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Elise Ares Biography


Real Name Ivelise Aresel Guerrero  
Alias(es) The Leading Lady of DEFIANCE, The South Beach Starlett  
Hometown Beverly Hills, California  
Birthday April 3, 1990  
Height 5' 6"  
Weight 122 lbs.  


Biography Growing up the niece, daughter, grand-daughter, and great grand-daughter of Lucha Libre legends, Elise Ares is the latest in a bloodline of professional wrestling greatness. Some would say she was born to be wrestling royalty and destined for greatness. Those people would have never met Elise Ares.

Ivelise was born in Havana, Cuba to Lucha Legend Azure Dragon III and , she comes from the same lineage as Azure Dragon and El Hijo Del Dragon. She was raised by her mother, a retired Japanese pop star who met her father on one of his many tours of Japan, as her father toured the world. He didn't spend much time with his family, and later it would be argued that Dragon III had many familes, and some people feel that is partly because his only child was a girl and was unable to carry on his family tradition.

Elise however, found her own path. Rolling around in her father's wrestling ring growing up kept her in shape, and genetics made her beautiful. By 15 years old she was already showing up on magazines all around Cuba. By 16 she was pegged to be the next great Hawaiian Tropics Swimsuit Model. Meanwhile she started her in-ring career behind her father's back and against his wishes as a masked Technico named Amethysta. Prone to botches and always going for the big move, the cheers she was supposed to receive turned into boos despite her clear craving for attention.

Meanwhile her focus on modeling and a potential acting career over her wrestling training hurt her ring work. Still getting magazine covers and modeling work on the edge of seventeen, her two worlds collided shortly before her birthday when she horribly lost a "Mask vs Mask" match and her identity was reveal to the world. Now with a face to go along with the hatred, the fans began to call Elise "La Hija Del Gecko" as a slap in the face to her family's "Dragon" heritage. She was disowned by her father and distanced from her family. Then "heel heat" turned to pure hatred and she defected to the United States, arriving in Miami shortly after her 18th birthday to become Miss Hawaiian Tropics.

Things were going well, and the modeling money was lucrative, but the spotlight still felt missing in her life. She rejoined the world of professional wrestling in the United States for a short stint in BACW before joining PrimeTime Central member PRIME. There she aligned herself with Lithuanian Strongman Kazys Jankauskas to form the team Wolves Of Slaughter. She gained more with less it could be argued, going on to earn the PRIME Tag Team Championships and the PRIME 5-Star Championship before leaving out of the blue for Hollywood. 
Other Feds BACW, PRIME  
Other Fed Titles PRIME 5-Star Champion, PRIME World Tag Team Champion (w/ Kazys Jankauskas)  
Other Fed Awards  
Gimmick After a successful (only in her own mind) foray into acting after the closure of PRIME, Elise Ares is ready to return back to the squared circle. She's here to do "community service" for "the little people" who got here where she is today. The first thing you need to know about Elise is that the entire world revolves around Elise. She is a narcissistic sociopath who lives and breathes drama, she'll do whatever it takes to put the spotlight on herself at the end of the night. There are no rules that Elise isn't willing to break. As a matter of fact she probably doesn't even know what the rules are, doesn't have time for such trivial things between all the things she needs to do for herself. 
Strengths 1. Manipulative: Beautiful and convincing, Elise Ares can schmooze with the best of them. She'll tell you exactly what you want to hear, in the tone of voice that you'd want to hear it, as long as it benefits her own needs. She's talked inexperience referees out of disqualifying her. She's talked many, MANY much larger, brutal men into taking it easy on her or ever worse, doing all of her dirty work for her. She's gifted with a golden tongue, and a perfect 10 face and body to boot.

2. Intelligence: What Elise Ares lacks in physical tools she compensates for in intelligence and cunning. She may have next to no common sense, and therefore comes off as an idiot, but she is fluent in seven different languages and processes information very quickly, leading to a lot of very successful snap decisions. She's out-smarted more people to victory than she's out-wrestled, and most of those may or may not have involved bending the rules just slightly to get the best of a superior opponent. Maybe. Who is keeping track anyway?

3. Speed: Coming from a family of athletes and professional wrestlers, Elise Ares has almost been bred to be a superstar. She has God-given atheletic ability and unteachable genetic traits that in most circumstances (and by most circumstances I mean not having the personality and work ethic she has) would make her one of the best in the world. The best of all of these would be her speed, which probably won't be the best in DEFIANCE because she's both small and female (sorry, that's "just science" -- Ron Burgundy), but will be vastly above average. Certainly enough to take almost every competitor by surprise. 
Weaknesses 1. Arrogant: In the world of Elise Ares, she is the greatest thing to happen to anything in the history of man. She's the best looking, the best walker, the best talker, the best gum-chewer... there is literally nothing that she won't at least try to convince you that she's the best in the world at doing. This makes her feel that she is in control at all times, and makes her very vulnurable to overestimating herself.

2. Size: She is very small. By WWE standard though she's bigger than AJ Lee, she's smaller than Beth Phoenix, but she's nicely in-between. She's not the smallest wrestler ever to wrestle. She will be severely out-matched in nearly all feats of strength. This forces her to rely on her speed, finesse, and intellect to leave matches victorious. Think of her in the Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne role in most matches, only you know... completely and utterly hated.

3. Laziness: When the going gets tough, Elise just tries to cut corners. That's the story of her life. She'll lie, cheat, steal, do whatever she has to in order win as long as it doesn't involve working really, really hard. More of her wins will probably come via foreign objects behind the refs back or pull of the tights than will come from her finisher. If she's put into a situation she can't win, she'll probably wave her hands towards the ring and walk away. Leaving it on herself later to explain why it was a total waste of her valuable time. 



"I want Cayle Murray to hold that championship because every time he looks at it he knows he is a farce of a champion and that he couldn’t back up his shit talk when he faced me in the ring."

- Scott Stevens


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2. Scott Douglas
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4. Elise Ares
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