Title: Eyes on the Prize - 3
Featuring: Nathan Eye
Date: 1/16/2023
Location: Somewhere with hot coals!

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The prior installments in the Eyes on the Prize series have featured previous footage of Nathan Eye’s brutal injury inflicted at the hands of Arthur Pleasant, Jack Harmen and Aaron King from November 2021 as well as his efforts to rebuild his body to be something greater than he was before. 

This time, it is the dead of night somewhere in some empty field - aside from what appears to be a row of hot coals. 

A person wearing only white basketball shorts stands in front of the coals with his hands outward. They try to psych themselves up for what they are about to do. 

”Two grueling shoulder surgeries. One staph infection that could have killed me. The past fourteen months have been some of the most humbling times I’ve ever been through. In that time alone, far, far away from the spotlight, you learn some things about yourself.”

The previous footage of Nathan Eye in his home gym is seen again, but now not skipping leg day. He is putting in the time on a leg press. 

”My left shoulder got messed up, but when I was going through this rebuilding process to get back to you — the DEFIANCE Wrestling Faithful – I had to start over from zero. I had to rebuild myself from the ground up.”

Now he is back to the arms on a seated dip machine. 

”Arms. Legs. Back. All of that … but I had to work out the greatest one of them all as well …”

Nathan Eye sitting on a couch, looking at open books. 

The Republic by Plato. Nathan closes the book with a smile. 

Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes. Nathan also closes the book with a smile. 

The Conscious Mind by David Chalmers. Nathan looks a tad more confused, but tries to smile anyway. 

”When you make your mind and your body one like I have in the last fourteen months, you can overcome anything! You can be anything! You can do anything … ”

Now it is back to the man in front of the hot coals. 

He runs across the coals as fast as he can go! 

He makes it to the other side! 

” … just as long as you keep your Eyes on the Prize! Time to Rise and Grind, people! Conceptualize! Actualize! Realize! And you can attain any Prize you want!”

Nathan Eye has finished the fire walk and speaks to the audience. 

Nathan Eye:
DEFIANCE Road! I make my return! I’ve spent the past fourteen months focused with my Eyes on the Prize! 

Eye points up. 

Nathan Eye:
My past is my future!

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