Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 31 May 2017

Following the near show-long brawl between the Masked Violators and The STORM, DEFIANCE officials have issued a warning… and signed a title match for DEFIANCE Road!

At DEFtv 84, it would be safe to say that things “got out of hand” when Kazushi met Masked Violator #2. That match would quickly devolve into chaos when both Hiroshi Zo and Masked Violator #1 inserted themselves into the scene, eventually having the match thrown out -- and a melee would spill throughout the arena.

DEFIANCE officials have since gone on the record with voicing their displeasure at how things played out, specifically pointing to the prolonged - and superiorly violent -  brawling through the crowd as a particular source of concern.

“The safety of our fans and spectators is obviously our number one priority”, Kelly Evans tweeted in response to the buzz. Sources say that both teams were issued an official warning from the very top of DEFIANCE; keep our fans safe, or else.

In related news, ESEN broke the news of another match signed for DEFIANCE Road and, on paper, it’s a doozy!

The DEFIANCE World Tag Team Champion Pop Culture Phenoms will defend their titles in a LADDER WAR against three teams: The Lethal and Savage STORM… the Curious and Crusty Masked Violators… and the Already Infamous Bastard Sons of Wrestling!

You can't afford to miss DEFIANCE ROAD! This Sunday on PPV!


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"Don’t give me that crap! His shoulders were on the mat and the official slapped the mat three times so that makes me the true champion! Cayle Murray can parade around all the wants and claim to be the DEFIANCE champion and that idiot Angus can dick ride him all he wants but they both know who is the true victor here tonight"

- Scott Stevens


1. Mikey Unlikely
2. Crimson Lord
3. Kendrix
4. THE Jay Harvey
5. Dan Ryan



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