Title: One Last Night
Featuring: David Noble
Date: Night of Executive Decision
Location: Backstage

“Maybe if I weighed four hundred pounds, the weight on my shoulders wouldn’t have crushed me,” the sweet, sultry voice of Mary-Lynn cut through the tension. The loss against Team HOSS weighed on her mind as she sat in Noble’s secret hiding spot inside of the Wrestle-Plex. It had only been minutes since that loss. As David sat next to her, he could see how much she was beating herself up over this.

A laugh escaped his lips, “Come on, Mary-Lynn,” he started, but the look from her stopped him dead in his tracks. She was in no mood to play tonight. A moment passes in silence before Mary-Lynn clears her throat.

“Remember when we were living in Seattle on that futon and Jack kept wondering what homeless man’s apartment we had invaded every time we invited him over for dinner?” David sat back and thought about it for a moment, a smile appearing on his face. 

“I do,” he began, the history between the two growing more and more evident. “You’d always tell him some complicated legalese about seizure of assets, and I’d always make sure to seize your… well.” His words fade out, the uncomfortableness seeping back into the room. Mary-Lynn ignores it though. 

“I’m not proud, but the funnest night of my life was when we took that eightball to the Space Needle and watched the sun set and rise in the same night,” she let the words just hang there for a seconds. David looked over at her, deep down knowing what she was asking for. 

“Mary-Lynn,” he began, but she quickly cut him off.

“I saw it in your bag, David. I know that’s not all you got. I could use a fun night, wash the taste of failure from these lips,” she told him, not mincing any words at this point.

“I’ve never tasted failure…,” he couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence as the awkwardness took over. 

Mary-Lynn moved closer to David. “One last night. For the both of us. I think you’re still doing all this to reconnect to our past. And I could use one night of nostalgia. One last night, get it out of our system, and move on free and clear. It’ll be therapeutic.” David couldn’t deny her even if he tried. She knew that and so did he. The thought was too much. 

Still, she stood, thinking that David wouldn’t give her what she wanted. He quickly grabbed her by the wrist and brought her into him. 

“Okay, Mary-Lynn. I was gonna anyway so you might as well join me,” he told her. A smile appeared on her face as she leaned into him, her breath tickling the back of his earlobe.

“Remember, your honor, you’ll always be my Noble-man,” she whispered. Then, she sat down next to him and placed her head on his shoulder. David can now feel her pain. 

“It’s okay, I promise you. It will be okay,” he whispered back before he gently tilted his head so that the side of his head rested against the top of hers. The tone in his voice gave it all away; he would do anything for her. 

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