Title: Salt in the Wound
Featuring: Uriel Cortez
Date: 2/15/24
Location: Rogers Arena

DEFtv 198 - Moments After Mil Vueltas Attack

Following the attack from DEFtv 198 on Mil Vueltas, the cameras is backstage just beyond the Guerilla Position. Chris Trutt is standing by with a camerman and takes notice - coming down the opposite way are DEFIANCE’s First Family of Giants… 

“The Man of the House” Uriel Cortez, now arm in arm with the traitorous Titaness. Not far behind them, the MASSIVE tattooed beast known simply as Killjoy lurks behind them, only breathing under his dark mask. 

Chris Trutt:
Welcome to this DEFtv Exclusive. I’m Chris Trutt and I’m gonna try and get a word with Titanes Familia about what just happened out there with Mil Vueltas... 

Trutt turns away from the cameraman and tries to approach the trio while holding his microphone up. 

Chris Trutt:
Uriel! Titaness! Why’d you do that to Mil Vueltas? What were you thinking?! That was your best fr… 

Killjoy is the first to respond as the anointed “son” of Titanes Familia grabs his right hand tightly - not enough to cause pain, but enough to know the Titans are in no mood. 

Uriel Cortez: [sternly]
You move an inch, Killer here is gonna make you learn how to be a lefty.  

Chris Trutt remains petrified and afraid, but does what he’s told. Titaness holds a hand out as Killjoy hands the microphone to The First Lady of Titanes Familia. 

Chris, I’m sure you have questions…

Titaness stares at the frightened young reporter. 

And I’m sure right now, I’m not gonna answer a single damn one of them. 

After she shoves the microphone into Trutt’s chest to catch with his free hand, Cortez shrugs. 

Uriel Cortez:
You heard the woman, bruh. "Happy Spouse, Happy House." Kick rocks. 

The husband and wife lock hands like happy newlyweds, then Uriel nods for Killjoy to finally release Trutt. Chris clutches his wrist and gets as far away from the monstrous trio as possible. Once the reporter has cleared the hall, Uriel gestures to the Future of the Familia. 

Uriel Cortez:
Come on, slugger. 9pm curfew. 

The Cortezes and Killjoy leave the scene

Uriel Cortez:

By the way, you take directions way better than the last kid we adopted. Nice work.

After that reprehensible remark, the exclusive closes out. 

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