BRAZEN PRESENTS: May Day! May Day! It's Going Down!

Posted by Lance Warner on 2 May 2019

On Wednesday, May 1st, The fans of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN were treated to a new special at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas featuring TWO big title defenses!

In the first of two big main events, new BRAZEN Champion "Manpower" Jack Mace would be defending his title against not one, but two previous BRAZEN Champions in Reinhardt Hoffman and the man he took the title from on DEFtv 117, Flex Kruger!

In the other, World Trios Champions No Justice No Peace demanded competition and they would get it in the form of Texas' own Stevens Dynasty! Would either title change hands?! Check the link below for the latest results!

DEFIANCE/BRAZEN PRESENTS: May Day! May Day! We’re Going Down!

Aztec Theater

San Antonio, TX

Attendance: 1,096


Before the show, the fans were treated to meet-and-greets with some of the rising stars of the BRAZEN Brand in addition to the new BRAZEN Champion, one-half of the WrestleFriends “Manpower” Jack Mace, as well as lines going out to the door to meet the hometown (well, home state) heroes, The Stevens Dynasty! Though there was still plenty of bad blood past between The WrestleFriends and The Stevens Dynasty, Mace and the Dynasty were ordered to keep things civil otherwise risk losing their respective title opportunities. Meet and greets with the likes of Flex Kruger, Minute, Levi Cole, Thugs 4 Hire and others rounded out the pre-match hours before bell time.


Match One: Minute versus David Hightower

--A true David v. Goliath match to start the show against the home state hero, Minute, from El Paso.

--That said, the 275-pound Hightower owned him during the opening moments including a Powerslam and Spinebuster for near falls!

--The end came when Hightower hit the corner and Minute landed the Estrella Fugaz (Rope Run Corner Dropkick) that popped the crowd followed by a Phoenix Splash called The Minute Detail! MINUTE WITH THE UPSET!

WINNER: Minute via pinfall @ 6:52 with Minute Detail


Match Two: The Gulf Coast Connection (Aaron King, Theodore Cain and Crescent City Kid) vs. The Safety Patrol (Sgt. Safety, Jeff Belltron and Dick Flanagan)

--Before the match, The Safety Patrol ordered the fans to quiet down. Instead, the crowd jeered him even louder. The GCC came out and partied louder. That inspired a big brawl!

--After GCC ran through the Patrol during the opening, Flanagan cracked Crescent City Kid with a Stop sign, allowing them to take control. After a couple of minutes on offense, CCK landed a double Jumping DDT on Belltron and Flanagan.

--Big Theodore Cain ran through them all, including a Pinball (repeated Irish Whips on Safety) and then landed Bottom’s Up for the win!

WINNER: The Gulf Coast Connection via pinfall @ 7:16 with Bottom’s Up (Cain over Sgt. Safety)


Match Three: Bobby Horrigan vs. Mascara De Muerte IV

--Another David vs. Goliath battle, but this one…

--MDMIV went on the attack against the Irish Bomber with Dropkicks and a Somersault Plancha to the outside, but Horrigan overwhelmed him with a big Crossbody in only fifty-seven seconds!

--The four-hundred pound broad Irishman with the victory!

WINNER: Bobby Horrigan via pinfall @ :57 with Flying Crossbody on MDMIV.


After the match, Horrigan called out for a title opportunity. He didn’t care about Victor Vacio being #1 Contender or that Kruger or Hoffman were getting title shots. He wanted one too!


Match Four: Thugs 4 Hire (Hurtlocker Holt and Emilio “The Pigeon” Byrd) and Louisiana Bulldogs (Denver and Oliver Brandt) vs. The Dunson Clan (Todd and Richie Dunson) and To The Maxx (“Exclusive” Eric Wilson and “Lovely” Lance Mingle)

--A big eight-man tag pitting four rising teams against one another. While The Bulldogs and Thugs 4 Hire got along well enough, The Dunson Clan and To The Maxx could not get along well enough due to wanting the glory for their team.

--Denver and Oliver took the Dunsons to school with suplexes while Thugs 4 Hire beat down Mingle and Wilson until Byrd got worked over by the duo. Mingle softened him up for his signature Cloverleaf, but Byrd landed THE WIND UP and KTFOed him!

--Holt got the hot tag and overpowered most until The Dunsons booted him from the ring. Stereo German Suplexes from the Bulldogs led to the Brandt-Plex ‘18 (Sheer Drop Exploder) from Denver on Todd for the win!

WINNER: The Louisiana Bulldogs and Thugs 4 Hire via pinfall @ 9:41 with the Brandt-Plex ‘18 (Denver Brandt over Todd Dunson)


Match Five: Howlin’ Joe Wolfe vs. Felton Bigsby

--Felton Bigsby, the last member of No Justice No Peace, predicted a clean sweep tonight starting with him beating Joe Wolfe.

--Wolfe had the height of 6’5” but Felton had the power at 320 pounds and overwhelmed the fiery technician from the jump. That said, Wolfe fought back with Dropkicks, Chop Blocks and a Figure Four Leg Lock, but he made the ropes!

--Felton caught him with a Pounce for the near win, but Wolfe fought back with a Diving Lariat and Cry Wolfe (Diving Elbow Drop) for the big win!

WINNER: Howlin’ Joe Wolfe via pinfall @ 11:02 with Cry Wolfe


Match Six: Levi Cole vs. Victor Vacio

--The following was a battle between two of the top stars in BRAZEN. Victor Vacio, the current #1 Contender after his win at the last Clash of the BRAZEN Special against perennial contender Levi Cole!

--Cole ran through Vacio at the start with a flurry of big slams and a near fall off a Belly to Belly Suplex, but after Vacio Superkicked his knee and then a Superkick to the face for a near fall!

--Victor Vacio worked the leg with a few big moves including a Standing Moonsault across the knee. Despite an intricate leg lock, Cole fought back with big German Suplex for a near fall!

--He tried for the Old Glory (Deadlift Gutwrench Bomb) but Vacio turned a Headscissors and then superkicked the knee again. The Causa Perdida (Shooting Star Press) landed Vacio another big win on his way to the next CLASH of the BRAZEN special where he would fight for the title.

WINNER: Victor Vacio via pinfall @ 14:16 with the Causa Perdida


Match Seven: BRAZEN Championship - “Manpower” Jack Mace © vs. Flex Kruger vs. Reinhardt Hoffman

--THREE WAY HOSSFITE!!! As head booker and Color Commentar Angus Skaaland would say. 6’5, 240 of Hoffman, 6’4” 275-pound Flex Kruger and the champion - the 6’5” and 325-pound Jack Mace.

--The former two champions worked over the current champion and dumped him out on the floor on the steel steps! That gave Kruger and Hoffman the chance to get their belt back.

--Hoffman worked on Kruger’s knee with a tight Half-Crab, but he fought to the ropes. Kruger later hit a deadly Powerbomb for a near fall and almost submitted him with the Torture Rack, but as he was up there, Mace came back with the Piccadilly Press (Running Crossbody)!

-Mace ran wild on Hoffman with a Pop-up Headbutt and then nearly beat Kruger off the Wild Out (Canadian Backbreaker Drop) for a nearfall!

--Kruger came back and landed The Flex-Plex on Mace, but Hoffman broke up the cover! He then locked in the STF on Kruger! He was locked in tight but before he could tap, moments later Mace came back and crushed BOTH men with the Super Piccadilly Press (Diving Splash) for the BIG BIG WIN!

WINNER: “Manpower” Jack Mace via pinfall @ 15:52 with the Super Piccadilly Press (Mace over Hoffman)


Main Event: DEFIANCE World Trios Championships: No Justice No Peace (Theo Baylor, Roosevelt Owens and The Neighborhoodlum) © vs. The Stevens Dynasty (Scott, Bo and George Stevens)

--The normally hated Stevens Dynasty were given the hero’s welcome over NJNP, who were reviled by the crowd. Led by Lucius Owens, NJNP looked to retain their Trios Titles again.

-Baylor and Scott Stevens fought to an even clash over being powerhouses, as did Neighborhoodlum and Bo who went for stereo eye pokes! George Stevens and Big Rosey Owens nearly moved the ring from their titanic shakedown and George knocked Rosey off his feet with a Shoulder Tackle!

--Bo was singled out and worked over by Theo on the outside with a Western Lariat! Baylor picked him up and attacked him in the corner with boots while Big O and Neighborhoodlum laughed.

--Bo fought back with a sneaky low blow on ‘Hoodlum, but Rosey crushed him in the corner with a Body Avalanche! Theo almost took the win with a big move and when Lucius Owens interfered, he was taken down with a Toxic Sting by Scott Stevens!

--Bo landed a Bo-Dazzled (Discus Lariat on Hoodlum) and for perhaps the first time in his DEFIANCE career, Scott Stevens was the celebrated hot tag by the Texan fans!

--He went wild! Remember The Alamo (Superkick) to knock Theo off the barricade, followed by a Don’t Mess with Texas on ‘Hoodlum for a near fall!

--Big Rosey came back and landed a big boot on Stevens followed by a Samoan Drop that nearly had the fans rioting, had it not been for George pulling the ref out of the ring!

--Eventually the Stevens ganged up on Big Rosey! Bo-dog by Bo! FIST by Scott Stevens! That was followed by the biggest Texan Slam on record by George!

-ONE! TWO! THREE!!!!!!!

WINNER: and NEW DEFIANCE World Trios Champions, The Stevens Dynasty @ 21:04 via pinfall (George on Roosevelt Owens)


After the match, The Stevens Dynasty were given a massive ovation from the crowd for the win! Bo took the microphone and yelled that Bo knows victory was gonna be in their hands! George yelled like the moster he was and raised his third of the belts, followed by Scott Stevens taking the microphone to close the show. He took a shot at Mikey Unlikely telling him that it doesn’t matter what title it is… HE is what a champion looks like! After Bo and George take the DEFIANCE World Tag Team Titles from The ToyBox, the Stevens Dynasty will take even more gold!

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