Title: Honor Kills...a message for Kenny Freeman
Featuring: Jake Donovan
Date: May 5, 2015
Location: A space somewhere

You listen to me, Kenny. This is the best damn free advice you’re ever gonna get.

[Wait for it…]

[Wait. For. It.]




Stop listening to those people

Stop caring what they think

Boos or cheers, it doesn’t matter

What you hear one day you prolly won’t hear the next

Start listing to the clock, Kenny.

Tick tock, tick tock



It’s the countdown on your career and it started the first day you stepped into the ring.

We all have that clock

And no one

No matter how long they fight

Can ever outrun the hands of time

You’ll never be as whole as you were yesterday

What we do beats the body down

Those people

They beat a soul down.

You listen to me damnit, I’m tryin’ ta help you

Save you in ways I could never save myself

I shouldn’t have walked away, shouldn’t have agreed to disagree

You don’t have all the facts, Kenny

All you have is optimism and a dream

Dreams ‘ill get you killed ‘round here

Optimism smashed beneath a steal chair and someone else’s fist

You have to stop Kenny

Stop being so naive

Stop buying into the fantasy that there are heroes and villains and that if you do the right thing people will actually give a damn.

They won’t

Not for long

Not for nearly long enough to truly matter

Can’t you see that they only want what you can give when you’re a novelty

Then their love shifts back to the monsters

To the destroyers who’d just as soon smash you through a table than wrestle you fair

The assholes who jump a guy in the back and try and break ‘em are the real heroes of DEFIANCE

And they are the only ones who ever truly get ahead

Look at the history

Look at the hate and the blood

Stop being so blind Kenny

Stop foolishly clinging to some crazy ideal of honor

Honor kills kid.

Trust me. I should know.



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"I want Cayle Murray to hold that championship because every time he looks at it he knows he is a farce of a champion and that he couldn’t back up his shit talk when he faced me in the ring."

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