Title: From Partners to Enemies?
Featuring: Jake Donovan
Date: March 29, 2015
Location: Backstage

All I’ve been hearing from people lately is shame on you, Jake.

Shame on you for swearing, you’re setting a bad example.

Shame on you for going after Penn, can’t you see he’s an injured man.

Shame on you, you’re changing, I thought you said you’d never let fame change you.

But it wasn’t fame that changed me.

It isn’t being in the limelight that’s makin’ me cuss or blow fireballs…or wanna kick the head off of my former tag team partner.

It’s disillusionment

It’s disappointment

It’s every walk to the ring with hope and every return to the locker room with failure

It’s listening to people talk about Curtis Penn being the next big thing, when all he’s ever done is lie and cheat his way to the top.

It’s learning that waiting patiently just means getting walked all over and that being nice just makes you an anecdote.

Tell me something Troy, when did the jealousy begin? During the match? Before it? You couldn’t stand that I was going to beat him, could you?

How many times did I have Penn finished, only to have you stick your nose in where it didn’t belong, and then what?

What did you really contribute outside of getting in my way?



That’s just what I thought. All you had to offer was a whole lot of crash, burn and fail.

‘til you slipped in that kick, anyway.

I hope you had a nice laugh.

Enjoy it. It’s the last one you’re going to have for a very, very long time. 

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- Mushigihara




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