DEFtv 115 is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 12 Feb 2019

DEFtv on DEFonDEMAND! Stream DEFtv 115 now! Be reborn to the light!

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MAXIMUM DEFIANCE Match Announced! HUGE Implications! Plus, Management Edicts and Matches Made for the Participants!

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Feb 2019

News has just made it to DEFIANCE HQ that a HUGE match has been signed between two longtime rivals that looks to finally end their battles once and for all! The two most recent former FIST of DEFIANCE titleholders... "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns and Scott Stevens will do battle in a Texas Deathmatch with both men making huge wagers! Click below for the specifics, including a history of the two competitors along with an edict from management about the two competitors. 

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DEFIANCE/BRAZEN Presents: Texas Two-Step (On Your Face)

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Feb 2019

The fans of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN were treated to a new special at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas this past Saturday night. On the first stop of many along the Gulf Coast, over 1,000 fans came out to see a card packed with title matches, headlined by a special elimination match between the League of Extraordinary Graps and the Stevens Dynasty.


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DEFtv 114 is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 30 Jan 2019

DEFtv on DEFonDEMAND! Stream DEFtv 114 now!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Jan 2019

Join us live on DEFonDEMAND for another addition of UNCUT! NOW!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 19 Jan 2019

The stars of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN join forces once again to bring to another special event! Over 1,100 fans came out en masse to the Havert L. Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce, Florida! 

Click the link to see the results of a one-night tournament featuring pairings of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN stars, along with a five-team BRAZEN Tag Team Battle Royale with a big prize and a FIST of DEFIANCE title defense when Kendrix defends the gold against "The HOSS Overlord" Angel Trinidad!

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Wrestlers Fined and Suspended Following Brawl on DEFTV 113

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Jan 2019

Following the events of DEF TV 113 which saw former FIST of DEFIANCE holders Scott Stevens and “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns get into a massive brawl, both men will be suspended for the 114 edition of DEF TV by order of Kelly Evans.

Click the link for more news on the situation.

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"Don’t give me that crap! His shoulders were on the mat and the official slapped the mat three times so that makes me the true champion! Cayle Murray can parade around all he wants and claim to be the DEFIANCE champion and that idiot Angus can dick ride him all he wants but they both know who is the true victor here tonight"

- Scott Stevens




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