SPECULATION - DEFtv & ASCENSION - What's Next for the DEFIANT Crew?

Posted by Dave Felcher on 3 Nov 2015

Lots of chatter of what's to come for the good ship DEFIANCE, and I'm here to give you the low down what I've been hearing around the offices down here in NOLA... Hit the jump for more.

With the announcement (or is it a reveal?) that DEFIANCE's next pay per view will be the sequel to the show that saw the company end up taking off on a world tour: ASCENSION. The most obvious bit of rumor mongering is that LADDER WAR will make a return, but will one or both of DEFIANCE's singles championships be on the line in the famed dare devil match?

Speaking of championships. What's next for the FIST of DEFIANCE? Once again, EUGENE DEWEY found a way to extend his historic reign at ACTS of DEFIANCE, as he chases the two year mark as the greatest champion in the sport today (his own words, I might add). One has to wonder who will be looking to get the next shot? No doubt DAN RYAN, who smashed FRANK HOLIDAY at AOD will be looking to get his first crack since he took on (and nearly defeated) DUSTY GRIFFITH*. Speaking of Griffith, there is always a chance that BRONSON BOX's victory over the former champion will no doubt put DEFIANCE gold back on the mind of the Wargod, regardless who the champion is. And of course, that leaves LINDSAY TROY, who found herself coming up short yet again, this time by disqualification. Much like the DAN RYAN, one has to think the Queen of the Ring is desperate for a fair shot at the Dark Lord of DEFIANCE... But will she get that shot? Will the Ego Buster? Will the War God? Or could someone else be on the horizon to take their shot at ending Dewey's reign once and for all?

Also about the Train Wreck, the word is inclusive about his neck injury, but it has been said he did suffer severely with not only a neck injury, but a nasty concussion. Given Holiday's history with concussions from his time as a Hollywood stuntman, it's no surprise that there isn't a current timetable for when he might return.

Needless to say, one man who would seem to be out of the mix is the man Dewey defeated to merge his title to the World title, and that is DUSTY GRIFFITH. After his rampage backstage following his loss to BRONSON BOX and subsequent beating he took from a returning ANGEL TRINIDAD and ALECZANDER THE GREAT, the Wild Bronco is said to not even be thinking about championships... Granted, with his last two or three highest profile matches being losses or near losses, one has to wonder where Griffith stands in the pecking order to begin with?

And Team HOSS is back or is it just Trinidad? What we know is, is that JUNIOR KEELING is nowhere to be seen. Though, from what I've been told from people who know, this may only seem like a blessing in disguise to not have Junior's grating personality around. What I've heard is, THOMAS KEELING SR. is everything his son isn't, but just as ruthless and it seems he has the former Rookie Monster much more focused and dangerous... Which is a nightmare for everyone in DEFIANCE if that's true, because Trinidad was difficult enough as a young, inexperienced kid.

* Dan Ryan had Dusty Griffith beat and would have won the DEFIANCE World Heavyweight Title, if not for outside intervention keeping him from securing the win.

The FIST isn't the only championship being talked about, as there's a few rumblings that the reigning SOUTHERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONCURTIS PENN has some new schemes to play. This is absolutely to no one's shock however, as their has been a rather large swell of talent either coming in or returning to the fold. Key among them are the recently debuted ANDY SHARP and returning fan favorite HENRY KEYES, but they're hardly the only ones mounting on the horizon to chase after Penn and the SOHER title. There's also rumors swirling of another star coming into the land of the DEFIANT, but KELLY EVANS has been tight lipped about the subject, if not highly evasive, though talk has said that former SOHER Kingpin, CHANCE VON CRANK is on the way back and was spotted backstage after ACTS of DEFIANCE? Could the Trailer Park Prodigy be that latest big "get" by the Boss? Gossip has been saying it's someone new, but no word one way or the other to confirm. Of course there are a number of talents who are jockeying for a shot, chief amongst them is the increasingly popular imaginary girlfriend of Angus Skaaland, HARMONY, who in spite of a loss at AOD to MUSHIGIHARA (more on him in a bit), is said to be very high on the powers that be in DEFIANCE and don't ee the loss to the God-Beast as a hinderance to her chances given a solid bounce back on her part. And that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as the SOHER title goes, as there are many who are looking to take a shot at Penn.

Speaking of EDDIE DANTE's monsterous charge, there's talk that the Japanese powerhouse might be having some issues back home, possibly leaving him to miss time.

Now then, it's being said that DEFtv #57, which is slated to air sometime later this month, will see a number of returns and debuts, including a couple of new faces from BRAZEN. Chief amongst them being the last jOlt WRESTLING World Champion, OMEGA, who made a surprise appearance at ACTS of DEFIANCE. The question is, who will be the first to get a taste of this monsters brand of pain? From the BRAZEN camp, lots of talk that one such name being bandied about is HOWLIN' JOE WOLFE, a big kid from the Jefferson Parish of New Orleans and former Tulane Football and Basketball standout. Talk is that Wolfe was scouted and trained by DEFIANCE's own DUSTY GRIFFITH at the Wrestle-plex when the company returned from it's world tour.

And finally.

There's more than a little rumbling that there might be a massive caravan of DEFIANT stars making their way to Japan. They would be doing this because DEFIANCE BAWS and founder, ERIC DANE is set to take on UTA WORLD CHAMPION, LA FLAMA BLANCA on pay per view and many would be looking to go to support the legendary Only Star in his endeavor to become a 7 Time World Champion. Could this be why there might be a late start to the companies production cycle for DEftv? In this one man's opinion, it would certainly be a worthy cause.

Anyway, that's all I have right now, but I'm working on other leads as they land on my desk. Check back for more later.

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