Title: Ready, Ames, Fire 16
Featuring: Teresa Ames
Date: 12/5/2021
Location: Bookstore

The aisles are calm and quiet as Teresa does her usual rounds, returning lost books to their places. The odd customer filters in and out of the store as a few hangs around to read the summary of the book they picked up. Teresa scoots by a corner and satisfyingly places a book on the shelf. Yes! One returned on time! With two others in hand, she takes a moment to soak up the view out the window. It’s bright and sunny outside which lights up the bookstore inside. She is so at peace with herself at this moment. Her eyes gaze downwards.

Catcher in the Rye. Classic.

Teresa makes her way over to the appropriate genre to put the book back when she turns a corner and suddenly bumps into an equally slender figure. Teresa promptly drops the book.

Oh, I’m sorry! Clumsy me.

The two women both go to grab the book on the floor and reach it at the same time. The stranger stares at Teresa’s name tag.

I’ve got it, Teresa. Sorry about that. It was my fault we bumped into each other. Catcher in the Rye, yes? Someone has been doing some heavy reading.

The women look at each other, as if analyzing their equally beautiful looks.

It’s okay, accidents happen, ma’am.

My name is Sara. Nice to meet you. I just love this bookstore.

Sara and Teresa rise to a vertical base as Sara holds the book in hand.

Oh here, this is yours.

Teresa graciously receives the book.

Thanks, and thanks for the compliment on the store. I mean, I’m just a clerk but I love working here. I have a pretty good life, all things considered.

Sara allows her mind to let Teresa’s name truly soak in.

Right on. Well, I work at a hospital so I like coming here for an escape.

Teresa smiles and nods with acceptance.

Are you looking for anything particular? I am an expert on where everything is in here so let me show you around.

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"Boogie, I've heard some delusions of grandeur in my day, but hot-dog-on-a-summer-sidewalk-and-other-Texas-catchphrases, your delusions take the cake. Actually, your delusions took the whole bakery, leaving it without so much as a speck of flour to cook with. Your delusions are currently involved in a high speed police chase down the Pacific Coast Highway live on CNN with frosting on the corners of its mouth as we speak, is what I'm saying."

- Dan Ryan




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