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The stars at night were big and bright in Houston, TX where the BRAZEN project of DEFIANCE Wrestling set up shop in the Houston Indoor Sports Arena for an event called TEXAS TURMOIL! The fans were greeted by none other than FIST of DEFIANCE contender and Houston native “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan as he took pictures, signed autographs, and hobnobbed with his hometown fans, and as the crowd filed in, there were more than a few audible chants of “OSU!”, the familiar catchphrase of BRAZEN’s most recent and most prolific addition, “The God-Beast” Mushigihara, who was scheduled to lock up with the Southern Bastards’ MASSIVE Cowboy in a Texas Death Match that was sure to be as violent as they come.

The night began with trios action as the team of Mascara del Muerte IV, Sho Nakazawa, and Tommy Fahrenheit united to take on the Gulf Coast Connection. MdM4, Fahrenheit, and Nakazawa have been facing each other in various combinations in BRAZEN lately, and the decision was made for them to team up. Any animosity the three may have had from their previous bouts was obviously left at the door as they wrestled like a well-oiled machine, and their cohesive aerial assault was just too much for the boys of the GCC. After a thrilling display, Fahrenheit won it for his team after revealing a dazzling imploding 450 splash that he calls the 451 on the Crescent City Kid. After the bout, the Japanese upstart, the Mexican veteran, and the American rookie shook hands and walked out together.

Singles action followed, as “Maniac” Matt Floyd took on the Heavy Metal Madman, Nicky Synz. Floyd was kept guessing as Synz’ speed on the mat proved to just be too much, though some sequences showcasing Synz’ agility did draw some applause. The match ended in fairly short order when Synz planted Floyd with the Face Melter for the duke.

In tag team action, Floki and Ivar Holmstrom faced off with the Louisiana Bulldogs, Denver and Oliver Brandt. The beginning of the match started off well enough, with both teams exhibiting their grappling techniques, though the Holmstroms would gain the advantage soon with their frequent tagging and exemplary mat skills, which they would never really relinquish for the majority of the bout. The Holmstroms won with the Doomsday DDT.

Butcher Victorious easily dispatched Elijah “2Xtreme” Cross, and Cross just never seemed to have a chance as Victorious dazzled the Texas crowd with his aerial offense. The Violet Crown was the end result, and Victorious took the time to thank the fans in his home state.

In more trios action, Osaka Hate Crime squared off with the Midcard Experiment, in a match that saw the Midcard Experiment triumph thanks to El Hijo de Fishman Deluxe’s Rainbow Connection after a back-and-forth exchange of comedy and brutal, stiff wrestling.

It was Main Event time, and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The ring announcer explained the rules of a Texas Death Match: no count-outs, disqualifications, or time limits. Falls count anywhere in the building, but they don’t end the bout; that only comes when the fallen wrestler is unable to answer the referee’s ten-count. “Suicide Messiah” blared over the speakers, cuing the emergence of ALL FOUR Southern Bastards to a raucous cheer, including their representative in the match, the Bad Man from the Double Dragon Ranch in Tokyo, Texas, MASSIVE Cowboy. Swinging his bullrope around and throwing up the horns, the big man lead the charge into the ring, resulting in all four men standing in the center, waiting for the God-Beast himself.

Black Label Society then gave way to the familiar BOOM SNAP of “Mach 13 Elephant Explosion,” and another explosion of cheers. As Eddie Dante emerged into the arena, arms raised as if to stoke the emotions of the BRAZEN Faithful, another audible round of “OSU!” chants followed, soon to be followed by a monstrous “OSU!”, bellowed out by Mushigihara himself. The Bastards stood expressionless as the King of the Monsters lumbered his way to the ring and stood directly in front of him, showing no sign of fear. The referee tried to ease the tension in order to get the Bastards out of the ring, but it wasn’t until Eddie Dante stepped in and talked to Frank Dylan James; no one could really make out what was said, but before long Dante stepped out of the ring… and began walking back up the aisle, out of sight. The Bastards then followed suit, ensuring that the impending battle would have no interference, no chicanery… just two giants among men, ready to beat the living hell out of each other.

The bell rang, but before the two mammoths got down to business, Mushigihara held out a hand to stop MASSIVE Cowboy, before using his other hand to remove his mask and reveal his face to a shocked Cowboy. The two spoke with each other like old friends and even hugged in the middle of the ring, which triggered a growing chorus of jeers… until the embracing men grinned at each other and started WAILING on each other with brutal rights to each other’s face. The two managed to break free of each other and bounced off the ropes on opposite sides, only to collide in the middle, but neither man was felled by the impact. The behemoths bounced off the ropes towards each other AGAIN, with the same result. On the third collision, however, Mushigihara was the first man to fall, which lead to MASSIVE Cowboy following up with a STORM of stomps on his back and head, then scooping him back up for a THUNDEROUS belly-to-belly suplex that lead to the first pinfall of the match.

The Bad Man from the Double Dragon Ranch rose to his feet to take a breather while his adversary was put to the count. Mushi made it to his feet at the count of four, smirking at the Southern Bastard as he rose. On the ref’s signal, the two behemoths got right into each other’s faces and started trading right hands again! Once again, though, Cowboy got the upper hand, and nailed Mushi with a right that sent him rolling between the ropes, to the outside of the ring. Cowboy followed suit and stalked the monster, before pinning him up against the guardrail and showering him with fists! The crowd went wild for the slugfest that had revealed itself before them, and especially at the fact that the face of the God-Beast was now decorated in blood. Cowboy peeled Mushi out from the rail and tossed him onto his back, then went fishing around under the apron for something to do further damage… Cowboy pulled out a chair to a roaring pop, and jabbed the edge of it into the God-Beast’s ribs, then set it on the ground and drove the God-Beast’s head into it with a DDT, then covered him for a three-count, cueing a critical ten-count for Mushigihara!

The God-Beast made it to his feet by the count of six, but was suddenly dragged into the ring as Cowboy rolled in and got back to work. With the roar of the crowd, Cowboy whipped Mushigihara into the nearby corner, but as he rushed in to crush him, the God-Beast raised up a boot just in time for MASSIVE Cowboy to run face-first into it and get knocked for a loop. Sensing an opportunity, Mushigihara forced Cowboy into that corner and softened him up with a storm of lefts and rights, before rushing to the opposite corner and PANCAKING Cowboy with a massive avalanche and following up with his trademark bearhug suplex, a remarkable feat given the Southern Bastard’s size. As the God-Beast rose, he called out to Cowboy, shouting at him in Japanese in between stomps to his back and head.

Cowboy made it back to his feet, only to get whipped into the ropes, driven to the mat with a powerslam, and dragged to the corner. With a mighty “OSU!,” Mushigihara climbed up to the second rope and followed up with a HUGE reverse splash (read: Vader Bomb) that Mushigihara calls the Death Star. Sure enough, it was enough for the three count, but Mushigihara rolled off his opponent, clutching his ribs with a pained look on his face. The referee lead the count, and made it to six before Cowboy got up and beat the count, while Mushi leaned into the corner and kept favoring his ribs. Cowboy, for his part, leaned back and waited for Mushi to nod and grit his teeth with a loud “OSU,” before rushing in and locking up. The two monsters held on for a breif moment, but Cowboy broke free and wrapped the God-Beast up and dropped him with a backdrop suplex… that Mushi countered by rolling himself around and crushing him under his weight!

The referee dropped for the count, but Cowboy kicked out at two while Mushigihara rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope and start looting around for plunder. MASSIVE Cowboy followed suit to the God-Beast, but arrived just in time to receive a jab in the ribs of his own via a steel chair, and THEN get it slammed right in his face; yet, Cowboy was still standing, a fact that Mushi reacted to by giving him ANOTHER chairshot. When the Southern Bastard would not go down, Mushi stepped back a little to get some momentum and try to plow through him, but Cowboy got a kick into the rushing God-Beast’s midsection just in time and tried to end things with a piledriver onto the floor!

Mushi, however, was ready, and hoisted Cowboy down with a TREMENDOUS back body drop into the concrete, and as Cowboy got up, his face now stained crimson, he walked right into Mushi’s waiting arms, where he was swiftly hoisted and dropped to the concrete with another one of those bearhug suplexes. Mushi went for the pin again, but again Cowboy kicked out at two. Chants of “COWBOY! COWBOY! COWBOY!” began to escalate, and he scrambled about to find a foothold as Mushi positioned himself for the next attack…

...and he got it in the form of some nearby steel ring steps, which he waffled Mushigihara’s face with. That’s when Cowboy got REALLY intense, slamming the God-Beast’s face repeatedly into the ringpost, and DDTing him onto the concrete again! The subsequent cover wasn’t enough for another pinfall, but as Mushi got back up, he got more of those boots into his already-damaged ribs, with a chair poke thrown in for good measure. Cowboy then threw up the horns and signalled for a vicious lariat! He lined up for the kill, but as he rushed in towards the God-Beast, Mushigihara BARELY dodged the swinging arm of the Cowboy, and managed to lock in an Iron Claw… which turned into a vicous BEAST’S CLAW with Cowboy’s head crashing ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Mushigihara went for a cover, which was academic at this point, but now the questionas, could Cowboy get back to his feet?

At the count of six, Cowboy JUST started to move. When the ref reached eight, he got to one knee and was ready to rise… but in between the nine-count and the ref’s final call… Cowboy fell sideways and landed on his ribs and arm, leading the referee to call for the final bell and raise the arm of Mushigihara as the victor of the match. The crowd applauded and chanted “MATCH OF THE NIGHT! MATCH OF THE NIGHT!” as “Mach 13 Elephant Explosion” blared through the arena, but the fanfare was cut short by a stampede of Cowboy’s partners in the Southern Bastards rushing to aid their fallen comrade, and Dante bringing up the rear and tending to his God-Beast. Mushigihara rolled into the ring to revel in his victory, but MASSIVE Cowboy broke free of his partners and followed the Golden Goliath into the ring, where the two Japanese giants engaged in one long staredown…

...before shaking hands and hugging in the middle of the ring. The Bastards looked at the scene, confused, until Eddie Dante tapped on the shoulder of JJ Dixon and offered a six-pack of beer while gesturing towards the ring. This was enough for the rest of the Bastards and Dante to file into the ring where the monsters were congratulating each other. The night ended with all four Southern Bastards, Eddie Dante, and Mushigihara standing in the center of the ring, each with a beer in their hand raised up in a toast, before drinking together. The crowd cheered and clapped at the respectful gesture, and as Dante and the other three Bastards rolled out, MASSIVE Cowboy and Mushigihara took turns bowing towards the crowd before filing out.

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