Title: Introduction
Featuring: Reaper Red
Date: 07/09/2016
Location: Western State Hospital (Lakewood, Washington)

[Scene opens to a pan shot view of Western State Hospital, in Lakewood Washington. It is late at night and as the camera pans around the entire building it comes to a rest a few hundred feet from the building. A figure walks in front of the camera, back towards it, and comes to a stop at the sign indicating the hospital's name.]


'A lot of sick people reside here, some are dangerous to others, while the others are more of a danger to themselves. People do not understand what it means to be committed, nor do they understand what it's like to know someone who is committed.'

[The voice is understandable yes, but it's almost like listening to a robot speak.  His words are deliberate, slowly spoken, and almost seem rehearsed.]


'Coming to Defiance, I have a specific agenda in mind, a list so to speak.  My desire is to make an impact on all of you, on the company and most of all the world. Changing lives and destroying hopes that's what it means to be a wrestler.'

'People tend to focus solely on the wrong thing; wins, losses and the titles that they hold. That is not the true meaning of the game.'

[It's obvious Reaper was going to follow up with something else, but it's almost as if he got interrupted by something. Nothing on the screen indicates a distraction but Reaper stands still for a moment holding his head.]

'As I was saying, the true meaning of this 'game' is the evolution of it, the earth shattering matches that change the lives of everyone, change the entire scope of our future. That's what it means to be an impact wrestler. That's what it means to be a true legend in this sport.'

'Those that do not respect that, those that do not understand that, they are the ones that must be punished. They are the ones who need to be thrown from this game all together.'

'That is what I will be doing in Defiance, that is what you ALL should be afraid of. It's not about your next opponent, it's not about whether or not you can get that push to the next level. From this point forward everyone is on notice. There is a new order here and it's going to be filled with Chaos and no one is safe.'

'Not even me.'

[As Reaper turns to face the camera, the eyes behind his mask glow a bright red. He walks intently towards the camera, however his motion is cut off within a few feet of it. He turns back towards the sign of Western State Hospital, holding his head yet again.]

'SHUT UP!!!!'

[The yell is extreme, but sounds so bizarre coming from the modified device he is using to speak. After letting out the scream he turns towards the camera again and the screen goes to black. Followed by the Defiance logo.]

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