Featuring: Nathan Eye
Date: Saturday January 7th
Location: Home Gym

”DEFIANCE Wrestling … it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

November 10th, 2021

The cameraman remains in place as Nathan gets up and throws a right cross at Pleasant! He decks him but Harmen and King quickly brutalize him with stomps before he can do anything else. They grab Nathan’s arm as Arthur grabs hold of a rolling production crate. Arthur motions for his arm to be put against the wall and then he does it … 


The crate goes barreling and Nathan’s arm and shoulder get crushed against the wall! But once isn’t enough! 

Where's security? Someone needs to stop them!!!

Nathan gets the crate smashed into his arm multiple times! 

”November 10th, 2021! I was supposed to fight Arthur Pleasant in a match and instead … my shoulder was destroyed!”

Never-before-seen footage plays of Nathan Eye being bandaged up and loaded up into an ambulance on that fateful night. Graphic footage plays of Nathan having to go under the knife.

”The doctors told me six to nine months and then I would be fine. I would be back in time for the next DEFCON … 

But I wasn’t.”

April 20th and 21st  of 20220 come and go for both nights of DEFCON … but there is no Nathan Eye mentions or sightings. 

”Because I was under the knife for a second surgery. The first one didn’t heal right … oh and a staph infection got me.”

There is footage that plays of all the time Nathan Eye put into BRAZEN as the winner of Tag Party 2 with Dex Joy! Their run as the Biggest Best Boys and BRAZEN Tag Team champions! Nathan Eye with the BRAZEN Championship! 

”All that hard work was almost for nothing … but I refused to give in. I refused to quit. I recovered from that second surgery and infection. I gave my everything to get into DEFIANCE Wrestling and I will never be pushed around just because of who I’m friends with. I won’t let anyone take this from me ever again. I’m no quitter. I’m no bitch. I’m Nathan Eye … and I am a winner.”

A training montage shows Nathan Eye putting in endless hours at the gym from late April through early December of last year. A time lapse shows his gym progress. Never skipping a workout. Arms. Legs. Back. All of it being put through the wringer to get back to 100% or something even beyond 100%. More muscles than ever before. 

”Eyes on the Prize! That’s my mantra! That’s my way of life!”

A quick trip to the Instragram profile of Nathan Eye shows his gym progress over almost eight months and the number of followers going upward. 

And now for the first time since November of 2021 … 

Nathan Eye is now appearing in present day. 

He’s clearly in the best shape of his life. Now he has a dark brown beard and his undercut has now been replaced with a shorter edgar cut with faded sides and a platinum blond dye job. He’s got muscles on top of muscles now and has to be around two hundred and fifty pounds. He flashes an other-worldly pearly white smile. 

Nathan Eye:
DEFIANCE Wrestling! I’m back, baby! Two hundred fifty pounds of pure perseverance back on your screens! 

He holds out his hands for a bottled water and catches one thrown from off camera. 

Nathan Eye:
Natty Eyce here to tell you to keep your Eyes on the Prize and you can be a winner, too! 

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"Too bad the only Three Little Pigs’ whose houses will be blown down... are yours."

- Eddie Dante




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