Title: Besuited Gentlemen
Featuring: Edward White
Date: 01/25/2015
Location: NOLA Police Department

“Boss, talk to me here. What the hell is going on? Where have you been, what’s… “

[Edward White weakly raises one hand to silence the concerned seven foot former mobster… and by all accounts, strange as it sounds perhaps his closest friend. His soiled coat, tie and dress shirt were folded neatly on the bed beside him. The holding cell was typically stark, a toilet, sink, bed and not much else. Nicky looks in on his employer with deep concern.]

Nicky Corozzo:
This is bad, boss. If this were just drunk and disorderly they’d have let you out by now. You’re rich for God’s sake! Pay ‘em off, right? Let’s split, we got work to do! WarGames, Dane, I mean come on boss talk to me, what do I do here?

[Nicky’s enthusiasm falls flat. Ed doesn't smile, he doesn't even look up. Just a long sigh as he leans back against the wall and closes his eyes.]

Ed White:
We’ve been doing this for a long time, you and I, haven’t we Nicky?

[The strangely personal tone took Corozzo a little off guard.]

Nicky Corozzo:
I mean, yeah boss. Sure. What… ?

Ed White:
I remember that exact day, the “business” meeting with your old bosses. Remember?

[The way he said business made Corozzo chuckle.]

Nicky Corozzo:
A lifetime ago. Why… Ed, why are you talkin’ like this? What’s the deal?

[Before The Socialite could utter another word a huge metal door behind Nicky swings open and several very official looking besuited men make their way into the holding area looking like they stepped off of the next Men In Black movie set. One of the men steps forward and looks right past Nicky at Edward, still sitting with his eyes closed and his head back against the wall.]

Ed White:
Gods, you bastards don’t waste time do you?

[Corozzo looks on dumbfounded.]

Besuited Man:
No sir, we don’t. Now can you please get to your feet sir? We have a long day ahead of us.

[Another deep sigh and Ed is on his feet, throwing his coat and tie over his arm as the rest of the men open the cell door and produce cuffs and shackles. Nicky immediately gets hot and tries helplessly to intercede.]

Nicky Corozzo:
Now wait a damn minute, what’s all this bullshit?! Mr. White, what’s this…

[All it takes is one look from White and Nicky backs off.]

Ed White:
Just… go, Nicky.

[Corozzo blinks cluelessly as the pack of suits clamp the cuffs and shackles in place.]

Ed White:
This’ll all be over soon.

[The scene fades to black as Ed is lead from the holding area.]

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