Title: Post Acts of DEFIANCE
Featuring: Curtis Penn
Date: 10/22/15
Location: Promo Booth

[The Acts of DEFIANCE Pay-Per-View aired on October 19th and it just so happens that enough happened on the 19th that your Southern Heritage Champion had to take 3 days to digest everything that happened inside of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex. Mainly Curtis Penn had to sort out everything that happened to him during the Acts of Defiance PPV. You know, because he’s self-serving like that and all.]

[Many months ago Curtis Penn stopped cutting promos because it is archaic form of communication in professional wrestling. Shit everyone now has a vine, snapchat, youtube account, and even instagram so he stopped giving away his free advice and kept it all for profit, only dishing it out to the paying customers that grace the hallowed halls of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, but something happened at Acts of DEFIANCE that just could not wait for the next DEFtv and this is why Curtis Penn is sitting in front of the Black Fist of DEFIANCE while Jonny Booya stands over his shoulder with his arms crossed.]

Curtis Penn:
With so many new additions to the DEFIANCE roster popping up at a Pay-Per-View I figured we, Jonny and I, would go over some thing that you should just know before you commit yourself to DEFIANCE.I’m just going to call it the DEFIANCE's Commandment.

[A cynical smirk pops up on the face of the Southern Heritage Champion.]

Curtis Penn:
Indulge me.

[Big Jonny stands behind him silently only adjusting his black shades that cover his eyes, the lenses are so dark he could be on his feet asleep, except for the ever so often flex of his biceps.]

Curtis Penn:
From the kids the rawk the BRAZEN card to the new hires that showed up all starry eyed and moon faced ya’ll  need to have it embedded into your thick skulls that I am the Southern Heritage Champion, a sinister surgical submission machine, a doctor of technical in ring psychology, and a Global Commodity that is heralded as the Greatest wrestler that has ever graced a wrestling ring.

Jonny Booya:
Don’t fahghet aboot chariotable, Curtis.

[The Monolith of Muscle speaks.]

Curtis Penn:
You are correct Jonny, I am charitable, so much so that I am going to continue on with the Curtis Penn Invitational. Now that I am over the distractions of Cancer Jiles and Tyrone Walker we can continue on and make the CPI all that it was meant to be, a chance for some of the lesser knows to make a statement and become the Southern Heritage Champion.

Jonny Booya:(mumbling)
Cancer Jiles….

Curtis Penn:
Fret not Jonny, I am sure that he and Walker will no longer interfere with our plans as you planted Cancer Jiles in the center of the ring for the SECOND time in his DEFIANCE tenure and even children know not to touch fire after they get burnt twice. But, that leads me to your reward for services rendered.

[Curt digs into a bag that is just below his feet, out of the camera view and brings out the shiny, double Confederate Flag, Southern Heritage Championship Belt.]

Curtis Penn:
Defending this week in and week out is a pleasure, it’s a privilege that very few have been allowed since the indoctrination of the Southern Heritage Championship into DEFIANCE. I have beaten them all in the Southern Heritage Division, from the very new to the most experienced and frankly Jonny, with my wrist still being injured and all, I need someone to weed out those who aren’t frankly up to snuff. I’m not saying they can’t join in on the Curtis Penn Invitational, but I’m going to add another layer to the complexity of the event.

[Jonny has an expression that reads like a mixture of confusion and excitement.]

Curtis Penn:
That added level of complexity is you! Jonny, I am naming you the official Gatekeeper of the Southern Heritage Division, you’re job is a simple task for someone with your unique skill set. Your job is to beat, defeat, run roughshod, through and over anyone who participates in the Curtis Penn Invitational. The terms are being changed as of this moment, Jonny, whoever can beat you via Pin or Submission will have earned their chance at going ONE on ONE with the Greatest Wrestler in all of Professional Wrestling, for the most coveted championship in all of wrestling and not to mention the most prestigious championship in all of DEFIANCE.

[A moment of silence as Curtis stands and places the Southern Heritage Championship on his own shoulder, then reaches up and places both hands on the broad shoulders of Jonny Booya.]

Curtis Penn:
You are my numba one Jonny…

[Penn stops and looks at Jonny suspiciously.]

Curtis Penn:
Can you handle it?

[Jonny smirks.]

Jonny Booya:
I’mma break dem nerds fer ya Curt, ain’t no one getting ta dat title!

[A sigh of relief escapes from Penn as he turns around and sits back on the stool. He casually moves the Southern Heritage Championship from his shoulder and onto his lap, maneuvering the faceplate to be the focus of the camera.]

Curtis Penn:
Aight Jonny you can go and flex in another mirror for a few ticks, I have to address this situation alone. It is rather personal.

[Jonny pats Penn on the back, causing Penn to be pushed forth unwillingly...and he disappears. Curtis regains his composure, adjusts the title accordingly, and smiles for the camera.]

Curtis Penn:
If anyone appreciates confidence, if anyone can accept cocky, and if anyone can be amused by the audaciousness of one so new to DEFIANCE it is myself Andy Sharp.

[He pauses.]

Curtis Penn:
That was a bold move Andy...bold.

[His eyes darken.]

Curtis Penn:
And Dangerous.

[His grin flattens and his face tightens.]

Curtis Penn:
I have been around for a very...very long time. I have been threatened, warned, and taunted by men were so much more than you’ll ever dream of becoming. I have been a target in DEFIANCE ever since 2012, you’re naivete is amusing thinking that I worry about which direction you come from.

[His face warms again and the smile brightens. ]

Curtis Penn:
Bitch it won’t matter, ever, I’ll plant you face first on the canvas, slap on the Curtis Clutch, and you’ll tap before my music stops. That is why I am who the fuck I am and that is the reason I'm the one that you're staring up at from that bottom rung.

[Curtis forces a chuckle.]

Curtis Penn:
Over a decade in this business and you're still making mistakes.


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