Title: Defiance.
Featuring: Edward White
Date: 1/26/2015
Location: NOLA police headquarters

“Tell us what we want to know, then. Your own words.”

“Oh please, gentlemen… ”

[Edward White has obviously been through the wringer in the last twenty four hours. His attitude doesn't betray him though. He sits in his undershirt and tuxedo pants, his jacket and coat slung over a chair in the corner. He refuses to let these two besuited government stooges see him sweat. Even behind his now unkempt beard the look in his eyes spoke volumes “come at get me, boys” his hands folded in front of him. Across from him sits the shorter fairer haired of two agents he's sharing the small room with.]

Ed White:
Agent… Patterson, was it? I’m not going to sit here and weave the fibers of my own noose just for your listening pleasure. You two wouldn't be able to detain me so absolutely as you have if you didn’t hold all the cards.

[The Socialite lifts his folded hands, the chains from the wrist to ankle shackles clink on the tabletop.]

Ed White:
It’s quite obvious you both mean business. And business is something I’m quite adept at, as you both may well know. So can we please cut to the chase? I’m honestly…

[Ed’s stoney expression changes a little. He sighs a small sigh before continuing his thought in a voice tinged with… regret, perhaps?]

Ed White:
I’m honestly rather exhausted of games.

[Agent Patterson flips open the thick manilla folder in front of him.]

Agent Patterson:
Okay, as you wish. Defrauding investors, bribing government officials, tax fraud, accounting fraud, embezzlement… among other charges.

[Patterson closes the folder. He looks at Ed with cold stoic eyes.]

Agent Patterson:
I hate to inflate an ego I’m sure is already crippled under its own weight, but I have to tell you Mr. White. And I know I speak for Agent Briscoe when I say, working your case has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences of my time with the bureau. A three year joint task force across several agencies, unprecedented cooperation. Considering the sheer amount of ill begotten wealth we’re dealing with here and your flamboyant lifestyle, this is going to make our careers.

[Ed doesn't flinch. He just smiles back at Patterson wrily.]

Ed White:
So very glad I could help, my boy. 

[The other Agent, Briscoe, slams a hand down on the table. Ed doesn't flinch, his eyes still trained on Patterson across the table.]

Agent Briscoe:
You think this is funny, big man? Inside that file is every indiscretion, every lie, every penny you embezzled, every poor soul you stepped on, every heartless decision churned up from that black pit you call a heart, you greedy son of a...

[The seated agent waves off his obviously hot headed partner.]

Agent Patterson:
Pardon Briscoe. My partner has a real fire for putting away guys like you. It’s like a calling for him. Putting away greedy white collar paper shufflers like yourself. Me, however, I just like the puzzle. Your puzzle was a thrill to piece together, Mr. White. Your rise from complete anonymity, the extravagance, the lifestyle. Your extracurricular activities though, the wrestling... you really should have left the wrestling  behind when you made your fortune, Ed. You realize that’s where we got you, right? 

[Ed’s lips purse slightly, he has an idea what the agent is talking about, obviously.]

Ed White:

[The blond agent cracks a small government issued grin.]

Agent Patterson:
Defiance. Every mistake, every chink in your financial armor, every loose thread caused by some grand upheaval in your obsessive little quest to… what? Honestly Ed that’s where I’m stumped. The why of it all. Why bother with this… [looking quickly in his file] Dane, Eric Dane? To what glorious end did you see this obsession leading you? At one fleeting point, Edward, you WERE a true to life billionaire. One of the quickest and most unexpected rises to financial power I or anyone at my bureau has ever seen. You’d still probably be alluding us if you hadn’t made that insane deal with the city of New Orleans for the land that godawful arena now sits on.

[Edward White embraces the silence that falls over the room. When he finally speaks, his voice is heavy.]

Ed White:
You have your case against me, Agent Patterson. My whole life is laid bare in that folder underneath your hands there. My reasons for “the wrestling” as you so quaintly put it, are one of the last private thoughts left to me. I’ll keep them to myself, if that’s alright with you. 

[Agent Briscoe sidles up to the table and slides a piece of paper in front of The Socialite.]

Agent Briscoe:
Your army of fancy lawyers looked over our case this morning. You’ve talked with them I take it? You know where we stand? They told you about your two options.

[Edward bristles a gruff reply.]

Ed White:
They have…

[At that, the audio drops away and the scene fades to black.] 

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