Title: The Slurry Pond
Featuring: Chance Von Crank
Date: 10/4/2015
Location: Undisclosed Location, Harlan Co.

A dark figure comes into focus. The figure slowly adjusts and morphs into the Trailer Park Prodigy. The scene just behind him is an actual Slurry Pond. These ponds are run off water from coal mines called black water. The water runs down the mountain into small man made ponds. The chemicals within are very dangerous. Chance hired a cameraman from the neighboring county to film.


cVc: "I remember as a small child this very Slurry pond gave way. The trailer park down the mountain was over run with the worse kind of chemicals you can imagine. Cancer methodically ran through this region like meth sliding down a foil after that. Years after the spill, my Uncle Charlie was caught with the Sheriff's daughter. He was killed then thrown in this pond to rot in the chemicals. Harlan is littered with subtle killing holes just like this one. Unlike Charlie, I made it out of Harlan alive."


Chance looks out over the black pond. Out from him is a drain pipe that runs into the pit. A severed deer head with the antlers still attached block the pipe with a loud, disturbing, slurping noise.


cVc: "Like this pond I have my fair share of demons and secrets to live with. I have heard the rumblings about the bigot coming back. The homophobic Chance Von Crank has no place in "our" business."


Chance turns slightly back towards the camera.


cVc: "I have bled on mats all over this world for this business. The cVc you remember is dead. You all killed him. Political correctness will put a ceiling on all art because only the bold break rules."


The noise from the deer head stuck in the drain pipe continues. Chance continues to pace back and forth in front of the camera. The sunset over his right shoulder causes the pond to turn black void of light.


cVc: "The stranglehold of Political Correctness will continue to dilute our business. Eventually guys like myself will fade away lacking the nerve to tango with The Man. Not I, said The Shock N Rolla.The loud screams of 17 to 34 year old males and females will now be heard. The edge wore thin while I was gone then became dull. Now it will cut on touch."


Chance shakes his head. He turns away from the camera and kicks a rock into the side of the pond. He watches it bounce off and moves quickly to miss the ricochet.


cVc: "Many people found the end right here in this pond. Late paying for oxycontin mostly or simply stealing the sudafed boxes. This pond just sucks the life from everything it comes into contact with. There are no bold men left to fight it off any longer. Just like our business. That is why I came back. This shark smells blood in the water. Sensitive pussies everywhere all brace for impact. I am coming to save you from yourselves. You all need me, c-V-c."


The whistles in the distance signal the last train riding through.


cVc: "The bright lights won't cause me to flinch. Just like an etch a sketch, I was made to draw. Sleep on the Trailer Park Prodigy at your own peril."


Chance walks off camera as the screen turns to white snow then to a "cVc" logo.

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