Title: Unchanging Changes
Featuring: Jake Donovan
Date: Feb 13, 2015
Location: Pine Creek Cemetery

No, that was you the last time I found you face down in a puddle of puke. Now what do you want?

You sure ain’t makin’ this easy, are ya? Damn. If you still hated me so god damn much why the hell did you come?

So you wouldn’t climb through my damn window like a fuckin’ ghost in the middle of the night scaring the hell outta all of my neighbors and getting the cops called over to my place. 

That happened one time, one and you still won’t let me live it damn. All right. Fine. I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been watching the shows, I’ve…I even came to a few, okay. I saw was the the night you beat Sam Turner Jr. and I watched how close you came to being Ty. Closer than I ever did. Was kinda proud of you and kinda missing hanging out and kinda thought you might need a kick in the ass to take things to the next level.

I remember your version of taking things to the next level, I don’t do glass, tacks and kendo sticks.

I wasn’t talking about that bullshit. I’m talking about you needing to decide what you want and make your intentions known. Find a target and hound the hell outta them until you get ‘em in the ring. Then put on a match people will be talking about on the internet for weeks. Do something memorable Jake before you end up a memory. And yeah, that’s me speaking from experience.

What I want is the Southern Heritage title back and a chance to prove to everyone that me winning it from Jimmy Kort weren’t no fluke.

Lotsa people want shit in this business Jake, but the only people who actually get shit are the people who take it. 

[Jake opened his mouth to say something and found himself being cut off]

You can take what you want without having to change who you are. Just be a thorn on the right person’s ass long enough, you’ll see.

And you wanna help? Be my fucked up Yoda?


Completely from behind the scenes. I got no reason to ever wanna be on camera again.

Fine. But if you’re fucking with me, I’ll drag your ass to the ring cameras or no cameras…and it’ll be the most epic brother on brother beat down the world has ever seen.

[More laughter]

Fair enough kid. Fair enough. 

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