first novel that wins a Pulitzer. I’m the struggling chef getting ready to win a Michelin Star. Now *I* get to have a tag partner. Because I’m now “The Special Attraction...” and I command the spotlight!

Teri Melton:
I spent months plotting my dramatic comeback. I spent months scouting and finding the right man for the job. The right man to be my soldier, the right man to lead our cause. The right man to take on the starring role in The Uncut Gems.

JJ does the Diamond Hands gesture for the Uncut Gems.

Teri Melton:
But do you think I’ve only scouted Mr. Dixon? I am not a woman to be underestimated.. As I said, our goal is to procure gold in our clutches and bend DEFIANCE to our will. I’ve compiled dossiers and scouting reports on every single member on the DEFIANCE roster... and the BRAZEN roster. Some of these are future opponents and enemies. Others are people like us -- those among The Faithful sick of being overlooked and with a big chip on their shoulders. People who may glisten like an Uncut Gem! And we have found a tag partner for Mr. Dixon who has unmet potential. We have found a tag partner for Mr. Dixon whose athletic and technical abilities are at elite levels... and a man whose swarthy looks and Latino charm can make even the most cold-hearted woman swoon. We have found a partnership with Mr. Cristiano Caballero! He’s not just devastatingly handsome... he’s just devastating.

Teri says his name in a heavy and oddly accurate Spanish accent. Cristiano Caballero comes out from the side. He is amazingly handsome. Telenovela handsome. He has jet black hair combed perfectly, rugged jawline, haunting eyes. He’s wearing a perfectly tailored and fitting dress shirt over his impressive body, and a stylish black overcoat with his Gucci sunglasses in the pocket, tucked into form-fitting slacks with a dark Italian belt. 

Cristiano takes slow steps and presents a rose to Teri, who is smiling at him wolfishly as she looks at him up and down. Up and down. Up and down. He takes her hand and gently kisses it as she swoons.

Cristiano Caballero:
Yo soy Cristiano Caballero! And my English... it’s not so good, eh? But it’s good enough to say gracias to mi amigo Señor Dixon! Not so long ago we shared good times in Brazen! Now I have mucho emocion seeing SeñorDixon transform into La atracción especial! And I hope to soon join him in DEFIANCE!

Cristiano gives a warm high five and puts his arm around JJ’s shoulder who is shaking head intently up and down. Then Cristiano once again turns to Teri and she is smelling the rose.

Cristiano Caballero:
And (chuckle) I have las mas emocion to be with you, eñorita Melton! You look like eh... movie starlet on televisión  But in person you are las mos hermosa! You are what we say in Mexico es La MILF. 

Teri puts her hand over her heart at the compliment, as weird as it may be.

Cristiano Caballero:
And while I am still a young luchador... I cannot wait to prove myself to Señor Dixon, Señorita Melton and also mi amigo... ZOLTAN! 

He goes to put his arm around the big man, who just snarls at him. Cristiano does not get the hint.

Cristiano Caballero:
Las Atracciones Especiales Atracciones!

JJ Dixon:
Los Uncut Gems! 

JJ Dixon and Cristinao together:

He and JJ both make “Diamond Hands” while Teri steps to the camera.

Teri Melton:
Right here is an unbelievable assortment of talent. Mr. Dixon, the most exciting young prospect DEFIANCE has seen in years! Mr. Caballero, the most dangerously handsome man in professional wrestling! We are The Special Attraction Attractions! And the Tag Party IV trophy will be ours... Ours... OURS!

Teri dramatically raises her hand with each pronunciation of that word.

Teri Melton:
Because Teri Melton...

She leans down into the camera a bit as the duo behind her stay behind with their diamond hands, Zoltan behind them.

Teri Melton:
Is ready...

Teri now leans all the way into the camera.

Teri Melton:
For her closeup!

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