Title: Sound Byte
Featuring: Andy Sharp
Date: 10/25/15

[The camera opens up to the backstage interview area where DEFIANCE’s very own Christie Zane has been shown some love via another exclusive interview being brought to you, the fine folks reading on the DEFIANCE Wrestling website.]

Christie Zane:
Hey, peeps! I’m Christie Zane and standing here with me right now is somebody that was victorious at Acts of DEFIANCE! That doofus, Lance Warner, got to talk to him after the match, but now it’s MY turn! Welcome one of DEFIANCE’s newest faces - not gonna lie, it’s kind of a cute face at that - Andy Sharp!

[The man formerly known Mister All-Star walks into view, dressed in his first-ever DEFIANCE-brand t-shirt - a red “JUST LOOK UP!” shirt up his logo and the index fingers pointing upward. Sharp laughed and almost looking red in the face.]

Andy Sharp:
Thanks for the kind intro, Christie. I’ll give you this, you’re a lot better to look at than Lance. I mean, he’s a cool guy and all. No homo… I don’t know if anybody actually says that anymore.

Christie Zane:
No clue.  But let’s talk wrestling stuff now. So, you were victorious at Acts of DEFIANCE against BRAZEN member Felton Bigsby and now you’ve put out the word that you’re after Curtis Penn’s Souther Heritage Title. Did you get the chance to hear about all the nasty things he had to say about you?

[Sharp smiles and shakes his head at the thought.]

Andy Sharp:
Well, dooks.  I’ve been here exactly two weeks and I’m already ruffling some feathers here… that’s honestly what I did NOT want to do, but it’s wrestling. In a sport filled with massive egos bent on displaying full dominance to all those around them, I don’t think anybody can make a move and NOT set somebody off. But I understand where Penn’s coming from. Homeboy has been on top for a while and when somebody makes it known they’re coming for what’s his, they’re gonna lash out.

Christie Zane:
Anything you want to say to him right here?

Andy Sharp:
Trust me, I have PLENTY to say to the Southern Heritage Champion. I’ll tell you this…

Sorry to interrupt this...

[Sharp and Christie turn their heads to see somebody that neither expected to see. Another member of the graduated BRAZEN roster approaches Andy while sticking his hand out, flashing an all-too-familiar hollow smile.]

Reinhardt Hoffman:
Herr Sharp, your reputation precedes you. My name is Reinhardt Hoffman and I couldn’t help but overhear that you’ve got something to say about Curtis Penn, yes?

[Sharp looks around the corner before taking the hand of Hoffman, albeit with little reluctance.]

Andy Sharp:
Whoa, didn’t know people skulk around waiting to interrupt people’s private interview time, but that’s cool, man. Yep, I know you, Mister Hoffman. Making waves with the BRAZEN brand, now you’re a full-timer like me. Congrats, man.

[The sentiment only elicits a chuckle from Reinhardt.]

Reinhardt Hoffman:
Why, thank you, Herr Sharp. You’re charming; truly, truly charming. However, I must correct you in thinking that you’re anything like me. You’ve never known anybody like me, mein freund. I overheard your conversation talking about Curtis Penn and how you defeated Felton Bigsby. However, if I’ve learned anything from my fellow graduate, it’s that you must pick and choose your moments.

Andy Sharp:
And you grasped that all the way from standing in the corner over there, waiting to interrupt, yeah?

[Hoffman let out a soft chuckle. Sharp is about to join in, but Hoffman stops him.]

Reinhardt Hoffman:
Let me make my point clear… If you would be so kind as to indulge me, I’d like to formally challenge you to a match on the next edition of DEFtv.

Andy Sharp:
Look, man, if you wanted a match, we didn’t have to do all of this dancing around. I’ll take ANY fight at ANY time. I accept.

[Sharp laughs and in the background, Christie Zane has an “oh, snap!” look on his face.]

Andy Sharp:
You, Felton Bigsby… all you guys are talented or you wouldn’t be on this roster. But don’t make Felton’s mistake and try to look past me just because I’m new here.

[Taking his words under advisement, Hoffman nods and starts to turn, but not before he offers one more pearl of wisdom.]

Reinhardt Hoffman:
Allow me to also offer you some advice, freund… Perhaps you should focus a little less on the future and a little more on what’s in front of you.

Andy Sharp:
I can multitask. Don’t worry about me.

[With a smile, Hoffman departs while Sharp turns to Christie Zane.]

Andy Sharp:
So change of plans, Christie. First, I’m gonna do some beef-squashing with Hoffman… and then Penn is next. I promise you that.

Christie Zane:
[disappointed] Oh…

Andy Sharp:
...D’aww, I can’t let a pretty girl mope.  Here’s a sound byte for you, Christie… notice how I didn’t have some douche in shades fight for me just now?  Just a little food for thought.

[The Lord of the Skies departs with a wink and a pat on Christie’s arm before walking off the set. Christie giggles a little bit, happy with having this news story for once while the scene fades out.]

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"Ore no ringu ni zokushite inai. Ima shinu! (trans. -- You don't belong in my ring. Now die!)"

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