Title: Intervention?
Featuring: Uriel Cortez
Date: 12/13/23
Location: Backstage - after DEFtv 197 goes off the air

After DEFtv Main Event
December 13th, 2023

With head of medical, Iris Davine and her giant assistant Wesley Miller, Titaness has her head covered with a towel courtesy of the incredibly physical match that went down between her and Corvo Alpha over the Southern Heritage Championship. Standing by her side, the two walk her into the office with her massive husband, Uriel Cortez, not far behind. 

Uriel Cortez:
I’m gonna make this right, T. I promise that Corvo’s gonna fucking pay for what he just did. 

Just… just stop. 

Uriel instantly stops moving in his tracks. 

Uriel Cortez:
Look, let me go in with you…

Titaness: [angrily]

The word stings Uriel. Hard. Before he can even react, Iris Davine helps Titaneess to get into the trainer’s room. He moves off to the side as Wesley Miller nods to his friend. . 

Wesley Miller:
We’ll get her looked at, man. Don’t worry. 

Uriel Cortez:

Iris Davine:
Come on, Holly, this way… 

They walk Titaness into the trainer’s office and shut the door behind them, leaving only Uriel to lean against the wall. Now alone with his thoughts for the moment, The Titan of Industry can’t stop his mind from wandering.

His mother, Titaness, Dan all one happy family with his best friend, Mil Vueltas, working on his own singles career. 

His mother being attacked.

Cortez attacking Brian Slater for doing his job. 

Being suspended… 

Promises to protect the Familia… 

And Titaness being bloodied by Corvo Alpha, intentional or not… 

Uriel Cortez:

A boulder-like fist strikes against the wall and leaves a hole! He pulls his hand out through the hole and grunts in pain. 

Uriel Cortez:

Still boiling over with rage, Uriel gets ready to march off…

Mil Vueltas:

…but he stops when not only Mil Vueltas appears in front of him, but so does his promoter and long-time friend, Thomas Keeling along with Dan Leo James. 

Dan Leo James:
Papa Te… uh, Uriel. We need to talk. Please?

Cortez shakes his head and points in the direction of the trainer’s room. 

Uriel Cortez:
Can it wait, Danny? Titaness just got hurt by Corvo and I…

Mil Vueltas:
That’s what this is about, hermano. 

Thomas Keeling steps forward. 

Thomas Keeling:
Mil’s right, son. We need to talk now. Tonight… what you’ve been doing lately…

Uriel Cortez:
You mean winning? 

Mil uncomfortably steps forward. 

Mil Vueltas:
No… the other things. I know I’ve had a lot on my plate with Oscar Burns…

Uriel Cortez: [interjecting]
Yeah, and sticking your neck out for Butcher Victorious. See where that gets you. 

When everyone is taken aback by Uriel snapping, he realizes what he’s done. 

Uriel Cortez:
…I’m sorry, Mateo. 

Mil looks disgusted with Uriel and Dan tries to get in a word in. 

Dan Leo James:
I’m talking about the cheating, Uriel. You don’t need to be doing any of this! You’re better than this!

Thomas Keeling:
Dan’s right, Uriel.

Thomas sighs a heavy breath. 

Thomas Keeling:
I… I feel responsible for this… this was how I brought you into this business five years ago. You didn’t know any better, but you’ve made your own success. You and Mil, Unified Tag Team Champions. You and Titaness, Unified Tag Team Champions. You won the Favoured Saints Title without resorting to any of the things you used to hate me and still hate Junior for. I…

Uriel Cortez: [screaming]
Nobody cares about our morals, Tom!

The group jumps back. Cortez is trying and failing to keep himself composed. 

Uriel Cortez:
I’m the largest man in this company… but over the past three years, I haven’t acted like it. I love what I have. I love my friends. I love Mi Familia. I love my wife… but being nice hasn’t gotten us ANYTHING but people thinking we’re DEFIANCE’s biggest fucking doormats. I had to learn this the hard way when this company suspended me for attacking Brian Slater for a month and people saw fit to target you all. 

He turns to Dan. 

Uriel Cortez:
You think Madame Melton and the Gems give a shit about morals and playing fair, Danny? That old bag of shit who threw smoke in your face and blinded you? If you don’t fight back, they’re gonna MAKE an example out of you. 

Dan is speechless when Uriel turns to look down at Mil. 

Uriel Cortez:
And Mil…. hermano, te amo…. But if you think OSCAR FUCKING BURNS cares about you wanting to make friends with that waste of roster space, Butcher Victorious, 

Buzzer sound. 

Uriel Cortez:
I kicked his ASS for you. I hurt Eric Dane Jr flapping his little shit-eatin gums for all of you. Klein and PCP didn’t give a shit about cheating us out of the Unified Tag Titles years ago. Can you say they’ve really changed? And TA Cole… do I even need to remind you what he that cueball-headed fuck Ned Reform did? Driving the wedge between us that led to you going out on your own! None of these people give a DAMN about our well-being but you guys want me to modify MY behavior?!

The hallway is uncomfortably silent as Mil, Danny and Thomas have no idea how to even reason with Uriel. Uriel points to his chest. 

Uriel Cortez:
Look… I know I sound like a piece of shit right now. I’m sorry. I really am…

He tries to calm himself down. 

Uriel Cortez:
…But right now, doing all this got me the Favoured Saints Title and got me a guaranteed shot at DEFIANCE Road against Corvo Alpha and the Southern Heritage Championship! And doing what I’m GONNA DO to Corvo Alpha is going to get US all closer to more money, more main events, bigger opportunities… and it’s gonna show that if I do this to an unstoppable freak like Corvo Alpha… that NOBODY is going to mess with any of us ever again. 

Mil Vueltas:
No… no…

When Uriel tries to turn, Mil tugs on his arm.  

Mil Vueltas:
When we formed this group, Uriel, I told you I’d rather lose a THOUSAND times than ever do what you’re doing right now. This ain’t you, hermano. 

Dan Leo James:
He’s right. You don’t have to do this. You can beat Corvo without having to do any of this. Come on… 

Before he can say anything else, the door to the trainer’s office opens. 

Wesley Miller:
Hey, boss, T wants to talk to you. 

Uriel turns, then looks to the group. 

Uriel Cortez:
Look… look, I appreciate this. I really do, but I gotta handle this. Okay? We’ll talk later. I promise. 

Thomas Keeling:
Uriel, we…

But before he can say anything else, Uriel lumbers into the trainer’s office and the door slams shut behind him. 

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