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Henry Keyes Biography


Real Name
Henry Keyes  
San Francisco, CA  


Henry Keyes looks like a man who was dropped from a hot air balloon from a different century - as such, not much has been revealed about the man's past up to now. What we DO know is that he's offbeat, he's oldschool, and he doesn't wait for trouble to hit him - he hits it first.

Things started innocuously enough for Keyes, making his debut against Luke Windham in a statement match that showed his resiliency and his bulldog-like aggression. It didn't take long, however, for Southern Heritage Champion Curtis Penn to catch his eye. The dastardly deeds he performed upon fellow newcomer Stockton Pyre made Keyes' first goal in Defiance crystal clear - take the man down.

Johnny Booya injured him for several months right as Keyes was finding his early groove. Unable to find a direct route to exact his revenge, Keyes has instead grappled with several up-and-comers in the DEFIANCE locker room, generally coming out on top. The cries for his signature Bell Clap grow stronger by the day, to the point where fans attempt to go for refunds if a Bell Clap is NOT landed.

Samuel Tiberius Turner II gave heated words about Henry Keyes and his role in the Southern Heritage division, and as a result, a wildly heated rivalry has emerged between the two. It blew up into a chaotic arena-wide brawl at AFTERSHOCK, and Keyes emerged victorious.

Keyes found himself in the warzone of the DEF*MAX tourney in a murderer's row of a block. He fought hard tooth and nail against the likes of Eugene Dewey, Mushigihara, and Bronson Box, and while he showed immense grit and toughness, he fell short against all three. He did score a surprise victory against one of the top talents in the company, Lindsay Troy, with a desperation BELL CLAP. As a result of the brutal and violent tournament, Keyes's already-problematic left arm sustained additional injuries; he had it examined by Iris Davine at MAXIMUM DEFIANCE, only to horrify the DEFIAfans with the truly horrific nature of the humanity under the brace. Dissatisfied that he would EVER get the treatment he needs from conventional medicine, he exited the arena accompanied by several Plague Doctors, and the (until-now, never ever verified) Airship made an appearance.

Several months later, he returned. Kelly Evans hoped that his mangled arm received the treatment it needed to bring him back in the fold, but Keyes has been ever the sly dog in revealing those sorts of details. Instead, he's refocused his efforts in piracy, fighting, and living in the moment - whichever moment he perceives the present-time to BE, that is.

That was 2016. He returned to DEF in late 2020, helping stave off The Kabal from their brutal assault on Lindsay Troy and Deacon. His reasons for returning are slowly coming to light. 
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Last we saw him (4-5 years ago), he was an eccentric steampunk airship pirate with a loose grasp on reality and a gregarious too-friendly approach to human interaction, mixed with an incredibly hard-hitting brawler style in the ring. In the years since, he's become a Pirate King. Its effects on his personality are mostly in the financial means he now has, the scars of battles unseen that he's now acquired, a few grays intermingled with his electric-red hair and stache, and like a 10% better grasp on reality. The Plague Doctors are still there, helping him out in undisclosed ways. It's also possible he now has a tiger. 
1) The Bell Clap is the greatest and most important finisher in the history of pro wrestling, shut up, it is, and everyone loves it.
2) Dude's motor is legendary, especially if he's fighting FOR something (a friend, a moral battle, a championship, a cause)
3) His literal strength. He's gotten a little bigger in his absence, and he was already pretty dang strong before. 
1) He's still a Roomba at heart. He can't resist a fight against someone he considers a vile fiend. Really susceptible to falling into one-on-many odds as a result.
2) He can't read the room. It's not that he's necessarily selfish or lacks empathy - it's more that he doesn't do the whole "decorum" thing and doesn't really understand why others choose decorum when they can just be out in the open about everything and anything.
3) He's got this crazy leather brace around his left arm that would seem like it's decorative if anything, but scouts and veterans know it's hiding some deeply mangled stuff down there and without it, he's basically a three-limbed man. 


  • If yeh get the answer you want, then be done with it.
  • What's a hand grenade? Is it something you wear? Like a glove?
  • Boy. You two act like you’ve never seen an arm before.
  • I barely register on Miss Kelly’s radar. And besides…I Bell Clapped YOU, with that arm, in that brace. As long as I can keep doing THAT, I doubt she’ll care about the underneath.



"Ms. Troy, I fully intend to be unable to form coherent sentences in about… oh say, thirty minutes. I can’t make any promises. Good talk!"

- "Black Out" Pat Cassidy




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