Featuring: Jessica Guardian Fear
Date: 04/29/2021
Location: Terry ‘The Idol’ Anderson’s Apartment

Terry Anderson:
… What brother?

Glaring at his granddaughter, Terry moves forward with a confused look on his face.

Terry Anderson:
Riley only had you. So, what brother… Do you think you have? 

Cameras fade into Terry Anderson’s apartment, once again he’s consulting his granddaughter, once again he’s caught off guard by the entire situation.

Terry Anderson:
Jessica, forgive me for being frustrated with you… I love you. I.. You sound fucking nuts right now… and I… I’m not sure what to do with you anymore?

Terry’s eyes swell up in tears, he’s beyond frustrated, he’s concerned. He doesn’t know how to react to Jessica’s statement and his heart starts pounding.

Terry Anderson:
Do I need to check you into the hospital again? Do I?

Shuffling around the apartment, Terry eyes his broken granddaughter up and down.

Terry Anderson:
I don’t want to see what happened to you, like what you went through when you won the SoHeR, again.

Terry’s statement comes out very bluntly and matter of factly. Jessica’s reaction is fierce as she stands up in frustration, no longer was the ice pack and bandage covering her face, she stands across from Terry in his living room and stares daggers into the old man’s eyes. 

Jessica Reeves:
You MEAN when HE fucking won it? 

Bolting up from her seated position, the woman whose nose had been broken earlier that night by Teresa Ames pushes into her blood relative, Terry Anderson.

Terry Anderson:
Jesus christ will you ever drop that?!

Terry shouted back at her.

Terry Anderson:
HE was doing that to protect you and protect what you were building for - no one knew that night would be different. HE proved to everyone what CODENAME: Reaper is capable of but yet you fucking despise him for it!

Jessica Reeves:
Because it should have been me! IT ALWAYS should have been me. Terry… you don’t understand The Kabal… they’ve been orchestrating this plan for so long… they USED me to get Jason here. They used HIM to cripple DEFIANCE. And with what… they are planning for him now, he’s… MORE dangerous when he doesn’t have his own will and you know that.

Terry Anderson:
He’s dangerous?

Terry asks the young Jessica ‘Guardian’ Fear with a confusing stare. 

Terry Anderson:
Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, Jessica? 

Scoffing at the comment Jessica grudgingly retrieves the same ice pack she threw across the room earlier, placing it against her face to ease the broken face of the girl who just wants to be a superhero.

Terry Anderson:
You come here… in the middle of the night…. Telling me a fucking SPOOK Story that suddenly you think you have a BROTHER and that Jason Reeves is not your Dad? IS it pills this time?

Jessica Reeves:
I fucking hate you.

That’s when the breakdown happens, suddenly the room is shattered by Jessica’s tears flooding her face. The love between family members is some of the hardest and genuine feelings that you can have for people in your life. Terry wasn’t seeing the 22 year old girl who was diagnosed as bi-polar growing up. No, he was seeing that same girl but in her 12 year old form the day Riley and Terry sat her down to try and talk to her about it. Terry doesn’t know what to do other than move forward to wrap his arms around Jessica Reeves.

Terry Anderson:
I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that.. I know you are trying. We are all trying but… you aren’t making any sense Jessica. You act like The Kabal is some secret mass organization…. This is a wrestling stable. What do you know about them…

Jessica Reeves:

Shoving him aside, her face is once again exposed, dried up blood smearing her otherwise tear filled face.

Jessica Reeves:
I said.. Some fucking PLEDGE. There was a book and everything.. They are a secret fucking Group! They seek… us because we put our bodies on the line for fucking glory. I don’t know what else they are into. I DON’T KNOW WHY ME!? OKAY?! I.. I just know.. What I fucking know… and Fear. I’m going to find him… one day. 

Terry Anderson:
But… if you say they are as bad as you say they are… What's going to happen to Jason?

Jessica Reeves:
I’m going to fucking save him. Even if it costs me everything. My friends…. I’m done running from who I am but I’m NOT going to let The Kabal use my Father the way that they want to. Because they won’t stop… they won’t stop until he destroys ANYONE and EVERYONE. I fucking knew it and I still walked into their damn games. 

Terry Anderson:
Get some damn sleep, Jessica.

The former White Ranger shrugs her shoulders while staring at her grandfather. The look in her eyes says it all, she’s tired of not being listened to, picking up her things she begins to make her escape. Terry Anderson looks on with concern but is unsure what to say.

Jessica Reeves:
You’ll see it…  You’ll ALL see it… I’m going to do it and when i’m done all of DEFIANCE will know exactly WHAT The Kabal is and why they must be put down for GOOD! 

Frustration and anger in her eyes Jessica sets off, a path that eventually saw her demise at the hands of the man she was attempting to save. One would wonder if now, with Crimson Stalker back on his leash, will DEFIANCE see the ramifications of Jessica’s warning? And with no more Guardians around. What will DEFIANCE do? When Stalker’s World runs wild on it? What will anyone do with a man-made monster on a very powerful and seductive leash? Only time will tell.

Fade to black.

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