Title: Ducky Pond
Featuring: Malak Garland
Date: 1/4/2021
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

It was a training day for Malak Garland. Cardio to be exact.

The morning air was nippy as Malak sped walked by the picturesque ducky pond near his residence.

He was in his DEFIANCE tracksuit as he was determined to keep solid pace and form. Speed walking had quickly become a huge hobby for the snowflake.

“One and breathe and two and breathe and,” Malak counted to himself as he jabbed his arms in the air.

He couldn’t help his eyes from wandering over to the eloquent, yet unsuspecting ducky pond. Except, the place of calm and recluse was anything but quaint.

“Whoa!” Malak halted dead in his tracks, “What sort of train wreck happened here?”

It was a sight for sore eyes. The ducky bench by the ducky pond was disgustingly dirty. Brown paper bags were strewn about as remnants of breadcrumbs laced the ground like a drug deal gone wrong.

“This is unbelievable! I do my cardio by this ducky pond every day and it is always kept so clean! Who would do such a thing!?” Malak scorned.

Suddenly, a curious mallard waddled out from the nearby pond. It shook the water droplets off its wings as it cranked its head and looked at Malak in confusion. The Keyboard Master knew he had to get back to his speed walking, but he just couldn’t help himself.

“Look at how sad this mallard is,” Malak identified.

Garland scooted over to the bench when he noticed a brown paper bag still full of delicious little bread bites just sitting there. He grabbed it and examined the morsels. His fingers deemed them to be fresh. His eyes darted between the ducky and the treats.

“These are still fresh,” Malak mentioned.

The Source of Envy made no bones about it and happily tossed the breadcrumbs into his own mouth as the ducky watched. The snowflake chomped away at the most delicious bread pieces money could buy.

“I’m done,” Malak pouted as he threw the nearly full bag in the garbage before carrying on, “I just needed a little bit of energy for my speed walking.”

Malak darted away from the mallard ducky who looked at the bench area with sadness.

“I guess I should totally text Cyrus because the nature conservatists social media group he belongs to will certainly want to know about that eyesore. They will want to log a complaint for sure,” He gestured.

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