Featuring: Gage Blackwood
Date: 09/16/2020
Location: DEFIANCE WrestlePlex Parking Lot

“A storm is coming”, I can feel it… 


DEFIANCE Wrestle Plex. Mid-afternoon. The sun shines through and the wind rushes past the arena with a sense of providing relaxation to those who are outside, in order to take what would otherwise be an imposing southern heat wave. Tonight dawns DEFIANCE tv 141, fresh off the heels of one of the most celebrated shows in some time, ACTS of DEFIANCE. A pay-per-view which saw “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns tear down the house against the “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy. It saw Dex Joy and Scrow, the unlikeliest of pairings, work together (albeit for a short period) to overcome the monsters known as Team HOSS, a long-tenured group in the NOLA squared circle. An event that saw Malak Garland, snowflake extraordinaire, capture FIVE championship belts. A show so shocking, Conor Fuse, of all people alongside his Game Boy… beat the former fWo Champion, The Deacon to the dismay everyone. It also saw Mikey Unlikely retain the FIST, Scott Douglas reign supreme and so much more.

A man gets out of his beaten up 2003 Chevy Malibu. How this thing is still running is anyone’s guess. Gage Blackwood emerges from the vehicle, sporting faded black jeans and his trademark “THERE IS NO TOMORROW” t-shirt, the first official DEFIANCE-branded wrestling tee he was given by the marketing department over three years ago. (Buy yours soon on efedtees.com)

Blackwood slams the driver’s door hard, ensuring it closes. Anything softer would mean that it wouldn’t. He pops the trunk and takes out a duffle bag worth of gear. Looking overly frustrated already, Blackwood slams the trunk shut just as hard as the door, although it’s unknown if he needed to do this one with as much force.

Blackwood stops, turns and looks up at the building he’s about to head into. Gage glances down at his watch. “1:01pm” it says. He’s early, very early.

“Doesn’t matter.” He mumbles to himself. “Not like today will be any different.”

Head down, not looking back, Blackwood paces towards the arena with a sense of dread. Arriving at the entrance door, he reaches out to take the handle but then pulls back as he hears a DING from his pocket. Digging into it, the current SOHER takes out his iphone and unlocks it with his four-digit code. Immediately the phone pulls up a copy of THE DEFIANT, the newly appointed Dave Meltzer-like columnist, directly attributing his time to covering everything DEFIANCE-related. Upon seeing the article, Blackwood sighs. He doesn’t have to scroll through it but he does.

And as Gage does, he mouths what he sees out loud.

“Excited for Conor Fuse…”

“Can’t wait to see the Mikey Unlikely-Scott Stevens fallout…”

“Uber driver ad…”

“Dex Joy, will the roll continue?”

“Uber driver ad…”

“ToyBox are so much fun…”

“Jay Harvey is such a fighter…”

“Uber driver ad…”

Blackwood’s done. He’s not scrolling through the rest of it. Instead, all he mutters is “baw juggler”, sighs and finally reaches out for the door handle, pulls it back and goes inside.

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"For the Love of Cupcakes!"

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