BRAZEN Presents: The One (Two) Where We Make Matches For Clash!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jul 2020

It’s that time again… time for the next big BRAZEN Double Shot!

Many things happened over the course of two nights! A surprising contender leaps forward for Nathaniel Eye and his BRAZEN Championship, The BRAZEN Tag Team Champions are fighting battles on multiple fronts, A Battle Royale Sponsored by The Family Keeling to crown future contenders for their Unified Tag Titles, BRAZEN’s new enforcer BRAGG makes himself some enemies, and most importantly… we meet the Onslaught Eight who will be competing for the newly reactivated BRAZEN (formerly DEFIANCE’s) Onslaught Championship as we head to the next CLASH of the BRAZEN special!

Click ahead for a recap of Friday and Saturday Night’s events!

Friday Night’s show of the two parter entitled would see the legendary Original DEFIANT Bronson Box filling out autographs for the masses in a line that went around the block outside the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex where the Double Shot was held. For Saturday Night, the fans got “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy and the action was much of the same! Over a thousand fans arrived at the Wrestle-Plex for both nights so without further ado, check out the news and notes for each night as the growth of the BRAZEN Brand continues!


1. "The Prime Time Player" Jesse Harrison defeated Rhys Collins @ 7:15 with the Cliffhanger 

2. BRAGG defeated Paul and Richie Dunson @ 1:45 with They All Fall Down on Richie Dunson

3. The Viking War Cult (Cul, Ivor and Floki Holmstrom) defeated Southern Bastards (Earl Lee Roberts, MASSIVE Cowboy and JJ Dixon) @ 11:12 with Blood Eagle on Dixon

4. Killjoy defeated Nicky Synz @ :45 with The Freefall 

5. BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) defeated Atomic Punks (Fat Man and Little Boy) and BAF (Petey Garrett and Solomon Grendel) @ 7:16 with via Ultimate BADASSery on Garrett

6. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: The World's Nicest Tag Team (Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious) defeated Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV and Archer Silver) via DQ at 12:45 via interference from Heavy Artillery 

7. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander, Jack Mace and Troy Matthews defeat Cristiano Caballero and The Dibbins Brousins @ 6:19 with The Bear Trap from Mace on Luke Dibbins

8. #1 Contender's Match, BRAZEN Championship: Doug "Moonshine" Matton defeated Reinhart Hoffman via roll-up at 14:19

9. BRAZEN Championship: Nathaniel Eye defeated Flex Kruger @ 19:18 with Eyes on the Prize


--The show kicked off with BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment greeting the crowd. He told the fans that right off the back of the last Double Shot news of the BRAZEN Onslaught Title serving as BRAZEN’s new secondary title, it was decided that The Onslaught Eight would be revealed: 

Reinhardt Hoffman vs. Gunther Adler
Jesse Harrison vs. Theo Baylor
Doug “Moonshine” Matton vs. Torvald The Destroyer
Gerardo Villalobos vs. Eddie Cheno 

--The matches would take place at the next set of shows and the semi and final matches will take place at CLASH itself! With that, it was onto the show!

--The first match was one of the Onslaught Eight in action, Jesse Harrison! Rhys Collins, the occasional tag partner of former BRAZEN Champ Reinhardt Hoffman, tried his best to work the knees of the former actor, however the talented Aussie put up a great fight and won after The Cliff Hanger! The Double Knee Facebreaker racked up another win and put the rest of the Onslaught Eight on notice!

--Paul and Richie Dunson decided to interrupt the show before the second match and demand that a member of the Dunson Clan be put into the Onslaught Title tournament. Cappy came back out to tell them that he’ll consider if they can beat… “The Big Bad” BRAGG! Sadly, they did not. In less than two minutes, the massive BRAZEN enforcer laid out both Dunson Clan members and then proceeded to win the match with They All Fall Down! Post match, Cul of the Viking War Cult appeared on the DEFTron to tell BRAGG that he was going to PAY for costing Cul the BRAZEN Championship after he foiled a run-in. BRAGG simply responded with a flip of the bird and left to cheers from the crowd. 

--The Viking War Cult were out next in six-man tag action taking on The Southern Bastards, their old rivals from the early BRAZEN days. It was Floki and Ivor using great tag work to corner JJ Dixon. Late in the match, MASSIVE Cowboy unleashed Lariatos galore on opponents all around him, only for Cult to turn the tide for his group with a massive Blood Eagle Powerbomb. The Viking War Cult were back on the winning path tonight and promised that they had an answer to BRAGG. 

--While the rest of Les Enfants Terribles would be in action a little later defending the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles, their massive bodyguard Killjoy was making his singles debut. While he looked very impressive muscling around former FIST of DEFIANCE “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns on the last Double Shot, he DESTROYED Nicky Synz in 45 seconds. Lariat. Freefall. Check, please. Post-match, he tried to attack Synz with another FreeFall, only for former BRAZEN Champion “Manpower” Jack Mace to approach the ring! Killjoy saw him coming and rather than face down Mace, he simply walked off, not considering him worthy of his time. Mace then made a challenge for tomorrow night to face him one on one. Killjoy accepted the challenge with a simple nod. 

--The last match before intermission was a three-way tag team match between rising stars BADASS, the new tag team Atomic Punks and The Brutal Attack Force. And at the end of this match, it was Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome winning once again with Ultimate BADASSery over Solomon Grendel. Tripp and Bloome have been earning accolades left and right. During the intermission, Thomas Keeling came out. Despite the recent incidents with The Sky High Titans, The Family Keeling have liked what they’ve seen out of BRAZEN and have decided to host the BIG TICKET TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYALE! The winning team would be given a chance to face The Sky High Titans for the Unified Tag Titles on the next DEFtv! A MASSIVE chance to make stars was being given. Who’d rise to take it?

--And speaking of tag teams… it was time for Les Enfants Terribles to take on the only team that’s defeated them so far… The World’s Nicest Tag Team! After a six-man tag with Oscar Burns on their side allowed them to win on the last double shot, Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious had all the confidence to pull off the upset. High Flyer IV and Archer Silver showed great teamwork and worked over the leg of Butcher to ground him from flying. As they tried to wrap things up at the ten-minute mark, Butcher countered with a Double Handspring Stunner! As he tried to tag Levi Cole… NO! It was Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens that hit the ring! The crowd jeered the unbeaten Heavy Artillery for ruining the match! Archer tried to get out of dodge, but Rosey DESTROYED him with the Georgia Twister! Bobby Horrigan attacked Levi Cole on the outside with a chair! With the match ruled a No Contest, Heavy Artillery threatened everybody around ringside until DEFsec broke it all up! 

--After a few moments to get the previous match cleared, a six-man tag pit three of the rising stars of BRAZEN: Former BRAZEN Champ Jack Mace, former World Trios Champ Troy Matthews, and rising star, the undefeated 19-year-old Declan “DEC4L” Alexander against The Dibbins and Cristiano Caballero. Caballero wanted a chance to prove himself after “nearly beating Oscar Burns” (where he got two nearfalls on Burns before Burns beat him instantly with a submission). With the Brousins… this was not that. The interesting part was Troy Matthews’ budding rivalry with young Declan Alexander. The two had some rough tags between one another and in the middle of it all, Jack Mace got the tapout! Alexander and Troy had a tense standoff after the match. After they fought to a draw on the last show, they agreed to a rematch at CLASH!

--The second-to-last match before tonight’s title match would see who would challenge the winner tomorrow night for the BRAZEN Championship. Doug “Moonshine” Matton took on Reinhardt Hoffman, which could possibly put their spots in the Onslaught Eight in question if they won the BRAZEN Title tomorrow night! Hoffman took the fight to the drunken technician and worked over his leg the first few minutes, and even got an STF, but Matton freed himself by biting his hand! He then worked over his arm in return with a Tornado Single Arm DDT out of one corner and a Calf Branding out of the other! Hoffman almost got the win a few minutes later with a Sliding European Uppercut, but Matton fought back and reversed his finisher into a School Boy for the upset win! Matton would take on the winner of tonight’s match between Nathaniel Eye and Flex Kruger!

--And speaking of, it was main event time! This would be Nathaniel Eye’s biggest test yet. Flex Kruger, former BRAZEN and World Trios champ. Member of The Pop Culture Phenoms. And had the attack from the start, going right after Eye with power moves! Splashes in the corner, a big Delayed Suplex and a Powerslam almost got him the win three minutes in, but Eye kicked out! Eye got hit with a Fallaway Slam off the top rope, but Nathaniel Eye persevered. The King of the Crushed Velvet fought back with a Dropkick, Spinebuster, Top Rope Shoulder Block for a nearfall of his own! Eye tried ending things with Eyes on the Prize, but Flex escaped and hit a Powerbomb for a nearfall! He tried the Flexplex, but Eye ran up the ropes and rolled back to get free. The Starry Eyed Surprise came out of nowhere and Eyes on the Prize followed for the win! Nathaniel Eye got the big win over Flex, but tonight he would be in store for a very different type of match with Doug “Moonshine” Matton ready for a fight. 


1. BIG TICKET BATTLE ROYALE, Presented By The Family Keeling: Last two men earn Unified Tag Title shot on next DEFtv - BADASS win @ 9:14, last eliminating Gentlemen’s Agreement, earn Unified Tag Title match on next DEFtv

2. BRAGG defeated Floki Holmstrom @ 3:04 with They All Fall Down

3. #1 Contender's Match, BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: Heavy Artillery and The World’s Nicest Tag Team go to a no contest @ 11:14 

4. Les Enfants Terribles (High Flyer IV and Archer Silver) defeated the Louisiana Bulldogs @ 8:41 with Gold Fever on Denver Brandt 

5. Cristiano Caballero defeated MASSIVE Cowboy @ 6:12 with The Casanova Clutch

6. The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) defeated To The Maxx ("Exclusive" Eric Wilson and "Lovely" Lance Mingle) and Alvaro de Vargas and Cristiano Caballero @ 10:41 with Stay In Escuela on Wilson

7. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and Jesse Harrison defeated Troy Matthews and MDM4 @ 12:06 with the Cliff Hanger on MDM4

8. #1 Contender’s Match, BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy defeated "Manpower" Jack Mace @ 6:01  with the Freefall

9. BRAZEN Championship: Nathaniel Eye defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 15:26 with Eye's Up Here!


--The first match was a five-team BIG TICKET TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYALE (Presented by The Family Keeling). BADASS, Gentlemen’s Agreement, Thugs 4 Hire, The Dibbins and The Dunson Clan. In order of elimination:

-The Dunson Clan
-The Dibbins
-Thugs 4 Hire
-Gentlemen’s Agreement

--It was BADASS that got the win! They would not only be making their DEFtv debut after being one of the hotter tag teams right now in DEFIANCE… they would be taking on The Sky High Titans for the Unified Tag Team Titles! And with the current state they may be in right now, you could be looking at an upset in the making!

--The next match was BRAGG challenging a member of The Viking War Cult, Floki Holmstrom. Floki worked the knee and had lasted longer than either of BRAGG’s previous opponents already, thanks to Cul and Ivor Holmstrom running interference at ringside. But after BRAGG turned the fight around, he dropped him with Sorry About Your Jaw (Right Hand) followed by They All Fall Down! The Jackknife Powerbomb got the win… until the Viking War Cult came back in and tried to fight them! They fought until BADASS returned to the ring and cleared them out! Helping BRAGG, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome bumped fists with the big man and made a challenge to a six-man tag! The six man tag was accepted and made for the Clash as well! 

--Heavy Artillery fought against The World’s Nicest Tag Team next to try and crown the next contenders for the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles at CLASH… however, the match ended in another No Contest! Les Enfants Terribles came in and attacked Bobby Horrigan towards the end of the match… however, Rosey Owens fought back and he and Levi Cole cleared the ring of Archer Silver and High Flyer IV. Capital Punishment came out to tell Les Enfants Terrible since they tried to stop this match… they’d be fighting TWO teams at CLASH with the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles on the line! Les Enfants Terribles would be defending against BOTH the undefeated Heavy Artillery and the team that owns a victory over LET, The World’s Nicest Tag Team!

--And as punishment for interfering, LET would be in action right now against The Louisiana Bulldogs! They had the crowd support and tossed HF IV around the ring with a few different suplexes in the first few moments. But with some deceit (note: an eye rake from Archer followed by kicking Oliver Brandt upside the head) HF IV took over. Archer Silver worked over the knee of Oliver, HF IV nailed a Frog Splash on the knee and an Inverted Figure Four from Archer followed. Eventually, Oliver made the ropes. An overhead Belly to Belly Suplex counter led to Oliver tagged to Denver and he almost scored a non-title win with a Dragon Suplex on Archer! HF IV took advantage of the referee’s distraction after and hooked Denver’s leg, leading to Archer hitting Gold Fever for the win! 

--Cristiano Caballero got a huge victory next right over MASSIVE Cowboy! He promised before the match that after his match with Oscar Burns, he was now a master technician and would defeat anybody coming out. Caballero got battered around the ring by MASSIVE Cowboy, but it was Caballero that fought back with The Leaping Beauty (Leaping Reverse STO) on the floor! Later on, he fought and he turned the fight back to him with a Backslide for the win! The Backslide is being called The Casanova Clutch and now Caballero seems like he’s ready for bigger things!

--The Barrio Boys got themselves a big win in six-man tag team action over To The Maxx and Alvaro de Vargas… who didn’t tag into the match one time. In ADV’s mind, he’s already a big star since he was victorious on DEFtv and being on a BRAZEN show of any kind was now beneath him. He left the match seven minutes in, allowing Gerardo Villalobos to get the win with Stay In Escuela over Eric Wilson! Villalobos is ready for the Onslaught Title tournament! 

--In a big tag team match before Troy Matthews and Declan “DEC4L” Alexander try to settle their beef between one another at CLASH, they were on opposite sides of a tag with Troy having MDM4 and Declan having fellow good-looking blue chipper Jesse Harrison on his side! The personal issue between Troy Matthews and Declan Alexander trying to prove who is better settled nothing as they fought while wowing the crowd while MDM4 got hit with The Cliff Hanger by Harrison! CLASH was going to be worth it just for Declan and Troy Matthews alone if they had this much fight between them now!

--Before the main event, “Manpower” Jack Mace and Killjoy would be going one-on-one as a result of events last night. Mace tried taking the fight to Killjoy in the first few moments with Shoulder Block after Shoulder Block, but Killjoy continued to fight. Mace got him down with a DDT and then dove for a Flying Bear, only to get a one-count! Killjoy turned the tides back over with a Lariat and then FreeFall! In six minutes, Killjoy defeated former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace! If that wasn’t a statement for the powerful force behind Les Enfants Terribles… what was?

--The final match would be the BRAZEN Championship between Nathaniel Eye and Doug “Moonshine” Matton who made it here by beating Reinhardt Hoffman. Both men shook hands… then Matton tried to lock in the Whole LOTTA Buzz! But Eye got away. Matton tried the sneaky move, but Eye continued to fight back. It was Matton trying to work the arm the whole way through, but Eye wasn’t having it! Some power moves including a huge Spear earned the advantage back for the champion! Eye fought back with a Spinebuster, but Matton kicked out! Eye tried going up top for the Shoulder Block, but Matton caught him with a Beer-Can-Rana for a close fall! Matton hit a Double Knee Armbreaker then the Whole LOTTA Buzz! He tried the Armbar, but Eye got to the ropes by a finger of his free hand! Eye countered again out of the Whole LOTTA Buzz to land Starry Eyed Surprise, then hit the top rope for Eyes Up Here for the win! 

--After the show was over, Eye and Matton shared a beer and then Matton left the stage to let Eye have his moment in the sun. As he headed up the ramp…


A SICK kick to the head from Archer led to a Yakuza Kick from High Flyer IV! The two then gave Eye over to the massive monster Killjoy… and hit a big Powerbomb on the ramp! High Flyer IV took the microphone and said not only were the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions going to rule BRAZEN… but Killjoy wanted some gold, too, and he has a challenge. Archer took the microphone and pointed to the fallen Eye and the BRAZEN Championship for CLASH!

The crowd jeered Les Enfants Terrible as Archer and HF IV held the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles and Killjoy raised the BRAZEN Championship. 

A haunting sight for the future of BRAZEN if there ever was one.

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