Main Event and other matches now set for DEFtv 111 and DEFCON!

Posted by Lance Warner on 9 Nov 2018

More news on a busy day! DEFtv 111 Main Event officially set with a huge stipulation that could potentially impact the DEFCON main event!

DEFIANCE Executive Producer Kelly Evans has made the main event official for DEFtv 111 when the former FIST of DEFIANCE, "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns, takes on the man who attacked he and current FIST Scott Stevens on the recent edition of The Bruv Show... sorry, the THE Bruv Show, Kendrix!

The two-time former World Tag Team Champ and last DOC Champion made big waves entering the FIST of DEFIANCE title picture by not only attacking Burns during an on-set scuffle between WrestleFriends and The Stevens Dynasty, but also attacking his former tag team partner Scott Stevens himself. 

To that end, Kendrix has demanded that he get something in return if he can defeat the former champ. With agreeement from Oscar Burns, Kelly Evans has dictated that should Kendrix defeat Burns in the main event, Kendrix will officially be added to the scheduled FIST of DEFIANCE Title match at DEFCON and will become a Triple Threat Match! 

Can Oscar Burns keep his scheduled main event rematch at DEFCON a singles match between he and his hated rival or will Kendrix insert himself into the biggest grudge match of the year? We reached out to The Stevens Dynasty earlier today for comment, but have yet to hear anything from the FIST or his camp. 

Along those lines, we've also come to learn that after the big fight that saw The WrestleFriends and Bo and George Stevens fight all over the arena - including Jack Mace literally throwing Ryan Batts at Bo Stevens backstage over waves of security - we've learned from Kelly Evans that RISE Tag League winners WrestleFriends will take on The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) at DEFCON!

But before that, on DEFtv 111, Batts will go one-on-one with the former World Tag Team Champion Bo Stevens in a preview of their tag team grudge match to come. 

With lots of big moves happening before the biggest event in DEFIANCE's calendar year, what will these men do to gain valuable momentum? You'll have to tune into both DEFtv and DEFCON to find out!

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