Title: Corozzo Speaks On FDJ's Challenge
Featuring: Nicky Corozzo
Date: 10/4/2015
Location: DEF Wrestle-plex

[We hard cut to the DEFIANCE interview area, a closeup on interviewer Christie Zane.]

Ladies and gentlemen… Nicky Corozzo.

[The camera pulls back to reveal the over seven feet of humanity towering over the petite interviewer. Il Giudice, The Judge. Corozzo cracks the knuckles of his lunchbox sized hands as Christie looks up to ask her first question.]

Nicky, on DEFtv 56, the returning Frank Dylan James issued a challenge…

[Nicky slowly places his huge hand down and around the top of the microphone, effectively plucking it from her grasp with only a little tug. As the camera pulls in on Corozzo Christie is cut right out of the interview.]

That… gnarly lookin’ jamoke, that cartoon that Eric Dane keeps around for goddamn giggles. Yeah, you heard me… Frank Dylan James is a fuckin’ joke. That big dumb mook has let too many people crawl into his head and convince him he BELONGS here… Dane, Team Danger, Griffith, the so called “faithful”... 

[Nicky laughs and shakes his head.]

You saw him at 56, you ALL goddamn saw him… he’s convinced himself he’s gunna’ BEAT me. Thinks I’m just gunna’ crumple and let him beat on me, rip and tear at this beautiful face. Nah ah, no. I know I ‘aint exactly been out front for a lot of my time here. But lemme let you all in on a little history.

[Nicky’s look goes from confident to absolutely severe.]

When I worked for the Tuttoro family in New York. I done a lot worse than scratch sons of bitches with a little glass. A whole lot worse. So when I say this, Frankie… believe it. I fuckin’ HATED you since the moment Box dragged you into Mr. White’s office what seems like a goddamn lifetime ago. So imagine how pleased I was when Ms. Katze and Mr. Box asked me to crack your melon open and take you out at Aftershock.

[He moves closer to the camera.]

That cracked skull is gunna’ seem like a warm hug compared to what you’re walkin’ into at Acts of DEFIANCE. Your little challenge is beyond accepted. I’mma handle you like I used to in the old neighborhood, you booze addled prick. 

[The camera pulls back to witness Nicky dropping the mic into Christie’s waiting arms.]

Corozzo: [off mic as he heads off screen]


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