Title: Respect and Truth in the Afterglow.
Featuring: Tyrone Walker
Date: March 25th 2015
Location: DEF Wrestle-Plex.

Just moments before the end of the Main Event…


[Kelly Evans and Tyrone Walker are in the midst of basking in the afterglow of their “scheduled” appointment, having just rigorously broken in one of the recently installed couches. In the background, you can hear the sound of DEFIANCE’s raucous crowd reacting to Main Event on the flat panel that is bolted to the wall.]

[Leaned forward on the couch, Ty’s pants are undone, though mostly still up, and his shirt is thrown somewhere, exposing his scarred chest and abdomen. His eyes are focused on the screen in front of them, and by the looks of it, the Main Event is almost over as Cap bushwhacks Troy from out of nowhere.]

[To his left, and with her top undone, though still wearing a bra, Kelly sits surprisingly modest and lady-like (for her), her legs are crossed, and arms splayed out to her sides. Kels’ head lolls back as she purrs contentedly with a light smile etched upon her face. Her focus is nowhere near the action happening on screen.]

[All the while, the chiseled adonises, who have remained at their stations through the other “main event,” continue to fan them with palm leaves. Ty continues to paying attention to the screen with an ever intensifying interest.]

[On the screen, Cappy takes LT and cracks her back like it’s one of them Wonderful Pistachio commercials with a Powerbomb over the edge of the ring. Ty sneers as he shakes his head with disappointment as the three count becomes elementary. Reaching for the remote, Ty clicks the tv off and tosses the remote aside.]

Tyrone Walker:

Kelly Evans:

Tyrone Walker:
I shoulda been out there.

[Kelly brings her head forward, sighing with a tinge of annoyance that Ty has already gotten back to reality. Ty leans back in his seat, his pants coming a little more undone, giving one of the man-slaves a bit of a vantage point to get a peek at the “beast” within it’s lair.]

Kelly Evans:
Then why didn’t you just go?

Tyrone Walker:
‘Cuz, I…

[Ty’s train of thought is cut off as he catches the man-slave taking said peek at his “business”.]

Tyrone Walker:
Aye, bruh… You mind? Man, can y’tell these dudes to bounce, or at least this pervin’ mothafucka… Shit’s weirdin’ me out.

Kelly Evans:
What? Why?

[Ty points an accusing finger towards his “admirer” after lifting his hips and pulling his pants up to ensure the “Blackaconda” is secure in it’s “lair”.]

Tyrone Walker:
This nigga keeps tryna to look at my dick like he’s the gay Joey Chestnut or some shit, it’s fuckin’ wit’ me an’ we needa talk, an’ I can’t do it wit’ this man just starin’ at me like that… Fuck.

Kelly Evans: [exasperated]
Fine, Bruno, Francois, take a hike.

[Without a word, Bruno and Francois hit the bricks, closing the door behind them.]

Kelly Evans:
There, you big baby, they’re gone.

Tyrone Walker:
Heh, whateva, it wasn’t your tasty bits that dude was leerin’ at.

Kelly Evans:
This coming from the guy who pulled that thing out at an IHOP in Las Vegas, because he felt challenged by lil’ ol’ me?

[Ty snickers at the thought, smiling as he remembers that “one time”.]

Tyrone Walker:
Yeah, good times… Narrowly avoiding public indecency charges, cock-blocking you during nine hour drives, Vegas, goooood times.

[Ty continues to reminisce of days gone by, completely forgetting his previous train of thought. Kelly though is back on point.]

Kelly Evans:
Yeah, anyway… Cuz what?

Tyrone Walker:

Kelly Evans:
You were whining about [mocking his deep voice] “I shoulda been out there…”

Tyrone Walker:
Heh, right, right… What about it?


Kelly Evans:
Seriously, you just forgot? What are you, five? I really don’t even…

[“Like Gawd, he’s such a mental spaz… GAWD!” She thinks that, but doesn’t say it, however Walker grins, clearly showing he’s playing dumb with her. Kelly catches on to his game and growls with feigned annoyance as she playfully smacks her hand against his chest. He laughs and she smacks him again, but a little harder.]

Tyrone Walker:
Jus’ playin’, dag…

Kelly Evans:
Seriously though, cuz what?

Tyrone Walker: [shrugs]
Cuz you’re the baws, Kels, an’...

Kelly Evans: [her brow arches as she cuts him off]
So you’re blaming me? If you wanted to be out there instead of here with me, you could have said so and just went, it’s not like...

[Ty looks at her as her voice trails off while looking down at the floor, a disappointed frown developing on her face. Ty mimics her frown with a touch of confusion.]

Tyrone Walker:
What? Who said anything about blame?

Kelly Evans: [sulking]
You just did.

Tyrone Walker:
Huh, if you’d’ve lemme finish, I was gonna say… You’re the baws, Kels, an’ I didn’t wanna undercut your authority like that. I do that, and it tells El Tee an’ anyone else that even her own boy thinks he doesn’t need to respect her or the calls you make, so why should we? Y’feelin’ me, baws?

[Kelly gazes into his eyes as she hears the words, feeling the genuine honesty in what Ty is telling her, an appreciative smile curling up as she nods. He reaches over and places a hand at the back of her neck and gives it a gentle squeeze and rub, which gets her to purr again in response to the soothing massage effect of his fingers on her skin.]

Kelly Evans:
Gawd that’s good...

Tyrone Walker:
All part of the “service” of your “big black dick time,” heh.

Kelly Evans: [grins]
Think that was a little much?

Tyrone Walker:
Heh, yeah, but I know you were jus’ tryna get a rise outta her.

Kelly Evans:
What about you?

Tyrone Walker: [grins]
Uuuh… Hiyo?

Kelly Evans: [slaps his leg]

Tyrone Walker:
What, I’m jus’ sayin’.

[Silence falls. Ty’s hand falls from Kels’ neck to his side as his eyes begin to wander aimlessly, his mind holding on to Kelly’s previous question.]

Tyrone Walker:
I’unno, I mean, these guys respect me, y’know?

Kelly Evans: [nods]
I’ll try and be lil’ more, not me, for you though, everyone else is fair game.

[Her understanding causes him to smile and slide his hand over to hers, giving it an affectionate touch, bringing a sparkle to her eyes. Silence overcomes them again as they fall into a lull of peace in the moment. That peace however is fleeting as the door swings open as Angus Skaaland, the black sheep of this little family arrives.]

Angus Skaaland:
Are you guys done, ‘cause I gotta know… Did ya see it, guys? Did ya?!

[He asks as he marches over and without any consideration, plops down right in between Kelly and Ty.]

Tyrone Walker:
Y’might needa be a lil’ more specific, homie, ‘cuz if y’mean the main event, yeah, I saw that shit.

Angus Skaaland:
What? No, not that! I mean, sure, seeing Lindsay get wrecked by Cap was pretty damn awesome, but I mean the BELL-MOTHER-FUCKING-CLAP tonight? Did you guys see that?! It was AWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME! It was like cumming for the first time.

Tyrone Walker:
Yeah, yeah I saw alla that, nigga… Dunno about the rest of that shit you jus’ said, but I definitely saw ol’ Henry box the fuck outta big Sam’s ears, bet his shit is still rangin’ like a mothafucka.

[Angus looks over to Kelly, who is clearly annoyed as she’s fixing her top, he shrugs and continues on.]

Angus Skaaland:
That’s right, nobody wants to see your dilapidated cookies anymore, heh…

[Kelly rolls her eyes. Ty just shakes his head with an amused look, I mean, Angus is who he is, and Ty will always have love for his homies.]

[Even Angus.]

Angus Skaaland:
But speaking of which… Dude, why did you pass on that trios match? You know what’s better than Team HOSS in a match? Team HOSS and you in the same match, and hey, look at it this way, you would have had a couple partners to finally fight our HOSS OVERLORDS… You know, unlike that time when your dudes bailed because they were scared of Team HOSS…

Tyrone Walker:
Hah, whateva nigga, I don’t remember it goin’ down quite like that… ‘Sides, the baws had other plans, an’ y’gotta fall in line when the baws says so, y’dig?

Angus Skaaland: [shaking his head]
No actually, I don’t… Have you not met yourself? Since when have you ever fallen in line?

Tyrone Walker:
I’m evolvin’ an’ shit, or somethin’, heh. ‘Sides, Angus, she’s our [pointing at himself and Angus] girl, mang, an’ Eric done did put her in charge of the show. If that nigga believes, then who’re we to not do that same?

[Angus shrugs, Kelly smirks at Angus like "so there, n'yah!"]

Angus Skaaland:
Fine, whatever, but Kels, leave me off your roster of “main event entertainment”, kay?

Kelly Evans: [smirking]
Like I would… ever.

Angus Skaaland:
Good. I don’t need any of the super aids the two of you have cooked up during your little lab sessions.

[Kelly huffs and crosses her arms, not looking at Angus, who smirks again as if it were a victory. Ty shakes his head and laughs.]

Tyrone Walker:
Man, the two of you outta jus’ fuck an’ get it out the way, maybe then y’all could stop pretendin’ like y’got this mad hate for each other.

Angus Skaaland: [sneers with disgust]
Ugh, gross, dude.

Kelly Evans: [equally disgusted by the notion]
Speak for yourself, Angus, you dirtbag…

Tyrone Walker:
Whatevs… [he gets up from his seat] Y’all hungry? ‘Cuz I’m hungrier than a mothafucka an’ could do wit’ gettin’ my grub on.

[Kelly and Angus look to each other, then to Ty, then shrug.]

Angus Skaaland:
I could do that.

Kelly Evans:

[They get up and follow Ty to the door. Angus looks back at Kels with a sarcastic look, her brow arches like “What?”]

Angus Skaaland:
How could you possibly be hungry after… Heh, y’know.

Kelly Evans: [rolls her eyes and pushes him out the door]


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