Champion Injured on DEFtv!

Posted by Lance Warner on 9 Nov 2018

BREAKING NEWS from DEFtv 110 as a Champion has been injured!

We have just learned Conor Fuse suffered a severe high ankle sprain on DEFtv 110 when he was arguing with Dandelion about the significance of The ToyBox's #1 contendership to the tag team titles.

Conor was last seen clutching his leg in the middle of the ring as the show went to commercial. What you didn't see was him hopping to the back, putting no weight on his right ankle while using his brother to get up the ramp.

We have now been told Conor suffered a severe sprain and the estimated time he's out for is currently unknown, although it is assumed he will be on the shelf for 6-8 weeks.

This puts a significant blow to The Fuse Bros. title reign (or Achievement reign, whatever you want me to say here) and their potential match against The ToyBox for the Tag Team Championships at DEFCON. DEFCON is slated to be in 5 weeks.

The Fuse Bros. run has been over 200 days, making it the second-longest in DEFIANCE history next to PCP. Tyler and Conor won the Achievements on DEFtv 100, when it was believed DEFIANCE would be closing its doors. The former fWo tag team is on their first official tag title reign.

There is no word yet on what the next steps may be but we could have answers come DEFtv 111 so make sure you tune in then!

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