Title: Acts of DEFIANCE: Extra Scene
Featuring: Chance Von Crank
Date: 10/19/2015
Location: DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex New Orleans, LA

Acts of DEFIANCE has just finished. Kelly Evans stands with two advertising executives in her office. The big office has the large leather sofa along one wall, with the equally large flat screen bolted to the opposite wall, along with Kelly’s futuristic look glass desk. She shakes the hands of the two men and the camera scans the office. On the opposite end of the office waiting for a chat sits Chance Von Crank. He is wearing italian threads from a legit tailor. He stands up briefly to walk over to the window looking out over the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex. Chance looks out the windows and begins to daydream about his past glory.

Chance drifts off to the final moments of a Battle Royal from over two years ago. The daydream molds into the actual Untouchable event...

_| [Alston scrambles for CVC and mounts him. He rains down right hands to the temple of the Trailer Park Prodigy until Lash gets back up and grabs him by the neck. He pulls Tucker off of Lash, but Alston turns and hits Graham with an inverted atomic drop! Lash comes right back at Alston, but he ducks a clothesline attempt, turns around and dropkicks Graham back into the ropes!]

Here we go!

[Alston charges in and tries to clothesline Lash, but Graham ducks and elevates Alston over the top. He lands on the apron but Lash hits him almost instantly with a dropkick! Alston tries to hang on to the top rope, and does manage it, but as he pulls himself into the ropes again he gets caught by Lash who has run to the ropes, jumped up to the middle one, springboarded back into the ring and connected with a flying forearm! Alston falls to the outside eliminated!]

Eliminated: Tucker G. Alston by Lash Graham

Final two!

[You could still see the conflict in his eyes as Lash looked over the ropes and out to Alston on the outside. That was probably the worst possible thing he could have done as Chance Von Crank seized the opportunity and ran up behind him! With both hands linked around one of Lash’s thighs, CVC lifts him up and dumps him over the top!]

Eliminated: Lash Graham by Chance Von Crank!


Chance snaps out of it with a smile across his face. He realizes he will never forget that night as he turns to head back for the sofa. Kelly is still talking to the ad executives so Crank takes a seat.

Aye woman, you ready to-- The fuck?

Ty Walker exclaims suddenly as he walks through the big double doors, his mouth gaping when he takes sight of The Trailer Park Prodigy. Walker shakes his head, as if his brain were an Etch-A-Sketch and he could simply erase the truth as he takes a brief look at Kelly. He then turns slightly and notices that Chance Von Crank is still standing there.


Walker throws his hands up, already not interested in this and simply walks right back out the door without another word. 

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"Oh, and BRA-VOOOO on all of the “Back in the kitchen, little lady’ jokes, Bronson. Turns out it’s not only your wardrobe that’s stuck in the 1920s. Well done on the low-hanging fruit there, you malnourished-looking travelling carny half-wit. For the record, I’ve always wanted to ask, what’s with the stupid wrestle-suspenders anyway? Did you fall into a cave when you were a kid like Bruce Wayne, only instead of a big scary bat inspiring you to fight crime you saw a bearded lady, a strongman, and a clown playing a calliope and you were moved to fight good taste with black and white special effects, ragtime music, and a disturbing and strange desire to roll back women’s rights?"

- Dan Ryan




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