Title: Terry Anderson PI
Featuring: Reaper Red
Date: 07/09/2016
Location: Tacoma, Washington

[Bang, bang, bang.]

[Loud knocking at a derelict looking door is heard as the scene opens up. The camera pointing at apartment 4B. Shouting can be heard in the distance from within the apartment and the camera angle takes a step back. The door slowly opens to a much older man peering through.]

Old man: Ughhh.. seriously? It's 1 o clock in the morning, why are you here now?

[Reluctantly, he opens the door more and trudges his way back through the dimly lit hallway.]

Old man: Do they know why they are here? I mean obviously they are following you around, but still, this is getting a bit silly.

[There is no response, as the camera moves forwards it catches several glimpses of old, crumbled up posters, one vague resemblance to what appears to be IWF. There are a few other posters strewn up in the living room along with a large, white board with several pictures tacked on it along with post its and other markings. The camera tries to focus on it but just as it does a hand appears in front of the camera.]

Reaper: I thought I told you to keep that thing hidden?

Old man: You did, but you also didn't tell me you'd be creeping up in my apartment at 1 fucking in the morning. So fine I'll throw this over it.

[A few moments pass by and the hand is lifted off the camera lenses to show the old man facing Reaper.]

Old man: Do they even know who I am, or why you are even here?

Reaper: No and they will never know why I am here until I deem it needed by the audience.

Old man: If I am going to be on Hulu, I would at least like everyone to know who I am.

Reaper: I'm not stopping you.

[Reaper moves to the window in the apartment and stares out as the old man approaches the camera.]

Terry Anderson: Good evening Defiance, I am Terry 'The Idol' Anderson. Most folks know me around these parts as a commentator, flavor announcer, whatever you would want to call it. I have been tasked here by my friend… with som---

[Before he can finish his thought, Reaper is in Terry's face.]

Reaper: This is not a reveal party Terry.

[Again the robotic voice and how it's delivered almost seems rehearsed.]

Reaper: They do not need to know what you are involved in. Do you understand?

[Terry is taken aback by this.]

Terry: I don't understand…. man. I really don't why this masquerade? Why not just tell th--

[This time, Terry's throat is gripped hard, so hard that a slight choke is let out to compensate for breathing.]

Reaper: It is not your choice, nor your opinion that anyone that is viewing this will care about. This is a whole brand new god damn era. Take your questions and hold them, I will not ask you again.

[Reaper releases the choke hold and Terry takes a step back.]

Terry: Okay… okay. Have you at least been given a match yet?

Reaper: No, not yet…. I haven't been assigned a target. It looks like soon I will have to seek an opponent.

[Reaper suddenly holds his head and the camera is backing away quickly.]

Reaper: I don't CARE about Impulse. He means nothing in this!!!

[Reaper falls to the ground and Terry looks at camera.]

Terry: I think it's time for you to shut down.


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