Featuring: OSCAR BURNS
Date: 6/19/23
Location: DEFtv 188 - Night 2 Exclusive

Post Show DEFtv 188 Exclusive


Backstage, having a conniption fit while limping after being thrown around the ring by Corvo Alpha earlier in the night… 

The former two-time FIST of DEFIANCE and former Favoured Saints champion, Oscar Burns, throwing around anything and everything he can get his hands on. His lackey, Butcher Victorious, behind him trying to keep him calm. 

A production crate. Knocked over! 

A lift. Kicked down the hallway. 

A banner for Maximum DEFIANCE backstage. Torn straight off the walls and ripped into confetti. 

Oscar Burns:
ME?! The greatest wrestler in the history of this promotion! The GC who IS this promotion… IN  A CAGE?! WITH CORVO?! 

He walks by Christie Zane. 

Christie Zane:
Oscar Burns! Any words regarding you ca… HEY! 

Oscar swipes the mic out of her hand and throws it across the backstage hallway!

Oscar Burns:

Butcher Victorious:
Yeah! Butch Vic says hit the bricks!

The flustered reported walks off to go fetch her microphone while Oscar and Butcher storm off the other way. They don’t get too far when Oscar finally acknowledges the camera that’s filming his hissy fit. 

Oscar Burns:
How about you? You think it’s FUNNY that DEFIANCE HIMSELF is locked in a steel cage for the very first time in his career with… CORVO BLOODY ALPHA?! That paint-covered cretin! Slobbering all over me? Trying to keep me trapped?

He starts to panic… but takes a moment and catches his breath. 

Oscar Burns:
No… NO… NO! Corvo… Corvo. You, GC… that’s not what this match is. This match isn’t Favoured Saints not knowing where their bread is buttered and trying to stick ME in a match type I’ve never been in with a lunatic! No… 

He pauses. 

Oscar Burns:
CORVO ALPHA! If you can hear DEFIANCE… YOU are trapped in a cage. With ME. The best to ever do it! DEFIANCE Himself! Where other people ABANDONED this place and come back thinking they’re welcome here… *I* strapped this place on my back and made it what it is today! *I* drug this place out of the swamp straight on my back! Not one sick day! Not one lost smile. Not one quiet retirement! Not one FAILED comeback. You can’t have a comeback if you NEVER LEFT. *I* am the greatest wrestler in DEFIANCE because Corvo… I AM DEFIANCE!

Butcher Victorious:
You heard him, Corvo! You heard him! Butch Vic… says you ain’t shit! 

Oscar turns up and slaps Butcher across the chest. 

Oscar Burns:
That’s right! *I* defeated Scott Stevens in his own speciality in a match I’d never been in, The Texas Deathmatch! I BROKE the arm of Kendrix and took back MY FIST of DEFIANCE and held it tightly for close to three-hundred days! Being in a cage? That’s child’s play, Corvo. In fact… since you feel the need to get up in my business… we’re doing it to YOU! How the turntables, as they say! 

He waves the ring. 

Oscar Burns:
DEFIANCE Himself isn’t WAITING for Maximum DEFIANCE to deliver his own brand of personal justice, GC! So if you have the stones! One-on-one, Corvo! I’m challenging you to a match on DEFtv 189! NO BLOODY DISQUALIFICATION! 

Burns puts a hand up. 

Oscar Burns:
The monster unleashed! Corvo Alpha… 

Then that hand goes somewhere… 

Oscar Burns:
Against Butcher Victorious! 

…Butcher’s shoulder. 

Butcher Victorious: [flummoxed]
BUTCH VI… wait, huh? Me?

Oscar Burns:
That’s right! He’s attacked you for weeks! Choked you out! Suplexed you! Disrespected you! Disrespected me! Disrespected Vae Victis! Before we get to Maximum DEFIANCE, the disrespect towards this company… MY company ends! And YOU’RE going to give him the thrashing he deserves! 

Butcher looks up… 

Butcher Victorious:

Oscar Burns:
I can hear you, Corvo! I can hear you whimpering like the puppy you are, soiling your trousers in a dark corner knowing that you’re gonna have a NEW master taking you to obedience school! DEFtv 189! Butcher is going to obliterate you in a No Disqualification match and whatever is left after that, is MINE at MAXIMUM OSCAR BURNS! 

DEFIANCE Himself starts moving away while Butcher is still stunned at this news. 

Butcher Victorious:
Uh… Oscar? Oscar?!

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