Hollywood Calling

Posted by Mikey Unlikely on 21 Mar 2017

The highly succesful DEFIANCE pay-per-view Ascension happened just a few days ago, and the dust is finally beginning to settle! Among the matches on the show, we saw the Pop Culture Phenoms retain their DEFIANCE Tag Team Championships against their former "sports entertainment mentors" The Hollywood Bruvs!

Unfortunately we here at DEFIANCEwrestling.com have just been informed that this will be one of the last matches for one of the Bruvs for some time. Mikey Unlikely, Former SoHer Champion, and longtime Sports Entertainment Guild leader, will be taking a leave of absence from DEFIANCE! Of those who were privy to the conversation between Unlikely  and DEF management, said the conversation was a very pleasant one, and that Mikey leaves on good terms with the company. Although his contract is not expired, when he signed with DEFIANCE, Unlikely's representation, added a clause to the contract allowing the athlete to take breaks from competition to film projects in his other profession, acting.

Mikey Unlikely is jet setting back to Hollywood today, to film not only Season 2 of the Hulu Award Winning Original "Crow's Alley" but a number of film projects also. When asked if this would be the last time we would see Mikey in DEFIANCE, he had a short but straight answer. "Don't count on it Bruv! OBVS!"

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