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Lord Nigel Trickelbush Biography


Real Name Unknown  
Nicknames Lord of Lords, Baron of Fannyshire  
Hometown Fannyshire, England  
Birthday Unknown  
Height 5’9  
Weight 149 lbs 


Biography Not much is known of the man who calls himself Lord Nigel Trickelbush. Some have asserted that, despite his claims on land in England and British accent, he is neither an actual English lord OR actually British. This, of course, has not been proven.

First appearing in Japanese promotions in 2015, Lord Nigel represented The STORM (Kazushi and Hiroshi Zo) with much success, leading them to a successful title run in one promotion - successful enough to catch the attention of American promoters, including DEFIANCE.

Debuting in DEF with The STORM in 2016 following some visa issues, Nigel and his wards immediately targeted the tandem he believed had taken his spot on the roster, the Masked Violators. Their feud culminated in the 4-team Ladder War at DEFIANCE Road, where both The STORM and the Violators were involved in a melee with DEFsec and removed from the arena. That altercation would lead to the indefinite suspension of both of those teams.

Lord Nigel’s status with the promotion seems to be up in the air. 
Other Feds Unknown  
Other Fed Titles N/A  
Other Federation Awards N/A  


  • “Lovely.”



"Do you people know he's STILL complaining about the Intercontinental Title match?? For a history lesson, and boy are we going back to a time of irrelevance here... but the guy, he wanted me pretty bad. He had this whole 'you're beneath me' vibe going while at the same time speaking my name every time he opened his mouth. It's Scott's way of playing hard to get, like we're in third grade and all my insults really means I like him. Then he'd run over and punch me in the shoulder and hide so that presumably I'd then find him and he'd try to kiss me in the bushes."

- Dan Ryan


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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