Title: Twitter Dumbass
Featuring: Jake Donovan
Date: April 3, 2015
Location: Around

What a fuckin’ joke.

First time on Twitter in a long time and what’s right at the top of the feed?

Sad, pathetic, whinny Troy Matthews bitchin’ and moanin’ about Ty hitchin’ his horse to a way better team.

Can you really blame him, Troy?

The one person in all of Defiance who actually tried to mentor us and guide us along and we couldn’t get our shit together long enough to follow.

What the hell did you expect him to do? Leave us a trail of fuckin’ Starbursts all the way to the fuckin’ belts?

Or maybe that’s exactly what you were hopin’ for.

That way you coulda spent your time kissin’ your woman’s ass, beggin’ her ta stick around.  

She didn’t though, did she? Now you’re screeching all over Twitter like a bad country song. ‘My partner left me, my woman left me, I lost my match and my hair turned green. I’m too sad to cry but I’ve lost my smile and no one in the whole fuckin’ world gives a shit about me.’

And people wonder why I only listen ta rock on the radio.

Find your focus, Troy. That’s about the last bit of friendly advice you’re gonna get from me. Next time we meet, Imma be that red and black blurr superkickin’ your head into the twenty-second row.

Oh and PS: Congrats Ty and thank you, can’t wait to see you rock the trios. 

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