Title: Fine
Featuring: Oscar Burns
Date: 10/14/21
Location: Backstage, moments after PPV off the air

Loss stings. 

Especially when he's walking just out of the go position...

He can hear the crowd celebrating and cheering with Gage. 

He had the Gaelic Storm countered. He had the Soul Breaker countered. Burns was not a liar and true to his word, he was ready for either of Gage's key moves... 


Jamie Sawyers:
Oscar! Oscar, a word, please?

Red-faced, sweat-drenched and trying to hurriedly chug down his bottle of water, Oscar looks over at Jamie Sawyers. 

Jamie Sawyers:
Incredible, incredible match out there between two of the best in DEFIANCE right now! I'm supposed to be biased, but it was refreshing seeing a match between two people trying to see who the best is. No ulterior motives or agendas, just good old wrestling. 

Burns still doesn't say anything about it and takes another swig, trying to keep his composure. Jamie waits for some sort of reply, but when he doesn't get it, he changes his line of questioning. 

Jamie Sawyers:
But as we know, there can only be one man holding the FIST. How are you feeling coming off this match. You and Gage put it all out th... 

Not another word gets said. Jamie gets snatched by the collar of his jacket and Burns HURLS him across the floor and up against the wall! 

Another stagehand comes by and happens on the scene, watching what happened between Burns and the interviewer. Sawyers is hurt on the ground while Oscar looks on, almost in horror at the realization of what he's done. 

Hey! We need help! We need help! 

Oscar still says nothing and storms off down the hallway. When he happens upon DEFIANCE trainer Wesley Miller, Burns points at where he threw Sawyers and storms off, leaving the trainers to do their job.

Wesley Miller:
What the hell happened?

Burns looks a slight remorseful, but still doesn't say anything as an exasperated Wesley goes to check on Jamie. He pushes past the stagehand as Oscar shoots one more look and then storms off without a single word.  


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"This is my new doll, Cat. Say hi, Cat. My, what beautiful hair you have. Let’s brush it. Too bad the rest of your body is disproportionate and you’re ugly. How did you ever corral such a specimen like Jay Harvey? What does he see in you that I don’t have? I’m perky and nice. You’re just a b*tch."

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