Former World Champion Officially Signed

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Sep 2020


Breaking news! 

From the desk of Lance Warner,

Recently spotted in the front row of the crowd at Tag Party II, former world champion Brock Newbludd has officially signed a contract to join the ranks of DEFIANCE. 

Details of the contract are unknown at this time, but the veteran confirmed the reports himself this morning when stopped outside of a gym in his hometown of Milwaukee.

“It’s an honor to now be a part of DEFIANCE. I’ve been sitting on my ass for far too long, so you better believe that I’m ready to lace up the boots, throw on the singlet, and get back to work. DEFIANCE has a loaded roster from top to bottom, and I can’t wait to get back in the ring to entertain the fans. Not only is this the next chapter in my career, I’m planning on making this the best one too.”

Newbludd was also asked if there was a member of the DEFIANCE roster that he was most looking forward to squaring off in the ring against.

“Not really. All I asked for was a shot, and they gave it to me. Whoever they choose to line up in front of me I plan on knocking down, you can count on that. First though, I better burn off all the bottles of Budweiser I knocked down these last few months.” 

No date has been set for Newbludd’s debut, but stay tuned for any updates as the story develops.

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