BRAZEN PRESENTS: Xmas Lights and Superfights!

Posted by Lance Warner on 31 Dec 2020

This last Saturday and Sunday night played host to two special shows at the Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana! As the hustle and bustle of the holidays comes to a close, both nights played host to over nine hundred lucky fans out to see the stars of BRAZEN compete for the first (televised, anyway) time since CLASH of the BRAZEN! Some new names and faces debuted for the brand and while some of the names may change, more stays the same...

BRAZEN (and DEFIANCE as a whole) are killing it on all levels!

Also, in keeping up with tonight’s blockbuster DEFy Awards, that carried over to this recap! Find out who won the special BRAZEN DEFy Award for BRAZEN Star of the Year, up now!

On Night One of the BRAZEN Double Shot, a special ceremony was hosted by none other than BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment in the ring. Several starts were voted into the BRAZEN Star of the Year as the developmental brand of DEFIANCE saw tremendous growth with a number of new stars. Among those, the names were listed on the BRAZEN-Tron

Nathaniel Eye (Former BRAZEN Champion, Former BRAZEN Tag Team Champion, TAG PARTY II Winner)

Declan “DEC4L” Alexander (TAG PARTY II Finalist, winner of BRAZEN’s first Best of Five Series, true prodigy of the brand)

Sgt. Safety (everybody’s favorite safe guy)

Killjoy (BRAZEN Champion)

Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, High Flyer IV, longest-reigning and inaugural BRAZEN Tag Team Championships)

Jesse Harrison (top BRAZEN player, recently defeated former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace)

Doug “Moonshine” Matton (top BRAZEN player, perennial contender for BRAZEN Championship)

The names were announced and the winner of this prestigious award went to… 








His rookie year in BRAZEN was a massive one! After accepting the DEFy Award in the ring, Nathaniel Eye promised big things would be coming for 2021 for both he and for the BRAZEN brand! He cheered on the current crop of talent and promised you’ll be seeing more of him on both BRAZEN and DEFtv! 


Saturday, December 26th 

1. "One Shot Kid" Jack Halcyon battled Nathan Cross to a fifteen-minute draw

2. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Paul Dunson defeated Gerardo Villalobos @ 9:19 with a lateral press after Finn Dunson held the legs down of Villalobos 

3. Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, High Flyer IV and Killjoy) defeated Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) and "Wingman" Titus Campbell @ 11:05 with Kicky McGee on Hurtlocker Holt (HF IV pins Holt)

4. BRAGG defeated Petey Garrett @ 1:23 with They All Fall Down

5. Princess Hoss and Miss Y Private Eye defeated Sarah Winterton and Faith Clay @ 7:25 with the Industry Standard on Clay

6. Jack Harmen, Pietro Geist and High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated The Viking War Cult (Cul, Ivar and Floki Holmstrom and Torvald the Destroyer) @ 13:36 with Geist Lariat on Ivar Holmstrom)

7. Declan Alexander, Doug "Moonshine" Matton and Troy Matthew defeated Jesse Harrison and Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) @ 16:17 with Play of the Game (Alexander pins Owens)

8. "Wrestling Bear" Jack Mace defeated Shooter Landell @ 4:52 with Bear Arms

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) with Septimus Tyne, Megan Krong and Starscream defeated The World's Nicest Tag Team (Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious) @ 14:10 with Transformation Complete on Victorious (Knox pins Victorious)

10. BRAZEN Championship: Klein (c) defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 17:41 with Think Outside


--The show kicked off with the debut of two big standouts. The 6’4” and 225-pound former basketball player Nathan Cross, taking on the 5’8” and 220-pound “One Shot Kid” Jack Halcyon. They wowed the crowd pretty quickly and turned a match of two unknowns into a pretty special event that got the crowd cheering quickly. It was a match ending in a time-limit draw just as Halcyon missed his Sit-And-Go Frog Splash, only for Nathan to hit the Crossover (Rolling Cutter) but time expired! Both men shook hands after the show. 

--The new BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Paul Dunson won the title via nefarious means and defended the title against previous champion Gerardo Villalobos. Like at CLASH of the BRAZEN, Villalobos dominated the beginning with power moves, but much like Clash of the BRAZEN, it would be Paul Dunson using his sons, Todd and Richie to help him cheat his way through running interference where he could. The Golden Opportunity Brass Knuckles gave the 51-year-old Dunson the win and retaining his title, but former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace ran out and challenged him for Night Two! The match was accepted by Todd Dunson, which Paul didn’t seem to like!

--After losing out on the BRAZEN Champion as well as losing out without being pinned for the BRAZEN Tag Team Championships, Les Enfants Terribles got back to basics in a six-man tag that saw them victorious over Thugs 4 Hire and “Wingman” Titus Campbell when High Flyer IV and Archer Silver used Kicky McGee (Punt Kick/Superkick combo) on Holt. After the match, Archer promised they were coming after the DEFcepticons and Killjoy would make sure Klein would have a brand new pine box when he came back for the BRAZEN Championship. 

--After his feud with The Viking War Cult ended, “The Big Bad” BRAGG staked his claim for the BRAZEN Championship against the winner of Klein and Reinhardt Hoffman. To that end, BRAGG CRUSHED Petey Garrett in just over a minute with Sorry About Your Jaw (right hook) and They All Fall Down (Jackknife powerbomb!) BRAGG looked ready for that match!

--Princess Hoss and Miss Y Private Eye teamed up to get some payback for Sarah Winterton stealing the win from Hoss back at Clash! Winterton used Faith Clay to hide from Hoss’ wrath and eventually would not pay off. Princess Hoss got the win over Faith Clay, but it was interesting how she won and that was the Industry Standard. In perhaps a nod of sorts to “The Titan of Industry” Uriel Cortez, she beat Clay with the move and got cheers from the crowd. 

--After a brief intermission, the second half of the show was kicked off with a HUGE eight man tag between the Viking War Cult against the team of Jack Harmen, High Investigations and a mystery partner… PIETRO GEIST! It was bedlam the whole way through as most VWC matches go, but in the end, Pietro Geist ended up being the difference maker for his team, KILLING Ivar Holmstrom with a massive Lariat! Geist was an old ally of Jack Harmen’s and tonight, that relationship came to the forefront again!

--In a preview of a big Night Two match to crown a future contender for the BRAZEN Championship, Declan “DEC4L” Alexander joined forces with friend and rival Doug “Moonshine” Matton and former World Trios Champion Troy Matthews to take on Alexander’s Night Two opponent Jesse Harrison and his hired help, Heavy Artillery. The match was physical throughout and ended with the big star Declan getting the win with Play of the Game (Cutter) on Bobby! After the match as he was celebrating, Harrison hit him with a surprise Cliff Hanger (Double Knee Facebreaker) and left the ring!

--Before he challenged Dunson for the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship, “The Wrestling Bear” Jack Mace took on former DEFIANCE roster star Shooter Landell. After what some called a very suspect performance on PPV that showed Landell show up drunk, The 53-year-old Shooter was put through his paces by his larger, younger opponent. Mace took the win with his new finisher, Bear Arms (Delayed high-angle German Suplex) and called his shot for Night Two. 

--The DEFcepticons literally came out of nowhere at the last CLASH, winning the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Tag Battle Royale, then going on to defeat The Biggest Best Boys of Nathaniel Eye and Dex Joy to win the titles. Night One saw their first big test as champions against The World’s Nicest Tag Team. Luckily for them, the wacky cult favorites won the match and retained in their first defense. During the match, Les Enfants Terribles watched from the entrance and scouted the champions. Surely, the two teams would clash at some point, but for now… DEFcepticons terrorized the ring!

--The PCP member Klein made the surprise appearance on behalf of his tag partner, The D, joining BRAZEN and upsetting LET’s Beast, Killjoy, to win the BRAZEN Championship. The first-ever BRAZEN Championship Reinhardt Hoffman managed to try and outwrestle Klein, working over his knee throughout the match with all manner of dragon screws, drop kicks, and the like. However, Klein gutted it out and turned things around with a pair of Lariats and a huge spear, followed into Think Outside (TKO) for the win! BRAGG came out at the end of the show to stare down the fighting champion with the box on his head. Could Klein upset another of BRAZEN’s monsters? We’ll find out…

Ahead in this report!


Sunday, December 27th 

1. "One Shot Kid" Jack Halcyon and Nathan Cross defeated To The Maxx ("Exclusive" Eric Wilson and "Lonely" Lance Mingle) @ 6:24 with the Crossover followed by the Sit-and-Go on Mingle

2. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Jack Mace defeated Paul Dunson via countout @ 8:45 (Dunson retains the title)

3. Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, High Flyer IV and Killjoy) defeated The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) @ 10:45 with the Freefall from Killjoy to Nunez

4. "Mellow Yellow" George Othello and Strong AF defeated The Atomic Punks (Little Man and Fat Boy), The Dunson Clan (Todd and Richie Dunson) and Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) @ 12:59 with Deadly AF on Todd Dunson

5. Jack Harmen defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 15:17 with the Locomotive

6. Troy Matthews defeated Shooter Landell @ 5:21 with the Rough Divide

7. #1 Contenders Match, BRAZEN Title: Jesse Harrison and Declan "DEC4L" Alexander go to a double pin at 21:45

8. BRAZEN Tag Team Titles: The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) with Septimus Tyne, Megan Krong and Starscream defeated Gentlemen’s Agreement (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe) @ 15:55 with DEFeated (Sparks pins Sewell)

9. BRAZEN Championship: Klein (c) defeated BRAGG @ 11:21 with a Sunset Flip pin


--After a fifteen-minute draw on Night One, Nathan Cross and “The One Shot Kid” Jack Halcyon teamed up and managed to score a big upset win over BRAZEN veterans To The Maxx! Lance Mingle and Eric Wilson dominated the first couple minutes with some great tandem 80’s tag work including a Rocket Launcher for a nearfall! Halcyon and Cross fought back with some more modern-era moves including the Crossover on Mingle by Cross, followed by tag leading to the Sit-And-Go Frog Splash for the big win!

--Jack Mace was looking to make good on defeating Paul Dunson for the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship. Mace dominated the patriarch of Clan Dunson with neck submissions, setting him up for the Bear Trap (Grounded Cobra Twist). But Dunson had dirty tricks up his sleeve including a back low blow behind the ref’s back and the dreaded baby powder of doom! A roll-up got a two-count! Mace hit a big lariat, then turned the tide with some belly to belly suplexes! He tried the Bear Arms, but Paul escaped the ring and WALKED out of the ring and the Earl K. Long Gymnasium making Mace the winner by countout! He retains by Countout, but Mace made it clear after the match he was not done chasing the title. 

--Les Enfants Terribles followed up on their Night One victory with another six-man tag win on Night Two over their long-time rivals, The Barrio Boys! Villalobos matched up pretty well with Killjoy power for power and the crowd loved the scrap between them. Things took a turn for the worse when Archer and High Flyer IV attacked the leg of Corey Nunez. Eventually, LET took the win with Killjoy’s deadly FreeFall maneuver. After the match, Archer got on the mic and declared that Killjoy was using his rematch at the next set of Double Shot shows in two weeks! 

--Speaking of unlikely tag teams, the next match was a fatal four way between The Atomic Punks, The Dunson Clan, Brutal Attack Force, and the pairing of the former Olympian Strong AF and the young 21-year-old technical Welshman “Mellow Yellow” George Othello. And in spite of the other three teams having that much more experience, Strong AF and Othello got the win! Othello hit the springboard uppercut called Uppercut It Out and that led to Strong AF winning with the Jackhammer! AF and Mellow Yellow declared they would also be coming for the BRAZEN Tag Titles!

--Doug “Moonshine” Matton, one of DEFIANCE’s rising stars, tore the HOUSE DOWN with Jack Harmen! Matton showed skill beyond his years as the majority of the match saw him work the veteran Harmen’s arm with move after move, slamming the arm and shoulder up for the Whole Lotta Buzz Fujiwara Armbar. Harmen used his athleticism to try and fight his way around the younger Matton and in the end, it paid off with the Locomotive in the corner!

--Troy Matthews scored a big win over Shooter Landell! Landell used every trick in the book he could to try and ground the smaller Matthews, using everything from the ring post to the steps on the outside to beat him into submission, but Troy would not be denied. It was his Rough Divide (Shining Axe Kick) that got him the duke!

--The big #1 Contender’s Match for the BRAZEN Title saw Jesse Harrison and Declan “DEC4L” Alexander and many said THIS was the show of the damn weekend. Over twenty minutes between the 20-year-old Alexander and the 25-year-old Aussie and former actor Harrison. The two took the crowd for a ride. Alexander ruled the beginning, but Harrison took over with the Boom Shot (Spear) on the outside! Harrison slammed him around the ringside area working the back of Declan, but the gutsy gamer and vlogger fought back with punches, chops and elbows that had Lindsay Troy smiling somewhere. Towards the end of the match, things took a crazy turn when a series of finisher reversals led to a reversal of pinning attempts, heading into a double leg pin by both! The referee declared the match a double pinfall! Declan wanted the match to continue, but Jesse Harrison told the crowd they were number one with a certain finger and then walked out of the arena, saying he would take this up with management! Declan thanked the crowd for coming and promised he’d make Harrison pay for walking out. 

--Defense Number Two for The DEFcepticons worked out in their favor once again over the hungry team of Gentlemen’s Agreement! With Septimus Tyne, Megan Krong and Starscream at ringside, Al Sparks and Ryan Knox had control using their power advantage, but later on the cunning Lord Sewell helped get the rest of the DEFcepticons booted from ringside by throwing a foreign object at Tyne and pionting it out to the referee. After the frame job, they worked over the stocky Ryan Knox’s knee. But later on, it was the giant Al Sparks, perhas the best pure athletic blue chipper of the group to come in and take out everyone with flurries of kicks, leading to DEFeated on Sewell! That was the cause for celebration… 

UNTIL LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES ATTACKED! With the rest of the DEFcepticons sequestered in the back, it was a three-on-two beatdown by Killjoy, Archer Silver and High Flyer IV, leading to Kicky McGee on Ryan Knox as well as Archer’s #GOALS on Al Sparks! With Killjoy’s help, they posed over the champions and threw the belts down on their bodies. Two successful defenses by the thus-undefeated DEFcepticons, but LET were keen on getting back the belts they were never pinned for in their rematch. 

--The main event was a sprint, but WHAT A SPRINT IT WAS! It was Klein having to take on a local celebrity in the form of New Orleans’ own BRAGG! The Big Bad as he was known showed why he was just that, getting the near win off a big clothesline and inverted chokeslam facebuster in the first minute! He tossed Klein around the ring using a couple of different slams and got a big nearfall from a backbreaker, than right into a sidewalk slam! But Klein would not be denied when he took down the mighty giant later on using a big spear, a flying shoulder tackle off the top rope and then a big splash off the top for a two-count! He tried Think Outside on BRAGG, but he was too big and then got POPPED in the jaw with Sorry About Your Jaw for a big two-count! He tried for They All Fall Down… but the second he goes up, BRAGG gets rolled up in a Sunset Flip on the way down! ONE! TWO! THREE!

--After the match, Klein was given the title and BRAGG shook his hand as the better man, but promised he would be coming for the championship. BRAGG went to the back and gave Klein the chance to celebrate his hard fought win!

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- Scott Stevens




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