Title: Temper Tantrums
Featuring: Dusty Griffith
Date: Acts of DEFIANCE
Location: The Wrestle-plex in NOLA

The video loads via DEFIANCE's Official Channel on Youtube. Seconds later the blank screen comes to life to see the door barely holding as it precariously hangs from the hinge on the high end of the door. Random faces rush out of the storm filled locker room, all the while showing glimpses of the enraged Dusty Griffith who barks out random curses while throwing and smashing things that are within arms reach.


Crashing and thumping is heard with every expletive as things go flying, followed by a few people who get caught in the bottleneck of the doorway while trying to escape.


As the last of the bystanders flee, we see Frank Dylan James' massive frame cut into the scene, still bandaged from his bloody battle with Nicky Corozzo and even earlier escapes on BRAZEN's event prior to Acts of DEFIANCE.


The shot moves in closer as Griffith roars in frustration, and we see the remnants of a busted wooden chair clutched in his clenched fist, bits and pieces of it strewn around the locker room. Seconds later the remains of the busted chair are whipped into the floor with an overhand smash that shatters what was left of it's wooden existence. The whole time, FDJ stands by with an amused smile as he watches Dusty's tantrum until a shard flies in his direction. Swatting the projectile away, FDJ steps towards his friend and clasps a big, meaty paw down on his shoulder.


[Dusty grumbles through a rough exhale before hearing the clearing of ones throat is heard near the door. Turning his head, Dusty face is stone as looks back at a cluster of on lookers, including a couple of DEFsec's Finest who are accompanied by the oss Bitch her-damn-self, Kelly Evans.

"Looks like you've had some fun redecorating, Dusty, mind if I have your number for when I want my office redone?"

She jokes with a bemused smile on her face as she steps into the room and takes a full account of the destruction, which looks like a tornado full of grenades went off inside of it. Dusty merely snarls at her sarcasm, his nose twitching with annoyance.

"What do you want?"

Dusty asks bluntly, not willing to play along with Kelly's charming personality. She feigns a moment of fear, but quickly shows she far from afraid of the man as she steps towards him, her escorts staying within close proximity if this were to go bad.

"Awwww, big scary wrestler man is all ass mad with a sandy vagina because he lost a match. That's cute"

She tries to reach up and wipe a hypethetical tear from his eye, but he brushes her hand away like it were a fly landing on him. The two DEFsec Brutes stepping in closer, to which Frank Dylan James responds by standing at his brother of road's back, while Dusty stares back at them, even smirking when one of them drops a hand to his taser.

"Losing to Hollis had nothing to do with it..."

Kelly's brow arches with suspicion.

"Sure it wasn't," She dismisses his claim, "Mister obsessed with being the best ever, doesn't mean you have to take it out on my building." She says as she sweeps her hand out in front of her, as if presenting the destroyed landscape of the locker room as evidence to the contrary.

"Think what you want, doesn't matter to me." Dusty says as he sneers at Kelly's assertion.

"Oh please," She scoffs back at him, "enlighten me then, will you?"

"Boxer beat me fair and square," Dusty begins, "I can live with that. The end."

Dusty turns his back on Kelly and goes looking for his stuff, presumably.

"You know what I think it is?" Kelly asks as she watches him. "I think it's because ever since you won the world title, you've hit a slump."

Dusty turns back to Kelly, his eyes narrowed adn jaw clenching.

"I think ever since you lifted the title off of Kai Scott, you've ceased being the hunter and you don't know how to handle that." She adds matter of factly.

"Don't know if you notice, but I'm not the world champion anymore." Dusty responds cooly.

"No, but ever since, it's been nothing but a rough road for you." Kelly begins, "And being a world champion is like being the president, you're always going to be with or without the belt."

"Or maybe it's because ever since you--"

Kelly throws a hand up, cutting him off.

"Oooooh this should be good." She pauses briefly, eying him with an amused sort of anticipation, "Please, tell me how this is my fault?"

"Maybe it's just a coincidence," Dusty backtracks. "I just find it funny how you take over and Boxer comes back and tries to kill me, then Angel and the rest of the HOSS boys tried to do the same thing tonight."

"And somehow this is my doing?" She rolls her eyes, "Welcome to the wrestling business, Dusty, where nobody gives a fuck about how you want the game to be played." Kelly lays it in harshly. "Don't like it, quit, do something about it, or run back to boring ass Japan where it's all about what you want, but don't go acting like a little bitch baby, throwing a hissing fit because you're not getting your way."

Dusty grumbles and then sighs as he takes a look at the damage his trantrum caused, his head droops a little as it shakes back and forth.

"Look," Kelly says as she approaches again, placing a palm on his shoulder. "I get it, you're frustrated, things haven't gone to plan and you've taken more high profile losses in the last year than you're used to, and you've got a massive target on your back because, belt or no belt, you're one of the standard bearers of this business..." She trails off a moment as he nods. "The question is, what are you going to do about it?"

Taking her hand back, Kelly looks to her escorts and nods, which signals them to make their way out of the locker room.

"Think about it." She says before following the two DEFsec guards, "Oh, and clean this mess up."


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