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Lindsay Troy Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards
DEFIANCE's Face of the Heels };) / DEFmom  
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Wrestling Info

Entrance Music
Legendary - 7kingZ  
Physical Description
Tall, tan, tantalizing. If you ask the following jackasses they'll also say:

"Amazon Bitch" - Sonny Silver
"Legsay" - Danny Ferguson
"Well, it's been a long-standing assumption that my ass is so hot it sears corneas." - Lindsay Troy

At 6-foot-3-inches tall, if Troy's not standing head and shoulders above you then you won't have to look far to find her. She has hazel eyes, olive-toned skin, and a mop of shoulder-length curly brown hair with red and blonde highlights. Her body is toned and muscular, but not overly so like a body builder's would be, and her core is most certainly defined as a cut 6-pack. She wears an ever-present smirk which most will either find attractive or aggravating to the point of wanting to smack it off her because she said or did something they didn't like (which happens frequently).

I could also save you some time and you can just peep the pic.
Ring Attire
Halter-style top in varying color combinations (black cherry/white/black, blue/silver/gold, purple/gold/black, black/silver/bronze, etc.). She usually wears bootcut pants rather than tights (a departure from what the poser image above conveys) and her boots are worn underneath the pant legs. Most of the time she will wear arm tape (thickness will depend on whether she's hiding throwing stars between the layers or not) or she'll wear compression arm sleeves and fingerless training gloves (again, in a variety of colors).
Wrestling Style
About as well-rounded as one can be without turning into a circle.  
Finisher Move
By Royal Decree  
Finisher Description
Crucifix driver w/ pin (springboard optional)  
MDK Finisher
The Crowning Glory; Sacer Esto  
MDK Description
Modified top rope jump-swinging DDT (Corkscrew 630 at the front end and a Tornado DDT at the back); Death Star choke  
3-5 Signature Moves
The Queen cares not for your 3-5 move limitations...

1. "AgoKNEE of Defeat" - Tony Jaa-esque flying double knee strike; formerly called the Raynes of Castamere (SET-UP MOVE)
2. Running backflip DDT (using ropes as a springboard)
3. Flying front-flip neckbreaker (on apron, catapulting off the ropes and into the ring)
4. Spinning fisherman's suplex
5. "All Hail the Queen" - 360* top rope hurricanrana (Dragon Kid's "Dragonrana")
6. "Final Judgment" - Double underhook front face plant
7. "Key to the Kingdom" - Chickenwing Muta Lock
8. "Divine Right" - Koji clutch

10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
1. Kicks/strikes/punches/elbows/cinches/throws
2. Skin-breaking knife-edge and overhand chops
3. Front-flip leg drop (standing or running off the ropes)
4. Baseball slide flying headscissors (opponent outside the ring)
5. Corkscrew plancha
6. Cobra clutch legsweep
7. Top rope cross armbreaker
8. Reverse underhook DDT (or any DDT variation)
9. Enziguri/Step-up Enziguri
10. Spinning roundhouse heel kick (landing on her feet)
11. Reverse hurricanrana
12. Roaring elbow
13. Apron tiger suplex '85
14. Spanish Fly
15. Figure four around the ring pole

(A more complete MWA can be found on GDrive. Ask me for sharing permissions.)
Ring Entrances
♫ “Legendary” - 7kingZ ♫

Heavy guitars, drums, and claps blast through the Wrestle-Plex's speakers as the DEFIANCE Faithful jump to their feet with a roar. Cell phone screens and camera flashes light up the arena and pyro explodes from the stage like cannon fire.

♫ “Showtime!" ♫

Lindsay Troy throws the curtain aside and strides out to the stage, hyping the Faithful up amidst the pyro blasts. After a few moments, she marches down the ramp, a confident smirk on her face.

Darren Quimbey:
Making her way down the aisle, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 195 pounds …. she is ”THE QUEEN OF THE RING” and your "High Queen DEFIANT" .... LIIIIIIIINNNNNDDDDDSSSSSSAAAYYYYYYYY TRRRRRRROOOOOOYYYYYYY!

Spotlights follow the Queen’s path and once she gets to the bottom of the ramp, she hops onto the apron and flips herself up and over the top rope. Troy then ascends a turnbuckle to give the fans a photo op before leaping off and waiting for the match to start. 



"You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you."

- Scott Douglas




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