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Van Carver Biography


Real Name Van Carver  
Alias(es) The Murder Machine, The Vanimal  
Hometown Boston, Massachusetts  
Birthday 11/20/1993  
Height 6'2  
Weight 270 lbs  


Biography Van's family trace their heritage back to John Carver, pilgrim and governor of the Mayflower. The Carver family has deep roots in the North East, his section of the family settled in Massachusetts.

Van was an impressive athlete at a well to do boarding school. Opting to forgo college he taped into the family money and enrolled in wrestling school, seeking to emulate the bold strong style he had seen online. It took him a bit longer than anticipated, but he manged to graduate.

He accepted bookings all through the North East, even wrestling two nights in Canada. It was there that he got the moniker "Murder Machine." A rather stiff elbow strike caught his opponent flinging his head into the steel ring post. EMTs swarmed, ambulance at the gate. A tweet or two sent and the moniker was born. He's been using it ever since.

He is in DEFIANCE to test his skills, to learn new ones, and of course Murder Bomb somebody. 
Other Feds n/a  
Other Fed Titles n/a  
Other Fed Awards n/a  
Gimmick Van Carver is "The Murder Machine." He is a firm believer that all he needs to send you, or anyone else is one punch/strike. He's well to do, so sometimes the silver spoon in his mouth catches him. He's young, brash, in your face. He's drank entirely too many Red Bulls for his own good. 
Strengths 1. Strong striking skills
2. Fundamentally sound
3. Young and Athletic 
Weaknesses 1. Gasses himself easily - no endurance
2. Technically challenged - the moves he knows, he knows well. Those he doesn't he won't be able to offer counters to.
3. Hot headed - temper can often get the better of him. 



"You're just the next casualty of the most marvelous man to grace God's green earth."

- Jay Harvey


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5. Gage Blackwood



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