Gauntlet Match Signed for DEFtv!

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 1 Oct 2017

Earlier today, DEFIANCE officials confirmed a gauntlet match scheduled for DEFtv 90. Jack Harmen issued the challenge over social media to his former protege's the Pop Culture Phenoms. After their heated words this past week at DEFtv89, Elise Ares was quick to accept. Now, the former teacher/pupil relationship is set to explode next week on Television.

Jack Harmen returned to DEFIANCE at DEFcon, aligning himself with the invading Wrestle UTA force. He targeted the former tag team champions, ensuring they would not be able to regain the gold in their vacant title match with the Bastards of Wrestling. Now, he returns to the ring in what could be as many as three different encounters. All this and more live on DEFtv90.

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Backstage 3.1



"Calvin, the thing is…. Bandit? Seriously? Your masterstroke is Bandit? To be honest with you, I forgot ‘THE BANDIT’ was even in the Clan. I forgot completely. I was just about ready to ask Troy why the flute player from Jethro Tull was hangin’ around the group, and before I realized who it was, he was gone."

- Dan Ryan


1. Bronson Box
2. Cayle Murray
3. Impulse
4. Kendrix
5. Reaper Co.



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