Title: Boxed In
Featuring: Titaness
Date: 9/19/21
Location: NOLA

SEPTEMBER 19th, 2021
1:45 AM

Driving down a fairly quiet road, Uriel Cortez and Holly Aldaine aka Titaness, enjoy a little bit of peace. Both are tired after a party that went way too late, some fun was had with some friends  and a few drinks were had for this, her 28th birthday. But instead of heading home like they might be doing, the drive is to a place that Holly doesn’t immediately recognize. 

Uriel… are you STILL buzzed? Where we going?

The giant says nothing as he continues driving the truck. 

Uriel Cortez:
I get it’s technically the day after your birthday now… and it’s late as shit, but I promised you one more gift after the party and you’re gonna see it. We’re almost there. 

You said that ten minutes ago. 

Uriel shakes his head. 

That’s because I’m not using GPS to spoil it. I want you to see something, then we can go home. …and I may be SLIGHTLY buzzed. Slightly. 

Holly does her best Marge Simpson-esque groan while Uriel continues down a road of nice townhomes in a quiet suburb just outside New Orleans. Just a bit out of the way of their current place, but still nice. She scans the houses, then looks back at her boyfriend. 

Are you sure you even know where you’re going? It’s almost 2am. 

She does peek out the window to see what seems to be a nice neighborhood… for 2am. 

It looks… wow.

It’s a relatively new housing community they put here. Been seeing signs for it for the longest time. 

He keeps going until he finally rounds the corner of the street and then comes to a spot at the end. When they finally get there, he pulls the truck over to the side of the road.

All right, spill it. Where are we?

He leaves the car running but turns to face her. 

Holly… uh… it’s been a hell of a year and you know, since… you came into my life, we both weren’t really looking for what we have now, but… I wouldn’t change it or give it away for anything. 

You ARE drunk. 

No, I said SLIGHTLY buzzed… now stop. 

Another groan as he continues. 

I’m glad we could do something special for your birthday, but renting out that restaurant wasn’t the only thing that I wanted to do… and I needed some drinks to ask what I’m gonna ask you. You see that house? The one on the corner.

Looking out to the house, barely lit by the street lamp, he points a finger in its direction. Holly looks to see a nice white, newly constructed townhouse with a For Sale sign in the front yard. 


Sliding his phone over to Holly, he hands it over so she can see what the house looks like in normal people's daylight. She scrolls through… 

Uriel… what is this?

I already talked to Mateo last week so he knows… but I put a bid on that house yesterday. Three bedroom, fully furnished… for normal-sized people, so I might be doing extra hours to fix that shit. But appliances, all this and that, whatever. All new. And if I get it… 

He smiles and takes her by her hand. 

I’m a tall-ass man, but the inside looks like a pretty tall-ass house that can fit a couple of tall-ass people…

She looks down at his hand clasping hers.

…and now that I’ve nervously said “tall-ass” several times… I… I want you in that house with me. 

Holly stares out at the house… 

You can take all the time you need to think about it and whatever you want… we’ll be okay. We haven’t been together a full year yet, but we’ve been through a lot together and… 

She stops him by reaching over for a kiss, then smiles. 


Elation takes over and Uriel leans back in his seat, letting out a happy sigh of relief. 

Thank God, cause I need to get out of this house with Mateo. His feet smell like corn chips left in a locker for a week. 

He notices the weird look from Holly. 

I say nonsense when I’m nervous. You know this…. But his feet do smell. 

I know. He’s only in the next room from us.

She curls up to Uriel’s arm. 

I can’t wait to tell my parents and my sisters! We’re gonna make a lot of memories in that house. 

Uriel chuckles softly. 

Yeah… and if this isn’t the house, then we’re two giants who can turn people upside down pretty easily. I can shake a good offer out of someone. 

The two share a high five. 

We’re definitely going to make some memories. I can't wait. 


6:41 PM

Uriel on his phone. Holly on hers in the house (yes, they got the house). Clicking away quietly. Boxes everywhere, still unpacked two months later and a few boxes for other furniture. 

He looks up at Holly. 

Should we unpack today?

She looks up from her phone, around at the box-covered living room and shakes her head in disgust. 

Ew. No. 

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